SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

Record clamp for vinyl turntable
String Suspension Concept
Made in Germany

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Manufacturer : SSC

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When we were first sent the SSC Record Point 420 record clamp, we thought it was just more of the same old stuff. But upon closer inspection, we were impressed by its original design and the unique way in which SSC tackles this problem.


The Record Point 420 is an elegant cylindrical record clamp with a diameter of 65mm. It is made up of one regular aluminium ring sandwiched between two black anodised aluminium rings. Weighing in at 420g, it can be classed as having an average weight, but this was not the main crux of the design. In fact, hidden inside this aluminium sandwich is a membrane. This is called the ‘String Suspension Concept’, and helps to dampen and prevent mechanical and acoustic vibration. The membrane works in a similar way to a resonator.


And the results range anywhere from impressive to astounding, depending on your vinyl turntable! The benefits can be felt as soon as you slip the Record Point over the spindle. The sound quality feels significantly cleaner and clearer, giving more room for the finer details of the music to emerge. The sound stage feels less woolly, and the dynamic range is more evenly spread across the registers. Overall, we can confirm that the musicality is on point, and has a lot more realism to boot.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, it is worth noting that record clamps shouldn't be used with suspended record players, or felt or soft rubber platter mats. But if you have a rigid turntable and an acrylic platter (or rigid platter mat), we can’t recommend the SSC Record Point 420 record clamp highly enough!


It’s one of the best products in its category, offered at a highly reasonable price! Highly recommended!


Principle: String Suspension Concept
Body: double shell
Material: black or plain aluminium
Weight: 420 g
Diameter: 65 mm
Height: 26 mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Bonsoir Franck..

Palet SSC Reçu ....ce soir ecoute comparative avec le clamp d origine sur la 2xp....comment dire...beh une fois encore un grand merci ! c est carrement impressionnant!! des details qui surgissent ; une dynamique qui n a plus rien a voir; un grave tres ferme..physique ..l ampleur et l etalement de la scene ont énormément progressé chez ne pensais pas qu un simple palet pouvait apporter suis assez...stupéfait .Ce produit devrait connaitre un gros succès..j en ferai de la pub autour de vais de ce pas mettre un me tarde maintenant de recevoir mon câ reviendrai ensuite vers vous pour le cable phono et l annee prochaine ; certainement un lehman BC SElI...tout sera alors ok pour accueillir une ortophon black!

Encore un grand merci

A bientôt


Thierry V.

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SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

Record clamp for vinyl turntable
String Suspension Concept
Made in Germany

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