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Le service après-vente

As you know, here at we attach a great importance to preparing every order made on the website. For every turntable, Hi-Fi cartridge, phono preamplifier, etc…, our technicians at check, test, and set up every product before shipment. They make sure that the equipment works properly and proceed to making the necessary adjustments. The products are then packaged with several layers of wrapping in order to ensure the secure delivery of your product. Do not hesitate to read our article on our order preparation at


How can I return a product?

Upon receipt of a product, it is possible that it does not meet your expectations. You therefore have 14 days to return the product. In this case, you will be reimbursed the price of the purchased product!



If after use, you notice that your product has a defect, you can contact our technical service in order to find the most appropriate solution to resolve your problem. We therefore have our own after sales service workshop and our technicians are qualified to fix any problem regarding every product we have to offer on All of our products (except cartridges, styli, and belts) have a warranty of 2 years, parts and labour, against every manufacturing defect.


How does the after sales service work?

In 80% of the cases, we have the parts in stock, and our technicians can fix the product within 48 hours. The amount of labour will of course depend on the product you return. Our technicians commit to shipping back the product to you in perfect condition! Every product returned is carefully examined and restored, using only original components, supplied by the brands. All products receive the same amount of attention and we commit to offering you the best of the best!




Warranty extensions

Since February 2015, we offer warranty extensions. If you wish, you can subscribe to this warranty extension in order to extend your warranty on your purchase and not have to worry about it for five years! Your products such as vinyl turntables, vinyl record cleaning machines, phono preamplifiers, or headphone amps are covered for against any problem.

You can thus continue to order on without having to worry. You can be assured of the quality of our services as soon as you order, and for a long time!