About us

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Driven by a long-standing love of music and Hi-Fi equipment, we've decided to share with you our selection of top products from the most prestigious brands and the most representative on the market.

We have 15 years' experience in the high end Hi-Fi industry, more specifically dedicated to analogue technology. We followed a number of training programmes in France, Europe and in the US, giving us extensive expertise in Hi-Fi products. We hope that our recommendations and expertise will provide you with satisfactory and appropriate technical and audiophile solutions.

Our products are selected exclusively based on testing and technical analysis either in our own facilities or in European and American trade fairs, as well as by visiting the manufacturers, with the sole aim to source the most efficient and innovative models in each range.

Feel free to contact us. We'll find a solution for your specific needs.

Our philosophy ultimately boils down to this: at the end of the day, only music matters!



The team of maPlatine.com

Would you like to know more about the maPlatine.com team? Here's a brief presentation of our team.



He's the co-founder of maPlatine.com and has over 25 years' experience in the Hi-Fi industry. He's the company's product manager and has been a music lover and musician for many years. We put his experience and expertise to good use on a daily basis.




He's the co-founder of maPlatine.com, in charge of sharing Franck's technical and product expertise online. He also does all the admin work for maPlatine.com. He's also a great fan of music and Hi-Fi.



Our logistics and purchasing manager. He also goes by the name of 'Pack Man'. He gives you advice, keeps an eye on our stock and makes sure to offer you the widest choice of available products of the website. Olivier's a great fan of golf and modern music.




She works as website and social media coordinator. She manages the communication and the graphic part of the company. Thanks to her you can discover our products in our catalog. She likes going to concerts and loves pop rock music.




He's our young technician in charge of setting up your turntables and works in after-sales service. Passionate about electronics and tube technologies, he will be able to diagnose your broken equipment. He likes to make audio equipment, preamplifier, effect pedals and he plays bass in 2 music bands in his spare time.



Thierry is the logistics specialist in maPlatine.com. He ensures the preparation of your orders and keeps an eye on the tracking to ensure that they arrive safely. Thierry has a special affinity with Hip-Hop music.



She's our accountant. Figures are her area of expertise. She also likes to listen to her old records, especially the old pop classics.