2018 Customers reviews

2018 customer reviews

You are a bit lost with the wide choice of products on our website? To help you in your choice, we have grouped the reviews left by our customers on the product sheets in 2018.

Indeed we received several reviews from our customers in 2018 and for every kind of products: turntables, phono stages, Hi-Fi speakers, Hi-Fi sources, cleaning accessories...

Our customers reviews about turntables in 2018


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable

“I’M NOT GOING TO TELL MORE...: I confirm positive reviews: the music qualities of the turntable, its elegance... Beautiful object (buy in white version). Ordered Tuesday afternoon, received Friday in Belgium. Perfectly set. Safely packaged. At first I hesitated between several products: the advices given by mail were a plus.” - Pierre-Yves H.

“EMOTION ANALOGY: I am particularly pleased about this purchase, combined with a Phono Box S2 preamplifier of the same manufacturer, following the wise advice of Franck. [... ] Into the bargain, a restitution quality that took me back in the late 70’s and to the musical emotion I used to felt during the listening of 33 rpm records with my first HiFi system. Better than a look-back to the past: an analogical actualization of what the music can have that is forever alive, against the promised, but somewhat artificial perfection of the exclusively digital support. Thanks to MaPlatine for being on the road to this resurrected emotion!” - Dominique C.

“SUPERB: [...] What a beautiful device, sober and elegant, both retro and modern. I go from an Ion Wood turntable to this Debut Carbon with great pleasure. All is more audible, voices, sounds, instrument too, with less volume. It is a new listening of my vinyl records. Thanks for the advice.” - Jonathan R.

“PERFECT TO START OR REDISCOVER YOUR VINYL RECORDS: good value for money, and above all excellent advice from the team! [...] Note that the turntable was delivered perfectly set. I combined it with an amp and baffles, recommended by maplatine.com. No one pushes consumption and we feel real passionate people who are there to help us. Special mention for Olivier for his precious help.” - jc F.

“VERY GOOD TURNTABLE: [...] This turntable is superb. Very good value for money. What a pleasure to listen to his records again. Finally, the Ortofon 2M Red has a good musicality.” - LIONEL B.

“SUPERB TURNTABLE: At a really affordable price, this turntable offers an exceptional quality. The sound is impressive, the design is elegant (even if the shiny aspect will push you to wipe it down regularly) and the materials seem to be of a good quality. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is a really good cartridge. The stylus easily holds the groove, even on quite warped records and the sound is both balanced and clear. I feel it neutral and accurate to the recording, which is what I wanted. Anyway, I found the perfect turntable. It is maybe a bit sensitive to external perturbations because I have a slight noise from one side but it is due to my installation. I have a real pleasure to listen and even rediscover my vinyl records on this turntable. Following Franck’s advice, I combined it to a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers and to my Scott 430-A amp, I enjoy. [...]”. - Julien H.


Rega Planar 1 Performance Pack turntable

“REGALICIOUS!!!: [...] First big order with maPlatine. True professionals. Shipment within 24 hours. Respected deadline. Perfect packaging. Installed in just 15 minutes, combined to a Mygroov, Myamp, and Rogers Ls6a. First notes by Jonasz live “Ya rien qui dure toujours” (Nothing lasts forever) ... A REGA turntable does. Thanks” - hervé B.

“NICE: in spite of some little problems at the beginning (bravo to maplatine for the reactivity), a surprising turntable at this price, very good dynamic, a lot of nuance, incredible musicality, a very good purchase! I bought it as a source for my second system, atoll 100in se amp and monitor 100... Tested with a stronger system (Jmr emp2 and Sutherland)... very surprising for the price, a great turntable”. - thomas D.


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Record Master Hires turntable

“BRILLIANT: Bravo and thanks for everything, very happy to have ordered my turntable with you, this turntable is superb and well set “thank you Franck” I think you are really professional from the beginning to the delivery, I wish long life to your small company” - Bruno D.


Clearaudio Emotion Limited turntable

“WE HAVE PASSED A MILESTONE: First experience with Clearaudio and certainly not the last one... The turntable is wonderful, the mechanisms are very accurate and the sound is surgical. Passing behind my good old Technics SL 1200 MK2, you immediately feel that the Emotion has a capacity to extract a considerable volume of sound information! The all (combined to a tubes) delivers a very good presence, as an evidence. [...]” - Noël M.

“SUPERB!!!!!: superb sound, wide, very rich, detailed, crystalline. Superb aesthetic, very “design”... Awesome!!! Outstanding manufactured quality, very meticulous, the high level!!! Thanks to all the maPlatine.com team, very friendly and skilled, passionate as we are about music and good sound. See you soon” - Frédéric H.


Rega Planar 6 turntable with Hala SL cartridge

“AN OUTSTANDING DUO: Without any doubt, this is the best Hi-Fi purchase I have made these last years. Following Franck’s advice, I chose this duo REGA P6 and the Hana MC cartridge. Even on 1973 old recordings, the result is bluffing. They are not the same records anymore. And on more recent records such as Miles David “Decoy” in 1986, the result is very close to the perfection, CD cannot rival. The warm sound is very well balanced. [...]” - Thierry T.

“A VERY GOOD MUSICALITY/PRICE RATIO: It is very musical and homogeneous. Perfect match with Atoll 200 Signature and JMR Euterpe Supreme. A lot of emotion during the listening” - Martial D.

“ONLY GOOD!: Thanks to the team for your advice! Having had the chance to visit the auditorium, everyone takes the time to advise me, make me listen etc... Honestly, you have a very good team and your success is well-deserved!! Regarding to the turntable, I don't regret my choice, the combination of the turntable and the cartridge is perfect ... I'm very sensitive to this criteria, it's very quiet, you can hardly hear the fact of putting the cartridge on the vinyl record ... and when the music starts, you feel directly transported by it, the instruments are well separated, everything is clear... And to not spoil anything, it is pretty, sober, the matt aspect makes very well... Associated for my part with a Pro-ject Tube Box S2 preamplifier, a Hegel H80 amp.” - Franck L.


Pro-Ject X-Tension 10 Evo turntable

“UNCREDIBLE TURNTABLE AND ITS ORTOFON CARTRIDGE: One word to describe this Pro-Ject X-Tension10 and Ortofon Cadenza Blue couple: amazing! They are really matched together. I took a bet to upgrade my turntable. I owned a Pro-Ject X-Tension9 and an Ortofon Cadenza Red also bought on this website. This set was already very good, but here, we change universe. The background noise has decrease again, as well as the wow and flutter. The tonearm of 10’ reduces the tracking distortion. I confirm that the platter weight of 10 kg strongly impact the speed stability by acting as a flywheel. For the cartridge, it is not a simply upgrade from the Cadenza Red. All is totally different, the bass takes on more body, it is more tense and with a lot of impact, the midrange gains in readability with much more matter and grain, the treble go very high without ever tiring the ear. But what strikes you the most is the huge gain in legibility. It is also the decrease in distortion, there is no hardness on the voices and the chorus, the piano sounds well without medium escalation, the high notes of this instrument are perfectly cut and clear. The sound stage is even wider with a perfect localization of the instrument in the space, both on large orchestras or small Jazz quartet. Anyway, it's pure emotion you could think you're in front of the stage. And unlike CD players where the differences between the devices are quite small, here, the analogical difference is immediately obvious. To conclude, this turntable is very beautiful, it imposes with its magnificent Olive varnished plating, of very high-quality and impeccable finish. [...]” - Joël L.


Transrotor ZET-1 turntable

“SUPERB: Hello, first of all, thanks to Franck for his advice. Service, deadline and delivery quality, nothing is wrong. Let’s deal with the turntable, delivered with the Cadenza Blue and the Pro-Ject Phono Box preamplifier, all connected in XLR to my Advance Acoustic X-Preamp & X-A160 installation and B&W 804D speakers. Installing the turntable is child's play. Don’t forget the leather platter mat, essential, that requires the tonearm to be raised by 2mm. After running-in, I reviewed a lot of kind of music: Pink Floyd, Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz, Cesaria Evora, Melody Gardot and Electro, and well ... It is simply magnificent! Neutrality, timbres transparency, sound stage, all is there, it is even surgical, and in other words, pay attention to the quality of the vinyl pressing, because it's unforgiving. I am fully satisfied of my turntable and I will certainly fall for the Konstant M-1 regulated power supply.” - Laurent K.


Pro-Ject Signature 10 turntable

“OH: What more can I say... I can only agree with previous reviews! On my side, I decided to start my vinyl adventure since a few years, ... but with a very average material; I am not an expert of the thing, I didn't take care to “correctly” immerse myself in it. And, by dint of asking me the question, and thanks to Franck’s great advice, I took the plunge, ... the result is simply incredible! So complicated to explain that with “expert” words, but in my novice vocabulary: it rocks!!!!! Sound power, instruments, ... I started to cry since the very first listening; all is perfectly detailed and you just feel like you have never properly listened to music! This turntable is combined to Supra Quadrax HP cables and to an Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge. (+ ICON tube amp + Tannoy Cheviot speakers). Let guide you by Franck’s advice and his team, you will find what you are looking for and you will also fall in love again with your old records!” - johann B.

“THIS SIGNATURE IS IMPRESSIVE.: To start, we are impressed by the size of the package. Box in 10 mm thick box, where the turntable is safely packaged. Once unwrapped, we are impressed by the size and the beauty of this Signature 10. Just like the platter alone weighs 10 kg, and the wood chassis in Olive color, and finally, this very complex tonearm, a true watchmaker, when you see all these machined parts. Thanks to Franck’s advice, I opted for an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge. Being eclectic in terms of music, I can tell you that everything is ok. The bass are very present without being dominated, enveloping, articulated and very dynamic. The midrange are also very present and without aggressiveness. Sharp and without aggressiveness high notes. I am not an expert in the language of a sound professional. I explain it with my feelings and my own words. Oups! I forgot. I enjoy the convenient aspect of the magnetic tonearm base, so there is no hook to handle, and the tonearm lifter, which seems to be hydraulic or pneumatic of which the stylus carefully comes on the vinyl groove. My equipment; 100% tube amp from Pier Audio; MS88se. Focal speaker; Electra 1028Be. To finish, the preamp is by Pro-Ject, tube Box DS2 that will be soon replaced by the Sutherland 20/20 phono preamplifier, following Franck’s advice, of course. Thanks to Franck and his team for the service quality.” - Stephane B.

“THE TOP: First, I would like to thank Franck for having helped me for the choice of this turntable (Pro-Ject Signature 10 + Ortofon Cadenza Black, an amazing duo!) that highlight the vinyl supremacy over others supports (CD and DSD included!), it may hurt digital defenders but the analogue is respectful of the laws of physics, a truth applied to every human ears whatever their tastes... Anyway, to sum up, I do not listen to CD... Thanks again to Franck for his open-mindedness and presence”. - Abdelilah E.

Our customers reviews about phono cartridges in 2018


Sumiko Moonstone MM cartridge

“EXCELLENT!: Pretty sound on the brass (cymbals, trumpets, sax) it is very soft, textured, the bass is present without dragging. I really feel like I am hearing a MC. Slightly less gain than the Ortofon M2 Red with the Cambridge Audio CP2 preamp, but equivalent to the Soundsmith, the dynamic range is really excellent on trumpet soaring, it rises very high but never aggressive, like a MC! The drum is rendered with pep's and with a very good natural tone. The stereo separation is spectacular associated to the Cambridge Audio CP2. Sold 329€, I strongly recommend it. I compare it to the Sumiko Blue Point n°2 even if it is worth almost 600€. For Jazz lovers, it is super. Take care of the preamp, it is worth the cost.” - Carlos N.

“FANTASTIC!: A pretty surprising cartridge for its price! I had a Grado silver, this Sumiko quickly buried it... a beautiful dynamic on the whole spectrum, with some warmth in spite of everything, alive without being annoying. I rediscover all my records with a beautiful sound stage and a lot of details. There is a full presence of the voices, brass, strings. The bass is very present and tensed. Anyway! It is a real jewel. Installed on a Dual CS 455 turntable on which a changed the cable + Lehmann Audio “Black-cube” preamp.” - Dominique B.


Audio Technica VM 750 SH cartridge

“EXCEPTIONAL: I am not an expert, but here it is completely different compared to my old cartridge out of breath, I would not talk about bass or midrange, nothing of all that, but simply of listening quality and still I have not done the running-in, I rediscover with immense satisfaction my old vinyl records. [...]” - michel M.


Benz Micro Gold cartridge

“THANKS FOR THE ADVICE: At the beginning, I wanted to buy a more expensive cartridge. They told me that they were too heavy for my light Thorens tonearm and that the stylus compliance would not be appropriate. I installed this little Benz cartridge to replace an Audio Technica AT 150 MLX and it is very different. [...]” - philippe A.

“BENZ MICRO: superb cartridge with an excellent price/quality ratio, few years ago I had it, and I'd prefer it to a 2m black ortofon. However, the box looks cheap, which probably explains the low price.” - René R.


Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge

“SUPERB: A rare and elegant piece; my very first impression! What a sound!! It details everything very well, without attacking the ears!” - johann B.

Our customers notices about phono preamplifiers in 2018


Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 phono preamplifier

“IT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND EXCELLENT: Associated to a Pro-Ject Début Carbon 2M Red turntable, following Franck’s advice whom I thank again for his availability and his honesty, this preamplifier impressed me by the neutrality and the precision of its nuanced restitution. It has nothing to do with the integrated preamplifiers of entry-level turntables. With this equipment, I rediscovered the intact emotion and, I would even say, sublimated, of my first musical experiences with my HiFi system at the end of the 70s. [...]” - Dominique C.

“EXCELLENT: After few necessaries hours of running-in, I was bluffed by the quality of this preamp, which increases in power in a spectacular way. Finally, the bass are precise and tensed, the high notes are very clear, the mid-ranges are very nuanced; a great general neutrality. [...]” - Emmanuel R.

“REALLY EXCELLENT, LOW COST EMOTION: my listening discovery was a two-step process. 1st test device without running-in as soon as unpacking and adjustment, oops, where are the bass and ventilation, its tenuous and confined, in spite of conform settings proposed for the 2m red in the user manual. 2nd listening: after several days by leaving the box project on, without listening, afraid of being disappointed. Well, it is fully different, much better than the Rotel ra12 with an integrated phono input, incredible space, my living room seems bigger with the sound image ample, depth, delicate and firm timbres, magnificent bass, better held and firm than the equivalent CD, when I think I was a fan of the CDs from the release of those by rejecting the input vinyl. I can say now that I changed my mind. My 2 m red cell is new and still lacks of running-in, what will it be after!! [...]” - jerome J.


Rega Fono MM MK3 phono preamplifier

“BLUFFING: I wanted to buy a phono preamp to optimize my “vintage” amp (marantz 1072), the goal is achieved for this small device! I rediscover my vinyl records thanks to this real jewel. A very natural sound that highlights the REGA Bias 2 cartridge, assembled on my Rega Rp1! [...]” - Adrien F.


MoFi StudioPhono phono preamplifier

“BEST BUY: It is a surprising preamp regarding to its price. Perfect structure, pretty look, the parametrizable aspect + P/B mono and subsonic filter hugely convenient and giving it a great versatility. Regarding to the sound, what happiness, I use it for the moment with a MM cartridge, a Nagaoka MP15(NOS) replacing a venerable DVX4 out of breath, mounted on my Planar 3. (by the way, thanks for your advice, the Rega spacer is really essential). I was previously using the AUX input (phono option) of my Atoll IN100, which had pushed me to give up vinyl records listening, so much it was disappointing compared to my previous amp (a Luxman L430) ... Since the purchase of this Mofi preamp, my old B&W DM7s are singing again. I have just turned thirty years younger and really plan to invest in a new Dynavector DVX5 in the near future. By the way, thanks for your website and your professionalism. Now 55 years old, I learned a lot of things and passed on to my 22 years old son the passion of listening to vinyl records ...” - Yannick D.


Lehmann Audio Decade phono preamplifier

“THE QUIET STRENGTH!: [...] they’re active for about 35 hours of “running-in”, (margin of progress to come). Some female voices still titillate my ears but the end of the running-in will "calm" them. The Decade is powered by a LYRA DELOS (low output MC) supported by a TecnoArm screwed on a GYRODEC SE. The preamplifier begins to free itself and now delivers a glimpse of its sonic qualities. A rigorous respect for the message provided by the cartridge, no addition (of false heat) or removal; a wide bandwidth; a powerful and articulated bass; a sound image wedged between the speakers with relief and a tonal richness that does credit to the cartridge. The decade lets through the slight acidity of the baroque violins, the striking and sparkling metal of the cymbals, the striking power of the drums, the rubbing of the picks on the guitar strings, the emotion of the voices (perfectly centered), bass lines that are easy to follow; each musician is installed in the sound image to the millimetre with a coherence in the perceived volume of his instrument and apparently no musician seems to be "forgotten" even on the most complex sound messages... Anyway, naturalness, softness, dynamic: finesse and strength when necessary and all this in a real balance and without auditory fatigue. We leave the “Hi-Fi” for the realism. Huge thanks to Franck for this advice.” - Patrick B.


Moon NEO 310 LP V2 phono preamplifier

“EXCELLENT: A phono preamp bought with its external and optional 320S power supply... [...] Result: this Moon set is better than the Pro-Ject! What strikes you first is the energy you feel! The Pro-Ject is a good preamp with an excellent quality/price ratio... It is pretty energetic for a tube preamp. But with the Moon set, you go further everywhere! The bass response is better, the aeration is excellent, high notes are more elegant... The timbre quality is remarkable! No aggressiveness, even at high volume! There are a lot of details! [...]” - François P.

Our customers reviews about upgrade and cleaning accessories in 2018


Pro-Ject Measure It E scale

“CARTRIDGE SCALE: Super efficient this electronic cartridge scale, at a very low price. Thanks maplatine” - Santamans J.


Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

“FUNK FIRM ACHROMAT PLATTER MAT: I tried this platter mat of 5mm thickness on my direct drive Stanton ST 150 turntable. The result is bluffing! The bass comes out with an incredible impact and descends very low. The rest of the spectrum is incredible too, opening, definition, timbres accuracy, everything is present. Music wins on every level. Highly recommended.” - JEAN-PASCAL V.

“FUNK FORM ACHROMAT.: I put this platter mat on my Rega RP3 (replacing the original felt platter mat). It is completely different! We gain in stability, very clear extension of the sound spectrum, especially in the bass and midrange, there is much less static electricity, and especially when the record is removed, it doesn't stay stuck as with the felt. Highly recommended product.” - CHRISTOPHE K.


SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

“AMAZING!!!!!: After asking advice to Franck in order to gradually upgrade my Project 2-Xperience SB DC turntable acquired in 2016. He oriented me to this SSC Record Point 420 record clamp. What else can I say, it is simply awesome, completely different from the original clamp supplied with the turntable. The stage seems to have grown, dynamism, bass, sensitivity, I'm bluffed by the result, OUAHHHH! this clamp has to be recommended. [...]” - Ludovic F.

“SSC RECORD CLAMP: Having had the “clamp-it version 1” from Pro-Ject and this one recently; there is no comparison! This one is much higher, for an extra 40€, but musically speaking it's amply justified. [...]” - Gaudineau B.

“SOLID...: My first record clamp, after I have been coming back to the vinyl turntable few months ago. Happy owner of a Debut Carbon upgraded with an Ortofon 2M blue cartridge and some other modifications. Result after positioning: The bass are settling down and become more physical. The sound stage widens, the sensation of more material everywhere, even in the high notes. A pleasure. It is another wise advice from Franck and Jerome. You'll end up by making me appreciate people who are always right ... ;) [...]” - laurent C.


Spin Clean Record Washer System

“SPIN CLEAN: I can tell you that this is an excellent purchase, I worked all afternoon with records from 1974 to 1976, including by Barry White who were in a pitiful state and this machine works wonders, it transforms old records into excellent vinyl records. It is a purchase that does not require huge investment but if you like the vinyl, so buy this one and your records will be as new. Thanks to maplatine.com to offer quality and not costly product.” - Santamans J.

“THE GOOD SOLUTION!: After hesitating for a long time, I took a decision this summer 2018. Without regret! It is an excellent investment to offer a new start to your vinyl records. They come out of the yellow bin, glittering like the first day. This solution gives you a considerable amount of time, compared to other "do-it-yourself" solutions: cloth, rinsing under water, lemon household alcohol, etc. Forget this for who really holds his vinyls.” - Stephan J.


Flux HiFi Sonic stylus cleaner

“MAGIC AND INCREDIBLE!!!: I used to think, like many audiophiles with a passion for records, that my AXIA Transfiguration cartridge, less than a year old, was clean and perfect thanks to the cleaning liquid and the small AUDIO TECHNICA brush, passed regularly. So I tried, a bit skeptical, this small ultrasound Flux-HIFI Sonic device, very easy to use. So I played the FLEEWOOD MAC listened before, and... It is bluffing!!! First, there is an impressive silence on the groove, and suddenly the explosion of the sound. In short, a dynamics much more flagrant, high notes which spin higher, basses firmer and better held, a more stable stereo image, micro details much more flagrant, in short a veil which rises on the sound reproduction, whereas I thought that my listening was already excellent. This small device is thus INDISPENSIBLE, even FANTASTIC. It deep cleans your stylus, allowing you to rediscover your vinyl records and your listening pleasure even better.” - Jean-Paul M.


Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro Silver record cleaning machine

“UNRIVALLED CLEANING: I went from a manual cleaning machine with good results after the washing, but with some residues that I removed thanks to a playback on a low end turntable to protect the stylus of my beautiful Pro-Ject. With this, there is no residue after the cleaning fluid has been sucked off. I use the Tonar product, diluted in 5 times its volume of demineralized water. The result is unrivalled, and it is very good. The machine inspires confidence, it is a serious product with an impeccable finish, robust, the motor has an enormous driving torque, and the pump is very powerful. [...]” - Joël L.

Our customers reviews about Hi-Fi products in 2018


Bluesound Node 2 DAC

“A SUPER STREAMER DAC: I own a NODE 2 for a long time from now and honestly not for a second have I regretted my purchase. This affordable device offers a surprising and nice restitution. With a childish implementation as it is said in the description, it does not have to blush in the face of competition, on the contrary! Apart from that its real advantage, and it is not negligible, it is even capital, it is the management of the music library with Bluos which is pretty simply exemplary and extremely well done and user-friendly (At home it manages almost 9000 CDs with a great efficiency and speed!). Of course, to get such a result, the organization of the metadata of your CD must be perfect and for that "MusicBrainz Picard" is an ideal solution to organize these metadata. (My CDs have been ripped with a NAD M50.5 using Bluos / Bluesound). Anyway, a very good device that deserves its 5 stars!” - POUTOT A.


Moon Neo Mind V2 network player

“AN EXCEPTIONAL DEVICE: Although being a vinyl record lover, for reasons of practicality, we must admit it, dematerialization is so useful: access to a huge repertoire of music, very high-quality files available in all kinds of music and finally easy access to all this with simple clicks (and a credit card, of course). So I am interested in dematerialized since 2012 and after many different experiences, my choice was finally made a few days ago on this Mind Neo [...]. This product bluffed me! I have the impression to hear a very good analogical playback; it is very oiled, very soft but also very dynamic, the spatialization is successful, the listening is extremely alive with an excellent transparency (On the good files!) [...] To perfect its sound, I put my Moon on a SSC "Solobase". Without leave an arm or a kidney, I am fully satisfied of my purchase which does not relegate this digital source to the rank of unused tool.” - Martin P.


Grado SR80e headphones

“A SLAP TO THE EAR!: [...] I coupled it with the cable extension and its adapter of the same brand, to listen to the TV or records on my Hi-Fi system, without disturb the people around me, and while preserving a little bit of slack so as not to be stuck to the furniture that supports them. On vinyl records, I often hear the details that I hadn't picked up before on the bookshelf speakers of my Hi-Fi system, even though the headphones themselves are plugged into the Jack. It is the same with the TV when I plug in my games console. On the other hand, I really recommend this type of wired equipment which costs half as much as Bluetooth headphones which, despite the relative comfort of wireless, can't rival with and by far!” - Hervé S.


Grado TH-900 headphones

“FABULOUS!: This headphone is very well manufactured by our Japanese friend (this assumed alchemy between Japanese craftsmanship such as Urushi lacquer and the high technology perfectly mastered by the engineers of the Rising Sun) is outstanding. Its unique aesthetics is not the only strong point. The restitution is just wonderful. The weight of the notes, the quality of the timbres, the exceptional ventilation for closed headphones and this explosive dynamic transforms every listening experience into a privilege... A lot of high-end headphones remain very performing but very few have interested me so much. Its musicality is a miracle. And its comfort will not restrict your listening in time. Thanks maplatine to offer this headphones in your catalogue! It is another wonderful proof of quality in the selection made by this team.” - Sammy N.


Monitor Audio Bronze 2 speakers

“EXCELLENT SPEAKERS: Outstanding speakers, my very first, attention for the neophytes it requires a little running-in period. Then I put them on 60 cm atacama stand. And here, they show all the potential and it changes everything! Its very precise, the high notes are fine, the bass are very present. A huge pleasure to the ears! [...]” - Julien L.

“PERFECT!: These bookshelf speakers are a concentrate of technology and deliver an enjoyable sound. I savor each of my albums (vinyl as CD). New look, they are quite small but with a very beautiful finish. I recommend it without hesitation for those who do not have a huge room to sound.” - Julien H.

Our customers reviews about Hi-Fi cables in 2018


MPL Hum Blocker plug

“EFFECTIVENESS: The hum problem of my phono preamplifier has been solved with this cable!” - Emmanuel S.


Pro-Ject Connect It RCA CC phono cable

“A SLAP: I have always been very suspicious of the great properties that were given to the cable. After maplatine.com advised it to me, I was finally convinced and I decided to go for it, even though the investment was not insignificant. I will never doubt again about the importance of the cables, I rediscover tracks I have known for 25 years with hidden details, more defined bass and a detail of cerpe sharped treble. As information, I have a Pro-Ject RPM1 and it matches well.” - Thomas J.

“SURPRISE!: I am the happy owner of a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. A friend advised me to invest in a phono cable. As many others, I have always been quite skeptical about cables. Maplatine.com advised me very well as usual, and the little slap, but slap anyway. The timbres, bass articulation, I rediscover this turntable. Buy it without hesitation, for people like me who does not have huge budget.” - Florent D.


Furutech AG-12 phono cable

“A CABLE WORTHY OF THE NAME!: After a very good Connect It (for its quality/price ratio), here we are in another dimension. Manufacturing quality, connectors, shielding, and above all the listening: even on a mid-range Pro-Ject turntable, the leap forward is evident in all these records. I can't wait for my budget to allow me to change my turntable and its cartridge to take advantage of the full potential of this phono cable. And guess where I will buy........!” - Gaudineau B.


QED Performance Graphite interconnect cable

“PERFECT!: Very satisfied of this cable I use (in 1 m) to connect my CD player to my integrated amplifier. The stereo image is wide with a good depth and shots well in place. The dynamic is very good and the tonal neutrality is well appreciated. To recommend.” - Bernard C.


Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cables

“!!!! : I am not an expert in “technology”, I clearly see the difference between “classics” cables and the Supra speaker cables! Solid, robust at first sight, they allow to perfectly sublimate your installation; I tried other cables less "qualitative", and you can directly see the difference! - johann B.


Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable

“UNRIVALED EFFICIENCY!: I am very delighted with my acquisition, plugged into my Naim integrated, this Atlas power cable does a nice job, it's simple I won on all the parameters, transparency, dynamics, articulation, readability and fluidity! I admit that I didn't expect such a "beautiful difference" as Franck told me, really amazing! On Hope Sandoval's last album on the opening track, the atmosphere reaches intensity and the voice a presence! It's simple I rediscover a huge quantity of details on all my favorite records, incredible! Thanks to Franck and his team for the quality of the service and good advice.” - Fabrice V.