Our commitments

Our policy is based on quality and proximity with our customers. 

Our leitmotiv: the best product, the best service, the best advice.


maPlatine.com's commitments

Offering 'The best Product'

maPlatine.com offers the best audiophile products from the most prestigious Hi-Fi brands on the market.

All our products are carefully selected and undergo thorough testing and technical analysis.  

Our key ambition is to source the most efficient and innovative models within each range.


Offering 'The best Advice'

Whether you're purchasing your first turntable or are an expert audiophile, we will assist you in your product choices, through our personalised advice, the tests conducted on all our products, as well as our photos and comprehensive videos. 

You can also find our 'product' content with a high added value across the website: maPlatine reviews, purchase guides, the blog and fact sheets that will be very useful to help you navigate the Hi-Fi realm. Contact us if you can't find an answer to your questions despite the advice available on the website! We'll find a solution for your needs.


Offering 'The best Service'

To best meet your expectations, all the products sold are checked for conformity, tested, set up and shipped in high quality packaging to guarantee that your parcel will get to you safely. For further information, read our blog article about maPlatine.com's order preparation service here.

Our After Sales Service team is at your service for any questions you may have. 

You can also book a session at our private auditorium to try out the products you're interested in and help you in your decision.