Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

High-end platter mat. 

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Manufacturer : THE FUNK FIRM

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Arthur Khoubesserian designed this platter mat back in 1979 , which was later marketed as Achromat in 2005. Over the years it has been upgraded and has shed some weight for greater compatibility. It can actually be associated with turntables, rigid and suspended models alike, and any type of platter (glass, MDF, aluminium, composite, etc.). It is an advantageous alternative to the vintage felt, rubber and cork mats.

The diamond tracks the groove and hits the surface, generating a significant shock wave. It was transferred to the stylus and created colouring and confusion in the signal. The structure of the Achromat absorbs vibration and eliminates it in calorie form.

Playback immediately delivers the finest details of the music. The bass is dramatically improved in terms of articulation and dynamics. It is also a lot clearer and more subtle. Hence, the mid range seems more precise and clearer. 

It comes in two sizes, according to your turntable and tonearm (VTA).

The tests were carried out with the 3 mm model, but we would recommend using the more efficient 5 mm model if you can. For tonearms that do not have an adjustable VTA like Rega's, we recommend the 3 mm model, unless you use a 2mm spacer with the tonearm.

It works wonders with LINN LP12, REGA, VPI, and other models!

Couldn't recommend it enough!


Platter mat: Very lightweight composite.

Diameter: 30 cm.

Thickness: 3 or 5 mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Rajouté depuis peu sur ma platine thorens TD 295 MK IV (3mm), je vous confirme que ce couvre plateau vaut le coup. Le spectre musical général est élargi, en particulier au niveau des graves qui sont bien plus présent (sans dénaturé le reste). le son est comme plus profond, plus subtil. je recommande vivement.


Couvre Plateau Funk Achromat

Essayer sur ma SP 10 Technics, adopté! très belle extension sur le grave,médium plus défini et très belle finesse sur l'aigu.Un vrai gap,la musique est comme plus posé, très satisfait.

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Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

High-end platter mat. 

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