Warranty & insurance

For greater peace of mind, all our new products come with a 2 year warranty for parts and labour (except for wear parts like the cartridges, consumables and belts, which have a 3 month warranty).

maPlatine.com warranties and insurances

maPlatine.com warranties: order with no hassle

The quality of the products that we sell is paramount to us. Whether new or used, all are covered by suitable warranty. 

We also have a dedicated after-sale workshop where all our items on offer are processed, even those not covered by warranty (contact us for an estimate). Feel free to contact our Customer Service at contact@maplatine.com. You'll be in contact with a technician who will answer all your questions. For further information, you can also read the blog article about the maPlatine.com After Sales Service.

How long does the maPlatine.com warranty run? 

maPlatine.com warranty for new products 

All purchases on our website are covered by a specific warranty. All our new products are therefore covered by a two year warranty for parts and labour (not including wear products). 


maPlatine.com warranties for used products

If you want to invest in good quality used equipment, all maPlatine.com used products are carefully selected by our technicians. They are also subject to the same conditions as new products. They are checked, adjusted and set up for every order. They are all covered by a minimum warranty of one year for parts and labour.

Check the product details to find the warranty details for each used equipment. 

maPlatine.com warranty extension: for longer peace of mind

With maPlatine.com's warranty extensions, extend your initial warranty and insure your electronic products over time and with peace of mind. 

Select the extension that best suits you and get a warranty of up to 5 years. 

Order and relax, maPlatine.com will repair your products in the event of a problem.


About maPlatine.com warranty extensions