Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable

Power cable

IEC connector

Schuko plug

4mm² conductors

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

559,00 €

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Even though it comes at an affordable price, the Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable is the most elaborate power cable of the Scottish brand. It is the perfect solution against interferences that take away from the musicality and transparency of your Hi-Fi system.

Atlas EOS 4.0 DD: features

The Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable is equipped with very pure copper OFC 4mm² conductors. Atlas made sure to have the lowest possible series resistance with a very efficient shielding made up of a copper braid and screened by an aluminium foil.

Atlas guarantees the elimination of all radio frequency waves via its Double Drain system. The insulating part has also been carefully cleaned in order to minimize skin effects and coloration. The dielectric is only made up of PTFE. The Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable is equipped with ATLAS EOS PLUG IEC and Shuko connectors. They are of excellent quality and ensure an irreproachable contact.

Due to the technical characteristics and design of this Atlas cable, it is advised to use it with high end systems and devices that require a lot of power. It is also advised to use this cable between a wall socket and a power strip such as the Atlas EOS Modular 4.0 power strip.

Atlas EOS 4.0 DD: listening and review

When listening to your records, this Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable keeps its promises. The restitution is immediately more defined and the soundstage seems to be larger and have more depth. There is a net improvement regarding the counter bass and the low end of the spectrum in general. It is much more articulated and clear.

The Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable gives the sensation of improved dynamics and a harmonic richness far superior to the original cables of your electronic devices of your Hi-Fi system. The timbres are nicer and maybe more realistic.

It is important to note that there is a remarkable presence and transparency throughout the spectrum.

The Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable is a superb power cable offered at a more than reasonable price! An excellent quality/music/price ratio. Our top pick!


What Hi-Fi - Recommanded

Hi-World - Outstanding ! - 2015


Connectors: Atlas EOS Shuko and IEC

Conductors: OFC (oxygen free copper)

Section: 4mm²

Type: multi strand triple conductors

Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon)

Shielding: Dual drain aluminium

Capacitance: 95,09 Pf/m

Inductance: 0,566 µH/m

Resistance: 0,0045 Ohm/m

Outside diameter: 11.2mm

Maximum current: 30A

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

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Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi World

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Hi-Fi World

Outstanding !

What Hi-Fi ?

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


efficacité redoutable !

Je suis vraiment ravi de mon acquisition, branché sur mon intégré Naim ce cordon d’alimentation Atlas fait un sacré job, c’est simple j’ai gagné sur tout les paramètres, transparence, dynamique, articulation, lisibilité et fluidité !
je dois bien admettre que je ne m’attendais pas à une telle « belle difference » comme me l’avez indiqué Franck , stupéfiant vraiment !
Sur le dernier album de Hope Sandoval sur le morceau d’ouverture, l’atmosphere atteint une intensité et la voix une présence ! c’est simple je redécouvre une quantité de détails sur l’ensemble de mes disques favoris, incroyable ! Merci à Franck et son équipe pour la qualité du service et les conseils avisés.
Fabrice V

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Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable

Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable

Power cable

IEC connector

Schuko plug

4mm² conductors

Made in Scotland

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