Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge

MC moving coil cartridge

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON

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With maPlatine.com, trade in your old Ortofon MC cartridges for similar or higher end Ortofon cartridge models. 

Cadenza is Ortofon's latest range. It builds on the famous 'Kontrapunkt' range. This innovative series deserves the best technology available. 

The Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge is the fourth model of the Ortofon's range.

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze: features

To ward off resonance and vibration, the body of the Cadenza Bronze is made of an aluminium and stainless steel alloy. It provides perfect stiffness and enables the weight to remain acceptable.

Threaded inserts replace the unattractive nuts, also making the assembly process easier and allowing optimal mounting to the headshell.

Note that among the accessories supplied, you find superb cables (cartridge/tonearm) in 8N copper, the Ortofon 8N LW10.

Tests with a load at 350 Ohms and tracking force at 2.5g, as recommended by Ortofon, have yielded excellent results.

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze: coils and stylus

The Cadenza Bronze features the renowned 'Aucorum' gold-plated 6NX silver coil wires and powerful neodymium magnets.

Its stylus has a highly complex and extremely high-end profile called 'Nude Replicant 100'. It is mounted on an aluminium conical cantilever. 

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze: listening and review

From the very first notes, this Ortofon Cadenza Bronze announces the 'colour'! The services are very high-end!

It includes all the qualities of the Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge, but they are refined through an unsettling harmonic wealth! Everything appears to be more beautiful and present.

The definition level is amazing but no register is artificially highlighted.

Depending on the recordings, this MC cartridge can prove itself to be dynamic but also show its melodic side, which wonderfully reproduce wind instruments and voices.

The sound stage pays homages to orchestras, giving them a highly realistic width and depth. The positioning is also very precise.

The bases are deep and perfectly expressed, the treble rises very high with outstanding silkiness and precision. The midrange excels with its presence, transparency and tonal quality.

The voices are reproduced with great finesse and subtle nuances that lend and incomparable emotional aspect and realism to the work.

Note that the 'Replicant' profile of the stylus drastically reduces surface noise and is very tolerant toward scratches, which explains the wealth of details that this Cadenza Bronze produces.

If you are looking for magnificent timbres, details and neutrality, this Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge is a dream cartridge! Superb…


Type: Low output MC

Output: 0.4 mV

Channel separation at 1 kHz: >24 dB

Frequency response at -3 dB: 20 Hz/55 KHz

Compliance: 12 Um/Nm

Stylus: Nude Replicant

Cantilever: Aluminium conical

Coils: Gold-plated OFC copper wire

Tracking force: 2.2g-2.7g

Optimum tracking force: 2.5 g

SRA: 20°

Internal impedance: 5 Ohms

Recommended load impedance: 50-200 Ohms

Body: Stainless steel and aluminium

Headshell cables: 8N LW10

Colour: Bronze and black

Weight: 10.7 g

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Elle sonne bien cette Bronze!

Venant d'une Cadenza Red, J'ai suivi les excellents conseils de Franck. Après trois jours les choses se précisent. Une très belle qualité de timbres se confirme. Tout passe sans forcer avec dans un mix de douceur et de présence. Nous ne sommes pas dans l'hyper analytique mais dans une écoute très musicale, naturelle. Les ambiances de scènes sont superbes et les instruments sonnent juste. Simple à écouter...pendant des heures. Service MaPlatine: 5 étoiles!

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Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge

Ortofon Cadenza Bronze MC cartridge

MC moving coil cartridge

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