Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cable

Speaker cable

Banana and fork connectors included

Low inductance

Made in Sweden

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Manufacturer : SUPRA

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The Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cable is an affordable high end speaker cable. It is delivered in a superb wooden box which says it all about the ambition Supra has with its Quadrax Star Quad.

Supra Quadrax Star Quad: features

This speaker cable is designed with 4 x 2.0 mm² “tube” conductors. This architecture is obtained by winding onto a hollow tube made out of polypropylene a braid made out of 120 strands in tin plated copper! This technology enables to limit the skin effect of the cable and not to cut down high frequencies. This enables to obtain a very flat frequency response, rapid transitions, and a transparency throughout the spectrum.

The capacitance is considered to be less critical at the speaker cables level but it also has to be as low as possible because it also contributes to a phase shift. The insulation is also made out of polypropylene (PP). 

It is mounted with excellent Combicon connectors. They enable to choose between 4mm forks or banana connectors. 

Supra Quadrax Star Quad: listening and review

The restitution of this speaker cable is very impressive by its dynamics and the depth it distills. We are surprised by the swing and the evidence of the tempo. The soundstage is very beautiful and precise enough to perfectly locate the different musicians.

After listening to several vinyl records, we can distinguish that this Supra Quadrax Star Quad is slightly flattering in the midrange. It does not produce any aggressiveness in the high end of the spectrum. The bass is deep and is controlled and dynamic.

On a transistor system with neutral and detailed Hi-Fi speakers, the Quadrax brings a surplus in substance and improves the timbre by taking away dryness and slightly erasing the whistling. It is not a flaw, on the contrary, the final result is simply more musical and more pleasant in comparison to the English original cable that we initially had on our Hi-Fi system.

The Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cable is certainly not the most neutral cable that we have heard. However, it is very musical and gives substance and depth to systems a little too “light” or that have a low midrange that is too pronounced.

Highly recommended!


Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended


Conductors section: 2 mm² x 2

Number of conductors: 4

Number of strands by conductor: 120

Strands diameter: 0.15 mm

Conductors: 5N OFC tin plated copper

Insulation: heat resistant  PVC

Outside diameter: 15 mm

Resistance: 8,1 Ohm/km

Inductance: 0,28 μH/m

Connectors: 4mm bananas and forks



Hi-Fi Choice

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Customer reviews



Loin d'être un expert en "technologie", je vois clairement la difference entre des cables "classics" et les HP Supra ! Solides, robustes à 1ere vue, ils permettent de parfaitement sublimer votre installation ;
Jai essayé d autres cables moins "quali", et on voit tout de suite la difference !

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Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cable

Supra Quadrax Star Quad speaker cable

Speaker cable

Banana and fork connectors included

Low inductance

Made in Sweden

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