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DIGGERS FACTORY: www.diggersfactory.com

Diggers Factory

Diggers Factory is a record pre-order community platform. Based on the crowdfunding principle, artists and labels can produce and reissue their records for free. This participatory and collaborative system gives you access to exclusive records and reissues all year round.

TRANSMUSICALES 2015: www.lestrans.com


2015 Transmusicales, maPlatine.com's partner


The first Rencontres Trans Musicales took place in 1979: two concert nights organised by 6 volunteers. The festival has been continuously growing since, supporting the current musical trends. Born in a post-punk era, it then went on to host electro music, alternative rock, trip-hop, to name a few… The TM festival has hosted prestigious bands, such as Noir Désir, Lenny Kravitz, Nirvana, Daft Punk, Justice, etc. But the festival is first and foremost the guarantee of discovering both 'indie' and trending artists, as evidenced by the 2015 line-up.


NEW NOISE - www.noisemag.net

New Noise

New Noise is a bimonthly magazine that reviews current music, noisy or not (Indie rock, post-punk, post-rock, noise rock, math-rock, metal, stoner, sludge, garage, industrial, hardcore/punk, electro, hip hop, experimental and psychedelic music, etc.).



BEAST RECORDS - www.beastrecords.free.fr

Beast Record

Independent label that specialises in the production of Rock, Folk and Country music inspired by Australian bands (80% of the label's editions Gentle Ben, Burn In Hell, Head On, Dan Brodie, Six FT Hick...). Their favourite medium: the record that makes for 90% of their productions.>



STONED CIRCUS - www.stonedcircus.com

Stoned Circus

Stoned Circus is a radio programme that airs on Canal B on Monday evenings that posts on its website all the events (concerts, books, etc.) around rock garage music from the 60s to 2000. It showcases many different musical styles: punk rock, RnB, soul as well as psychedelic music and punk rock!



ROCKNROLLBAZAR - www.rocknrollbazar.com/en/disque-vinyle

Rock n Roll Bazar

A very Rock oriented record shop that sells new and used 33 and 45 rpm LPs. You're bound to find what you're looking for!



DISCOGRAPHIE HARD - www.discographie-hard.com/lucphp/accueil.php

Discographie Hard

A fan of Metal, Hard Rock and other more or less well known versions of Rock music. Over 8,500 albums are listed, complete with artist biographies. In short, it's a huge online discography available in just one click!


GROUND ZERO - www.groundzero.fr

Ground Zero

An independent record dealer that offers an amazing selection in terms of record or CD editions both new and reissued. Buy online or visit the shop in Paris!



VINYL ACTU - www.vinyle-actu.fr

Vinyle Actu

A very comprehensive website that covers the news in the record world, in particular through the blog and release schedule for new albums or re-releases.



Loudvinyl (Art) - www.loudvinylart.com


The ideal blog to keep yourself entertained while perfecting your knowledge of music! Indulge in a relaxing moment around music and graphical arts!



Star Wax magazine - www.starwaxmag.com

Star Wax

Star Wax magazine, published by the Compos-it association, was founded in 2006. This is the only magazine to bring together all the Dance (Electro, House, Techno, Rap, Turntablism, Dubstep, D’n’B) cultures together with the required journalistic and graphical thoroughness while keeping a free editorial style. Star Wax, the leading magazine of current music in France, covers and reviews the latest trends in urban culture, and more specifically, those of composing DJs. Records and CDs, computers and all kinds of digital instruments (samplers, controllers, drum machines, etc.) are alongside the sheet music of acoustic musicians.