Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge

MC moving coil cartridge

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON

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Cadenza is Ortofon's latest range. It builds on the famous 'Kontrapunkt' range.


As the Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge is the flagship for this ambitious series, it rightly features the best technology to date. For this, Ortofon equipped it with the renowned 'Aucorum' gold-plated 6NX silver wire coils and powerful neodymium magnets. Its stylus has a highly complex and extremely high-end profile called 'Nude Shibata'. It is very close to the ideal profile and perfectly fits the groove's sides. it is mounted on a magnificent and fine Boron cantilever. This has the advantage of having a lower effective mass than the aluminium and especially a clearly superior rigidity. To ward off resonance and vibration, its body is made of an aluminium and stainless steel alloy. It gives it perfect stiffness to the assembly and enables the weight to remain acceptable. Threaded inserts replace the standard nuts, also making the assembly process easier and allowing optimal mounting to the headshell. As with the Mc Windfeld, MC A90, Mc Anna and Xpression, the Cadenza Black features the revolutionary WRD (wilde range). This system separately controls the damping in the high and low frequencies. Note that among the accessories supplied, you find superb cables (cartridge/tonearm) in 8N copper, the Ortofon 8N LW10. Tests with a load at 50 Ohms and tracking force at 2.3g, as recommended by Ortofon, have yielded excellent results.


This Cadenza Black Hi-Fi cartridge is the flagship for this range and after the sumptuous listening of its little sisters we ask what the addition of the Shibata stylus and WRD could add to the listening experience in comparison with the Cadenza Bronze!? Well, after around twenty hours breaking in the product, we can announce that we have the answers! This cartridge is one of the most neutral and transparent we have ever listened to. The wealth of detail is amazing, it seeks out the least amount of micro-information contained in the groove. The listening is astonishingly clean and the silences are incredibly silent!!! The channel separation is optimum, the stereo effects can be distinguished much more than usual. The depth and breadth of the sound stage are wonderful, we were surprised by its openness! The bass is deep and expressive, and perfectly mastered! It works wonders on double base solos or on electronic music. The midranges have a superb presence and realism. The treble rises very high (more than 55 kHz!!!) with no sharpness. The timbre is sumptuous and combines several qualities that frequently oppose each other:: It is clear, gentle and silky at the same time! I would like to say that this 'Black' is very, really very close in quality to the renowned and discarded A90!...


So it is clearly one of the best cartridges available to dates and certainly the best product Ortofon has to offer! There, it has been said! A cartridge for demanding music lovers... One of the European benchmarks!!!


Type: Low output MC
Output: 0.3 mV
Channel separation at 1 kHz: >27 dB
Frequency response at -3 dB: 20 Hz/60 KHz
Compliance: 16 Um/Nm
Stylus: Nude Shibata
Cantilever: Boron
Coils: Gold-plated OFC copper wire
Tracking force: 2.2 g-2.7 g
Optimum tracking force: 2.3 g
SRA: 20°
Internal impedance: 5 Ohm
Recommended load impedance: >10 Ohms
Body: Stainless steel and aluminium
Headshell cables: 8N LW10
Colour: Black
Weight: 10.7 g

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Customer reviews



A la recherche d'une remplaçante à ma Karat et après avoir disposé de nombreuses cellules MM & MC, ne sachant pas trop comment trouver la perle rare pour équiper ma Linn j'ai eu recours aux conseils de Franck. Privilégiant le modèle le plus cher de sa liste, les avis étant dithyrambiques, je n'ai donc pas hésité. Cette cellule n'a rien de commun avec ce que j'ai pu écouter à ce jour. Une écoute vivante et dynamique s’accommodant de tous types de musique, elle déniche tout un tas de micro informations et donne la chair de poule sur le phrasé d'une contrebasse la majesté d'un piano ou la finesse d'un clavecin ... Un grand Merci à Franck pour ses excellents conseils et son professionnalisme.


MC 79

La cellule ortofon mc cadenza black est un modèle à bobine mobile haut de gamme.
C'est une solution parfaite pour améliorer les performances d'une platine vinyle de très belle facture.
Ses qualités acoustiques sont remarquables .
Le son est très naturel sans coloration ni distorsion .
La quantité de détails extraite des sillons est surprenante
Elle offre une lecture d'une très grande pureté .
C'est une cellule d'exception tout simplement extraordinaire
Merci à toute l'équipe de ma platine.com


Une Cellule dans la lignée des plus réputées !

L'Ortofon Cadenza black possède un tel niveau de restitution qu'il ne soit ressenti un quelconque manque ou déséquilibre. Sa neutralité et cette capacité, des "grandes" cellules, a bien différencié les instruments les uns des autres procurent des écoutes vivantes et réalistes. Merci à ma platine pour le conseil d'achat pleinement justifié

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Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge

Ortofon Cadenza Black MC cartridge

MC moving coil cartridge

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