Moon 320 S power supply

Optional high-end Moon 310 LP power supply

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This housing builds on the finish and size of the MOON 310LP. This is quite logical, as the 320S is designed to operate in conjunction with it. This power supply features a 25vA toroid transformer and a generous filter of over 35.000 µF! It features 4 regulation systems and the stabilisation is followed by a PI-type filter. The circuit path has been optimised to have the shortest connections possible and thus keep the signal as clear as possible. This power supply has no power switch as it must be continuously switched one to operate optimally.

Thanks to this, the MOON 310LP has an unrivalled signal-to-noise ratio! Over 114 dB for MM and over 92 dB for MC! Also, the dynamics seem even greater and the frequency response is broader! The bass has more impact, is clearer and the transparency level is up there with the very best products!

Absolute Sound magazine voted this combo 'Analogue Product of the Year 2013', and it's fully deserved! Highly recommended!


Transformer: 25vA

Filtering: 35.200 µF

Inductance: 400 mH

Consumption: 9 watts

Weight: 3.5 kg

Dimensions: 19 x 8 x 28.5 cm

Signal-to-noise ration of the associated 310LP: 114 dB (gain at 40) 92 dB (gain at 66)

DC signal-to-noise ratio: 150 dB

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Moon 320 S power supply

Moon 320 S power supply

Optional high-end Moon 310 LP power supply

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