Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge

MC cartridge with ruby cantilever and FG70 stylus

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON

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With maPlatine.com, trade in your old Ortofon MC cartridges for similar or higher end Ortofon cartridge models. 

Cadenza is Ortofon's latest range. It builds on the famous 'Kontrapunkt' range. This innovative series deserves the best technology available.

The Ortofon Cadenza Blue is the second model available from Ortofon.

Ortofon Cadenza Blue: body

To ward off resonance and vibration, the body of this Cadenza Blue is made of an aluminium and stainless steel alloy. It provides perfect stiffness and enables the weight to remain acceptable.

Threaded inserts replace the unattractive nuts, also making the assembly process easier and allowing optimal mounting to the headshell.

Note that among the accessories supplied, you find superb cables (cartridge/tonearm) in 8N copper, the Ortofon 8N LW10.

Tests with a load at 150 Ohms and tracking force at 2.5g, as recommended by Ortofon, have yielded excellent results.

Ortofon Cadenza Blue: coil and stylus

It has 6NX gold-plated copper coil wires and neodymium magnets.

Its stylus has a complex profile called Nude Fritz Gyger 70. it is mounted on a surprising and precious Ruby cantilever. 

Ortofon Cadenza Blue: listening and review

From the very first measures, we were struck by the level of detail and definition with which this Cadenza Blue enhances our listening! In this respect, it can rival with the best CD players on the market!

The bass is deep, expressive, and dynamic! For this register too, digital sources appear to be totally overtaken!

It gives great space to instruments and musical works. The sound stage is wide, precise and give full homage to orchestras or operas.

Jazz lovers will not be left out with a superb midrange that lends realism and incredible vitality to brass and string instruments. Also note that cymbals have an outstanding movement.

This MC cartridge, like many others, needs around twenty hours of breaking in for the timbre to become fully balanced and the breathing on voices not be too emphasised.

Let's be clear, if you are looking for a round, gentle and warm cartridge, this Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge will not satisfy you, but if energy, neutrality, realism and transparency is what you value... it is made for you!

A very high-end phono cartridge, with a performance level and a remarkable value for money. The real competitor is well beyond its price! The expertise of the greatest manufacturer has again hit its mark.

Well done!


Type: Low output MC

Output: 0.5 mV

Channel separation at 1 kHz: >25 dB

Frequency response at -3 dB: 20 Hz/40 KHz

Compliance: 15 Um/Nm

Stylus: Nude Fritz Gyger 70

Cantilever: Ruby

Coils: Gold-plated OFC copper wire

Tracking force: 2.2 g-2.7 g

Optimum tracking force: 2.5 g

SRA: 20°

Internal impedance: 5 Ohm

Recommended load impedance: 50-500 Ohms

Body: Stainless steel and aluminium

Headshell cables: 8N LW10

Colour: Blue and black

Weight: 10.7 g

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidélité

0.45 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
(14 reviews)

Customer reviews


M C 79

Bonjour à tous
Après plusieurs mois d'absence ....... je redécouvre mes vinyles
Cette cellule est un modèle haut de gamme offrant une très bonne restitution analogique image stéréo parfaite
qualités dynamique,vivacité,ouverture très importants beaucoup de micro détails révélés
cette cadenza blue est un excellent choix un son plus riche,plus vivace,plus chaud ,plus réaliste que le numérique PARFAIT
Cordialement M C


Trés bien

Trés bien


Excellent produit

Cellule achetée ici en Mars dernier pour remplacer ma Quintet Black S (montée en gamme et passer d'une Vs de 0,3 à 0,5 mV), elle équipe désormais ma platine TransRotor ZET-1 avec un grand bonheur : naturel, dynamique, détails et finesse. Architecture haut de gamme. Achat à recommander malgré un tarif élevé certes mais justifié par la qualité de cette cellule.. Livraison rapide comme à l'accoutumée chez maPlatine.com !



Achetée il y a 6 mois, associée à une platine McIntosh MT2 en remplacement d'une cellule Blue point 2 quel changement !! Puissance, finesse, profondeur, top !
Très facile à monter et à régler pour un néophyte comme moi (avec un peu de patience) Merci Ma platine!

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Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge

Ortofon Cadenza Blue MC cartridge

MC cartridge with ruby cantilever and FG70 stylus

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