Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones

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The Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones is replaced by the Fostex TH-900 MK2 Hi-Fi headphones.

­The Hi-Fi headphones from Fostex TH900 Hi-Fi headphones show off the Japanese manufacturer’s full expertise. it is the first time that it offers a high-end product with clearly stated ambitions!


To obtain the widest possible dynamic range, the engineers designed a magnetic circuit using powerful neodymium magnets (15,000 Gauss!). The transduceus use a large 50 mm 'biodynamic' membrane (cellulose). The wood of the housings is Japanese cherry wood (Betula Grossa) It is particularly rigid and dense and is recognised for its outstanding acoustic performances. A magnificent 'Urusi' red lacquer is applied to the housings using all the skills of the art by Japanese craftsmen. This lacquer is an undeniable success and gives a precious look to these TH900 headphones. The Fostex logo is printed in foiled platinum on the housings.


Its 25 Ohms impedence means that it can be used with many devices, but we advise you to enjoy all its qualities by obtaining a 'real' amplifier for audiophile headphones. The conductos are of excellent quality. The 7N OFC Oxygen Free Copper prevents any deterioration over time. The 3.5 mm jack is made of gold-plated Duralium (aluminium/magnesium/manganese alloy). The ear pads are very comfortable and are made of a leather and egg protein. These headphones are delivered with a practical strong wood stand, a case and a box for safe storage.


Its sound quality equals its look! Playback is very spacious and open. The definition is present in all registers. It is one of the most natural and subtle headphones we have had the chance to review. Its transparency and neutrality enable it to be used for Mastering. It has an outstanding frequency response (5 Hz-45 kHz!) through its width and linearity. We did not detect any bumps or hollows in the mids, treble or bass. But what we most knocked us out is the dynamics and 'physicality' it gives the music. For the bass, the bass drums and double bass seem as if they are produced by a 38 cm! We listened to them for several hours on the go without experiencing any auditory fatigue! It is also quite comfortable.


These Fostex TH900 headphones are designed for the most demanding music lovers and why not sound mixers. For its first trial, we can confirm that Fostex is a huge hit. Highly recommended!


Haute Fidélité - Reference


Transducers: 50 mm (cellulose)

Magnetic: neodymium magnet

Conductors: 7N OFC (Oxygen Free Copper)

Connectors: 6.35mm jack (duralumin)

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Impedance: 25 ohms

Frequency response: 5-45 kHz

Housings: Japanese cherry wood

Lacquer: Urushi

Cable length: 3 m

Weight: 400 g

Banc d'essai

1.57 Mo - jpeg




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Customer reviews



Ce casque manufacturé de la plus heureuse des façons par nos amis japonais (cette alchimie assumée entre l'artisanat Japonais que constitue notamment la laque Urushi et la haute technologie parfaitement maitrisée des ingénieurs du Soleil levant) est magnifique. L'esthétique qu'aucune photo ne rendra justice est très loin d'être son seul atout. La restitution est tout simplement sublime. Le poids des notes, la qualité des timbres, l'aération hors normes pour un casque fermé et cette dynamique explosive transforme chaque écoute en un privilège en soi... Beaucoup de casques dans le très haut de gamme demeurent être très performants mais peu m'ont envoûté à ce point. Sa musicalité est un miracle. Et son confort à l'avenant ne viendra aucunement brider vos écoutes dans le temps. Bravo à ma platine de mettre ce casque au catalogue! Encore un merveilleux gage de qualité dans la sélection faite par cette équipe.

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Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-900 Hi-Fi headphones

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