TRANSROTOR ZET-1 manual turntable

Turntable with a 9" S-shaped tonearm and MM cartridge


The bonus: all turntables are set up and tested before shipping!


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Manufacturer : JR TRANSROTOR

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The ZET-1 turntable is Transrotor's entry-level model. But take our word for it, you'll be impressed!

JR Transrotor products have no suspension or damping system. The manufacturer relies on mass technology combined with dense and neutral materials. The chassis of the ZET-1 is cut in a solid black or white acrylic plate. It is supported by three adjustable feet. The motor and tonearm mounts are suspended. The platter is built in a block of polished aluminium, thus creating a gorgeous chrome-plated effect. The system is compatible with a great number of properties linked to metal and plastic materials such as mechanical resistance, stiffness and excellent vibration damping ability. The platter undergoes special treatment to minimise vibration and resonance stemming from the drive system, as evidenced by the large concentric ribs on the underside. It has great inertia thanks to its weight (10 kg) and design. The drive principle is quite standard. It features a belt and AC synchronous motor. It uses an outboard power supply. As with most high-end turntables, there is no hub. The belt just slips round the edge of the platter. The stainless steel drive spindle rests on a brass housing. The bearing comprises a ceramic ball-bearing.


The TR 800 S tonearm is from Jelco and, thus, looks very standard (probably because Jelco produces tonearms for Linn, Koetsu, Audioquest and other brands). It uses an S-shaped arm tube with oil damping. Setup is child's play! As the headshell is detachable and universal, the cartridge (and headshell) can be replaced easily and hassle-free.


The ZET-1 comes with an amazing polished aluminium clamp. Like most products by Transrotor, this turntable is upgradable and a motor, a second tonearm, a TMD bearing, a 'Konstant 1' outboard power supply (and more) can be added.


Like many 'rigid' turntables, the system is extremely easy to set up. For optimum musicality, position the plinth and compensate for level using the front towers, position the motor, platter and belt and you're done!


The sound quality of this turntable is clearly on the physical and rhythmic side of the music. The sound is deep and the timbres are full-bodied and fleshed-out. This is definitely a very high end analogue system. The bass is powerful and very well articulated. It is remarkable and highly demonstrative with symphonies and electro music. But it also displays a softer and more subtle side with acoustic recordings. The soundstage is amazing, both wide and deep. It delivers a precise and even combination of definition and softness! Quite unusual for this range! The vocals are clear and suave and sound like they come from an analogue master tape!


This ZET-1 emphasises on neutrality and we like this approach. Thus, it is readily compatible with many cartridges and phono preamps.

For this price range, it is definitely to be reckoned with! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Principle: Rigid turntable

Plinth: Black or white acrylic, thickness 25 mm

Platter: Polished aluminium

Platter thickness: 60 mm

Platter weight: 10 kg

Motor: Synchronous AC

Motor drive: Belt drive

Speeds: 33 rpm and 45 rpm

Spindle: Stainless steel

Bearing housing: Bronze

Bearing: Ceramic ball

Tonearm: Tr 800 S

Record clamp: Aluminium

Cartridge: TR Uccello MM

Dimensions: 45 x 40 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Banc d'essai

5.18 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



J'ai cette platine depuis une quinzaine de jours. Je souhaitais attendre quelques jours d'écoute afin de passer l'effet waou des premiers jours. Avant tout, l'objet lui même est magnifique, la réalisation est sans compromis, usiné à la perfection, dans des matériaux massifs... bien loin des plastocs finition alu ou des placages approximatifs.
Cette platine, associée à une cellule Ortofon Cadenza Blue présente un rendu remarquable : bien sur, tous les microdétails et les nuances sont présents - le glissé sur une corde, les détails d'une basse, et c'est rapide, très rapide.... mais surtout... quelle musicalité ! Associé à une electronique Sugden en pure classe A et des enceintes PMC l'ensemble se fait juste oublier, disparait totalement... pour peu que l'enregistrement suive. On se retrouve devant l'artiste, le groupe ou l'orchestre. L'émotion est là, les timbre sont d'une justesse irréprochable. Bref, la magie opère....



Hello, tout d’abord merci à Franck pour ses conseils. Service, qualité de livraison et délai rien à redire. Parlons de la platine, livrée avec Cadenza blue, et préamplificateur Pro-ject Phono box, le tout relié en xlr à mon installation Advance Acoustic X-Preamp & X-A160 et enceintes B&W 804D. L’installation de la platine est un jeu d’enfant. Ne pas oublier le couvre plateau en cuir, indispensable, qui nécessite de remonter le bras de 2mm. Après un peu de rodage, j’ai donc passé en revue tout un tas de style musicaux : Pink Floyd, Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz, Cesaria Evora, Melody Gardot et Électro, eh ben c’est tout simplement magnifique ! Neutre, transparence des timbres, scène sonore, tout y est, c’est même chirurgical, et d’autres termes attention à qualité du pressage du vinyle, car ça pardonne pas. Je suis vraiment ravi de ma platine et je vais certainement me laisser tenter par l’alimentation régulée Konstant M-1

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TRANSROTOR ZET-1 manual turntable

TRANSROTOR ZET-1 manual turntable

Turntable with a 9" S-shaped tonearm and MM cartridge


The bonus: all turntables are set up and tested before shipping!


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