Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 120 w/ 8ohms

Dual mono

Remote control

Made in France

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The Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier is the replacement of the IN200 SE integrated amplifier. It is the version between the Atoll IN100 SE and IN300 integrated amplifier. However, it is closer to the IN300 regarding several aspects.

Atoll IN200 Signature: chassis and front panel

It has an 8mm thick aluminium front panel of good quality as well as a 1.5 mm thick metal chassis. This integrated amplifier is very rigid and thus avoids all mechanical vibrations.

Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

The top of the device is perforated for a better heat dissipation.

The controls on the front panel are refined. The two big “logical” and “rotary” buttons on the front panel give you complete control of this amplifier. These buttons enable to power on the device, select the source, control the volume and balance.

This integrated amplifier also comes with a remote control which also gives you complete control.

The front panel also has a jack 6.35 mm headphone output.

Atoll IN200 Signature: back panel

The back panel has 4 analogue inputs, 1 Tape input/output, 1 By-pass input, and a double pair of preamp outputs.

This double pair of preamp outputs enables you to use a power amplifier on one output, and therefore to use the 2 preamp outputs to connect 2 power amplifiers (bi-amplification).

It is also possible to connect a subwoofer on one of the preamp outputs. The By-pass input will enable you to connect this integrated amplifier to a processor or a Home-cinema amplifier.

Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

Atoll IN200 Signature: features

On the inside, there is the layout of the IN200 SE but with several clear notifications. 

Atoll has installed a volume attenuator per channel. These attenuators are identical as the ones on the IN300. They improve the channel separation and thus the stereo and signal-to-noise ratio.

The audio stages are equipped with MKP Mundrof shielded condensers which are similar as well to the IN300. They improve especially the musicality and the signal-to-noise ratio.

All the stages are dual mono and are powered via two toroïdal transformers of 330VA each. These two high voltage transformers give an extended bass response to the sound, not only to the pre-amplification circuits but as well to the power stages.

The Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier has a total of capacitors of 86400 microfarads! The different input stages are bipolar transistors and the output stages are MosFet transistors. The ESR condensers are made under specifications for Atoll.

This integrated amplifier has a strong power of 120Wrms/8Ω and 200Wrms/4Ω, that is 2 x 50W in pure class A. This makes it compatible with several Hi-Fi speakers, even speakers that are well known to be difficult to drive.

A specific low consumption power supply (5VA) is dedicated to display and control panel. This power supply controls, inter alia, the very low consumption OLED display.  

Atoll IN200 Signature: listening and review

When listening to this Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier, there are all the qualities that have made its predecessor successful. However, it has clear improvements in terms of transparency and dynamics.

Of course, there is also the neutrality that the brand is known for.

The bass is exceptional for a product of this range. This integrated amplifier is just as good as numerous competitors that are two to three times as expensive!

The midrange is very precise and of a great realism. The voices do not show any harshness or vagueness. We are easily transported to the place of the recording.

With high quality Hi-Fi speakers and source, the sound restitution of the Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier is of flawless neutrality, realism, and musicality.

If you wish of owning the Atoll IN300 integrated amplifier but the price puts you off, this IN200 Signature integrated amplifier is made for you!

Furthermore, it is possible to add to this Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier an Atoll MM/MC P100 phono stage and the excellent Atoll Signature digital board of the IN300.

Highly recommended!


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Power under 8 ohms: 2 x 120 w/8 Ohms

Bandwidth: 5 Hz -100 000 Hz

Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB

Sensitivity: 100 mV

Input impedance: 220 kOhms

Distortion rate: <0.05%

Line inputs: 4

Tape: in/out

Output trigger: 12V

Bypass: 1 x RCA

Headphone output: 6.35mm

Preamplifier output: 2 for bi-amplification

Total of capacitors: 64500 µf

Remote control: yes

Phono stage: P100 optional

Weight: 13 kg

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 90 mm

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidélité

2.03 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


J'aime !!

Voilà : je repique au truc audiophile, et ce grâce à ! Des prix serrés, un accueil et une gentillesse qu'il fait bon de redécouvrir sur un site, des conseils avisés délivrés en un temps record (parfois dans l'heure !!) - merci Franck- et une réactivité supersonique dans la gestion des commandes -merci Jérôme !-
Cet intégré est bluffant, et me semble donner des performances qui dépassent sa catégorie de prix... Le sérieux, la transparence et la puissance d'Atoll je connaissais, mais il fut bien avouer que cet IN 200 S n'a pas grand chose à voir avec mon vieux IN 100 : exit l'agressivité à haut volume et la brillance fatigante pour les oreilles. Une réserve de puissance confortable permet une assise exceptionnelle même à faible volume, avec une bonne profondeur de grave, un punch efficace lorsque la dynamique le demande, et des médium-aigûs sur les voix assez bluffants (les poils se dressent et c'est bon !). Je suis enchanté de mon achat, il me reste maintenant à up-grader mon système pour honorer cet ampli intégré qui mérite bien plus que mon matériel actuel !...
Pas fini de harceler avec mes demandes de conseils moi ! :-))))
Phil T.

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Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

2 x 120 w/ 8ohms

Dual mono

Remote control

Made in France

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