Trade-in for your old equipment

We can acquire your old equipment so that you can finance a new project.

Trade-in for your old equipment proposes the trade-in service for your old equipment so as to finance your new project on our website. The traded in equipment will be proposed for resale as second hand.

The following important information concerns this service:

- This old equipment is traded in only as part of the purchase of new equipment on the website. The amount for the equipment trade-in is given in the form of a purchase voucher to be used on our site. The amount of this purchase voucher will be defined according to the quality and working condition of equipment supplied.

- The second hand equipment trade-in according to a strict selection process guaranteeing a quality without defect for future customers. First of all, you must contact the customer service with a specific description of your equipment as well as photos. If the product responds to our criteria, a first estimation of the amount for the trade-in will be communicated to you. To validate the trade-in, you will be requested to send us the product at your expense and under your responsibility up to receipt at our premises. When we receive it, the final amount of the trade-in will be communicated to you with a purchase voucher with a set value to be used on the site. This is used to validate that the product condition matches the information sent by e-mail.

- All the products that received the Label 'Occasion Garantie maPlatine' have a parts and labour warranty for at least 6 months.

We naturally remain available to you if require more information on this device by e-mail at