2019 Customer reviews

2019 Customer reviews

On maPlatine.com, you can find a wide range of products, all selected for their audiophile quality. You feel a little bit lost in the face of all this choice? To help you in your choice, we have grouped the notices left by our customers on the product sheets in 2019.

Every year, our customers leave a lot of comments to share their feelings on all types of products: turntables, phono cartridges, phono preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, Hi-Fi speakers, accessories, etc...

Our customers notices about turntables in 2019

The Audio Technica AT-LP120X turntable

Audio Technica AT-LP120X turntable

AMAZING!: I recommend this turntable, superb quality workmanship, for the correct price. I use it on the phono input of my amp, and nothing to complain about, I'm rediscovering my records! I also thank the team of maplatine.com for having made the settings on this turntable, (the installation was very easy.) as well as for having made a superb packaging of the parcel.” - Martin H.

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable

"GREAT!: The turntable is beautiful, it arrived in a very secured package. Ordered Saturday, received Tuesday morning! Perfectly adjusted! The visa of the technician who adjusted the turntable shows, among other things, the professionalism of maplatine.com! The listening quality is there, it makes me regret to have neglected the vinyl for so many years! Listen to the "best of" of Steve Miller Band on this turntable or the "Avalon" of Roxy music! ah, what a pleasure!! Thanks!” - Stéphane H.

"AND THE MUSIC COMES!!!: 35 years ago, I was taking a slap in the face when I discovered the pure and limpid sound of CDs. Following Franck's precious advice, I chose this Debut Carbon, associated with a Box DC phono preamplifier to bring back my vinyl records with nostalgia. Fast and safe delivery to the maximum, perfectly tuned equipment, all you had to do was plug it in. The tonearm goes down slowly, the stylus finds the groove, and there... it's no longer a "slap" but a masterly uppercut that borders on an emotional knockout! This Debut Carbon distills a sound that makes me admit that my ears have been formatted on "flat" during all these years of digital. It's round, deep, warm, intense. The term that immediately comes to mind is the impression of relief music. [...] It distills a precise, rich, alive, full sound and gives each song and each note all the depth and space desired by the artist.” - Vincent R.

AN EXCELLENT PRICE/QUALITY RATIO: First and foremost, the MaPlatine team's rare professionalism is to be highlighted! Order made Tuesday morning, received Wednesday morning! And to top it all off, the turntable is perfectly settled! I am proud to have given my money to such an exemplary "small" company compared to the much less deserving and professional online giants! Congratulations to you! As for the turntable, it's just unbelievable for this price. Easy to use, upgradeable at wish, the listening quality is really there. The sound is precise, detailed, very balanced. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge benefits from a great price/quality ratio: at first listening, even if the sound is already very good, the high frequencies could seem a bit aggressive (Robert Plant's voice a bit shrill), but after a few hours of listening, the stylus seems to run in, and all this is balanced for sure, and remains pure pleasure. No snoring, background noise, etc... Perfect silence on the non-engraved grooves! I really recommend this excellent turntable!” - Samuel C.

The Rega Planar 1 Performance Pack turntable

Rega Planar 1 Performance Pack turntable

"THANK YOU THE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Good turntable and very good sound. Unfortunately, I had an anti-skating issue. I congratulate the customer service who returned it to me well packaged and quickly with a very good adjustment. No more playback problems now. The Bias 2 cartridge of the Performance Pack brings a real plus." - Bertrand C.

"ALMOST PERFECT: Thanks to Maplatine for the quality of the preparation. Perfect package. Perfect sound at this price. The emotion is there. I highly recommend this turntable except to those who want to change the RCA cable because it is impossible (quality to be revised)." - Antoine S.

The Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile turntable

Pro-Ject Debut III S Audiophile turntable

SUPER: This is it, it's plugged in and running beautifully. [...] It's the first time I've had an audiophile turntable. I completely rediscover my vinyl records. The bass, the midrange, the treble are really distinct. The design is also great. I already love it” - Philippe D.

The Clearaudio Emotion Limited turntable

Clearaudio Emotion Limited turntable

"DEUTSCHE QUALITAT!: [...] Then listen, what a slap! Time to set up the turntable and plug it in: 30 min. And then a little Neil Young and a Coltrane, two records that I know well: the hallu, day and night with my old entry-level vinyl source, the Teac TN-300: the Clearaudio Emotion has a sound scene of an incredible width, new details, treble, medium, bass... everything is in its place and so right! And what about the rhythmical dynamics: my foot is still tapping the beat! There is nothing to say, ClearAudio knows how to do it, it is a great turntable at an incredible quality price ratio in my opinion! Super design and Deutsche Qualitat” - Jean-Christophe F.

THE.. TURNTABLE FOR LESS THAN 1 000 EUR: After having a lot of fun during 1 year with a Project Debut Carbon, to rediscover the world of vinyl...having upgraded it above the limits (an Ortofon 2M bronze cartridge, then a project tube box pre-amp and a lot of other little things), I asked Franck's advice to go up a few steps without breaking the bank. So I ordered the Clearaudio Emotion Limited, after having had the 2M bronze cartridge mounted by the same Franck... And then, what a f*cking slap. An incredible dynamic, magnificent timbres, a wide and deep sound scene, a placement of the instruments that I had not heard before. And of course an increased precision, with a tonearm at the level of what can provide the 2M bronze.... What a pleasure!” - Laurent C.

CONGRATS! PERFECT!: When we are in love with music we are ready to make a huge effort to reach the auditory nirvana... but when we don't have big financial resources we need a professional in order to be sure to make the good choice from the first purchase decision (because there will be no other), anyway I found the turntable of my dreams: aesthetic, solid: it smells the hot stable! yet tuned, musical (with the 2M ortofon cartridge), and I even found an awesome website: ma platine.com! see you soon." - Karim R.

GOOD DISCOVERY.: After contact with Olivier - thanks to him for his time and advice - I bought this turntable with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge. [...] From the first listening and whereas the cartridge has not been run in, the sound scene is very large, transparent with a lot of details and a beautiful rhythmic precision. Everything runs with the same ease… Classic, Jazz, Electro... From Franck Sinatra to AC/DC concert passing by A Night At Birdland, Rage Against The Machine, Daft Punk ... I have not noticed any difficulty even on very old(1970 ...) and very tested records. They even seemed to find a new life. I am happy. To see in time, but quality does not seem to be problematic for this turntable with an excellent finish." - Beaulieu F.

The EAT Prelude turntable

EAT Prelude turntable

SUPERB, GREAT SOUND!: Coupled with a Nagaoka MP200 cartridge, this EAT sounds great. A second listening of the Aranjuez Concerto, performed by Miles Davis, reveals unexpected details in the percussion and a wonderful spatialiaztion. The turntable is good on jazz and rock, it is also very well finished and was delivered to me quickly." - Olivier L.

The MoFi StudioDeck + turntable

MoFi StudioDeck + turntable

PERFECT CHOICE!: Following Franck's good advice, I opted for this turntable to replace my Rega RP1, by combining it with an Ortofon 2M Black cartridge and an Atlas Hyper Integra cable! The sound is just wonderful, precise, neutral and detailed, with enough dynamism. It is a pleasure to rediscover my favorite records!!” - Jean-Luc C.

BEAUTIFUL PURCHASE: I am very pleased, both of my purchase on maplatine.com (48h delivery, expert advice and phone support for the set up... Perfect) and of my purchase of this turntable which is well designed and very beautiful in its restitution, great mid-ranges and trebles, and I just own a basic configuration with the provided RCA cable and cartridge. Which means great things when I change the cartridge. In short, an excellent price/quality ratio and a top seller. Thanks!” - Renaud C.

The Rega Planar 6+ Neo PSU turntable

Rega Planar 6+ Neo PSU turntable

IT WAS ONLY A... CABLE!: Lover of Soul, Blues and Classic Rock, Valentin has spontaneously guided me to this turntable combined with a Hana EL MC cartridge. to find the musicality I had lost in my FLAC files, even in HD Tracks and even via a Naim DAC. Nothing to report for order processing, delivery time and start-up settings. However, I was frustrated all the very first day of listening by a lack of balance in the lower-midrange, even though I kept repeating to myself that the machine was running in... pffff... I was disappointed. So I checked everything to find out that one of the phono to preamp modulation cables was inverted! And then... the listening became... different... Grain, emotion to cry... WONDERFUL! Valentin, thanx bro' and keep on rockin' in a free world !” - Alain A.

AMAZING: In addition to look pretty good, this turntable is really quiet. I was surprised by the length of the tonearm, which is much longer than it appears on the pictures. And the sound! We wonder why in the 80's we moved on to CDs? This breadth, these details, these basses, this sparkling in the treble, the presence of the voices, the layering of the instruments. All is revealed. With the Aurasound Vida Prima, this P6 turntable and the Hana SL cartridge simply work wonders. Thanks to Olivier, who I have had many times on the phone, for his advice and to the entire Ma Platine team for their professionalism." - Dominique B.

I'M IN LOVE WITH MY PLANAR: My father still has his turntable from the 80's, so I ended up getting tempted (back to black at the age of 40 :)) and therefore investing in quality equipment (you only live once...) - this turntable is disconcerting at first sight by its simplicity, lightness and (wonderfully) refined design. I am not an expert and I have no comparison with other turntables in the same (price) range but WHAT A PLEASURE! I enjoy each record... the tracks that I thought I knew and that are rendered here with incredible transparency. I hear notes, instruments that I forgot in such and such a song. And yet! My equipment is still running in (amp, speakers, cartridge), I can't wait to reach the 100 hours of listening :) Ah yes, big PLEASURE on Pink Floyd, Queen, Dire Straits (the Brother In Arms album on Original Master Record / Mofi = sumptuous and want to dance from the 1st notes of Walk of Life and do Air Guitar on Money for Nothing). Anyway I stop there too long comment ^^" - Benoit B.

The Pro-Ject X-Tension 9CC - Ortofon Super Pack turntable

Pro-Ject X-Tension 9CC - Ortofon Super Pack turntable

PLEASURE ONLY: The object is simply superb and qualitative, much better than we can expect from the pictures and videos. After the plucking, the grooming: my ears are pleased... Perlman's violin (Sarasate, EMI) has an unexpected presence of wonderfully chiseled treble, extreme and never excessive, Arrau's piano (Beethoven's Sonatas, Philips' exceptional 1965 sound recording) is in the living room, a timbre to be believed, fast attacks to perfection and extinctions that last... The range of my favorite baritone Håkan Hagegård (Härling är jorden, Propius) is shivering, Barbara Streisand is sublime in Yentl (CBS), a breath-taking rendition of voices and choir. The more important orchestras (Vivaldi, Boston, Osawa, Telarc) are not forgotten: a wide, deep musical scene where you can hear every instrument... There is also this total immersion with Brahms' fantastic Requiem (Schwartzkopf, Fischer-Dieskau, Klemperer, EMI). Anyway, I stop there; it is just the way it has to be, RIGHT. And, however, I understand that with a little time it will still get better." - Frederic F.

The Pro-Ject- X-Tension 10 turntable

Pro-Ject- X-Tension 10 turntable

"PRO-JECT TURNTABLE: as of reception, I find this turntable to be the best I've owned since I buy it (I'm 60 yo). Absolutely perfect sound." - Philippe C.

"HAPPINESS...: After many months of hesitation to change my VPI traveller 2, I let myself be advised by Franck, concerning my listening, my system...and I must say it's a perfect one with an ortofon black S... this turntable is awesome...on everything and largely surpasses my VPI... without speaking about its beauty and its quality of manufacture...." - Xavier L.

"REMARKABLE TURNTABLE!: [...] Big surprise when unwrapped and assembled: the turntable looks and sounds wonderfully good. A lot of details and volume. Real happiness. Anyway, a wonderful purchase. Recommended without moderation.” - Alain L.

The Transrotor ZET-1 turntable

Transrotor ZET-1 turntable

"MUSICAL: [...] Above all, the object itself is beautiful, the workmanship is uncompromising, crafted to perfection, in solid materials... far away from aluminium-finish plaster or bad veneers. This turntable, associated with an Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge, presents a remarkable rendering: of course, all the micro details and nuances are present - the slide on a string, the bass details, and it's fast, very fast... but above all... what a musicality! Associated with Sugden electronics in pure class A and PMC speakers, the whole thing is just simply forgotten, disappears completely... as long as the recording follows. We are in front of the artist, the band or the orchestra. The emotion is there, the timbres are of an impeccable accuracy. Anyway, the magic happens..." - Arnaud R.

Our customers reviews about phono preamps in 2019

The Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 phono preamplifier

Pro-Ject Phono Box S2 phono preamplifier

IT IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: Purchased and settled, following Franck’s advice, since the delivery. Only good. It is completely different! I hadn't heard such a sound for a long time (ProJect Esprit carbon with Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge coupled with the audio video amp). Having almost 600 records (33 & 45 rpm), I'm going to do one or more re-listening sessions." - Jean G.

TRYING IT IS ADOPTING IT!: Superb small sized preamp with very good finishes! Connect a Rega Planar 1 to an Onkyo 875 audio-video amplifier (sorry) on AUX instead of the phono ports as before, the sound is clearer and a little louder. The sound is really good, we feel like we're rediscovering little sounds when listening to our vinyl records. Recommended!” - Richard L.

"LOW PRICE MAXI SHIVERS: Awesome! My old amp went to hi-fi heaven and I had to plug my turntable into my home theater. Flat and soulless. Until I introduce it this little Pro-Ject, my thorens TD 150 loves it, just unpacked and without running-in, I have gained in clarity and spatialization, I can't wait to finish the running-in to let him express itself fully. The icing on the cake, I have a significant gain thanks to the dipswitch setting, goodbye the muffled and flat sound. Anyway, conquered and this thanks to the wise advice of Franck, a big thanks to him." - Jerome P.

The Pro-Ject Phono Tube Box DS2 phono preamplifier

Pro-Ject Phono Tube Box DS2 phono preamplifier

SUPERB!: After using a Lehmann Black cube SE II, then a Gold Note, this preamp is biblically simple to use, with an adaptation to nearly all existing cartridge styles. Listen: the rendering is very clean, natural, rich and detailed. A very beautiful product, at a more than affordable price, which I chose thanks to Franck's sound advice, who is not stingy with his time to guide you in your choice of equipment. A big thank you!!" - Gilles J.

The Aurorasound Vida Prima phono preamplifier

Aurorasound Vida Prima phono preamplifier

FINALLY...: To replace a Lehmann black cube SE II, I succumbed and ordered this famous Aurorasound vida prima + a TRANSPARENT PLUS modulation cable. The result is stunning, I have really gained in natural, in precision especially and respect the acoustic balance between my Sharp EAT C turntable and my Naim electronics" - Frederic P.

"FANTASTIC AND IT'S ONLY THE PRIMA!!!: A little bit confused by its vintage look (next to my Rega P8!), Franck convinced me to go beyond and he's a thousand times right !!! This little preamp is a wonder, as comfortable with a symphonic orchestra (we are in the concert hall), as on jazz or rock, what a dynamic! Even with voices like Rickie Lee Jones or Patty Smith, Amy Winehouse... or Aretha Franklin! The listening is bewitching. No coloration, it's the natural extension of my Hana cartridge" - Frédéric J.

PRIMA BUT PREMIUM: I have been using this preamp for three weeks. We may have read all the praises about this device, whether from its owners or the press, but I am still stuck and happy every time I use it. It knows how to be as silky and soft as it is brutal or dynamic according to the music. The tones are perfect and well balanced, the spatialization is great, the clarity top, and the transitions impeccable. And furthermore, it is much more beautiful and modern in reality than what it seems to be in all the pictures I've seen... Anyway, thank you Frank for pointing me in the right direction. Now, I'm wondering what its big brothers are giving when I hear this one." - Fulcran D.

AURORASOUND VIDA PRIMA: Excellent at this price. Compared to a Project phonobox RS with its powerbox power supply, it has completely buried it.” - Karine N.

AURORA SOUND: GREAT SOUND: I can testify of the preamplifier quality : I purchased a project x-tension 10 with an ortofon cadenza black cartridge. I was looking for a phono preamplifier and to fit with my naim amp and Franck advised me this preamplifier and I must admit that I am not disappointed: quality timbres, hallucinating presence of the voices, a precision on all registers : low, high and medium : everything is there and the sound is natural" - Laurent V.

"IT'S ONLY THE PRIMA?: I do not regret, and by far my budget. This beautiful device wakes up the music. I was already very satisfied with my Lehmann Black Cube Statement, but here... I'm speechless. Thanks to Olivier for making me take this step after 20 minutes of talking: I broke my bank but what a marvel. The music is soft, clear and full of details. The instruments are enhanced; strings, woodwinds, drums, wind, with all their resonances, harmonics. And the voices... It is simply wonderful. The sound, the good, the best with all the space it needs. HANA SL MC Cartridge” - Dominique B.

MUSIC PLEASURE: Transparency, aeration of the sound scene, precise placement of instruments and voices, presence of the bass, articulation of the mid-range, richness of timbre, without any coloration. One month that I purchased the Vida Prima each day of listening gives me an intense pleasure, listening to music. For the equipment, I have a Pro-ject Xtension 9 Evolution with an Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, the Vida Prima is connected via a RCA QED Reference signature Audio 40 to my Denon PMA 2500NE." - Gilles B.

Our customers reviews about phono cartridges in 2019

The Ortofon 2M Blue stylus

Ortofon 2M Blue stylus

MAGIC: Following the advice of my platine.com I transformed my 2M Red into a blue and honestly it's not bad. Much less surface noise, everything seems cleaner." - Michael T.

HAPPY AFTER PROBLEMS: I wanted to replace the 2M SILVER stylus by the 2M BLUE. A big disappointment at first with a loss of gain, reverberation and an unpleasant sizzling on the trebles... Obliged to buy a cartridge scales to verify the pressure of the stylus. After discussion with Franck, he sends me a new one and a return ticket for the old one. Mounted at midday. No more problems. The basses are deep, better settled, the mid-range gain in clarity and definition, the micro details are even more present... the musicians are in my living room. All this on a PRO JECT 2 Xperience SB DC, Lehmann CUBE SE II phono preamp, HIFI HEED OBELISK Pré preamp, Heed PX power supply and two HEED PS power supplies. I'm waiting for my ears to get used to the upgrade and for the mechanical and electronic parts to get a bit more used to it but, I'm very pleased with the purchase." - Pierre C.

The Hana SL MC cartridge

Hana SL MC cartridge

"THE LITTLE EXTRA OF ANALOG: Owner of an Rp3 and a black cube se2, I left the world of MM and my 2m black to join the world of MCs, the ultimate evolution of my system, pursuing this quest for the "original" analog sound. My choice logically went to this cartridge, which has a tremendous reputation... What can I say? That everything is in place, it's subtle, rich, natural, the timbres are beautiful, the channel separation is optimal, there is no surface noise, in short, it works very very very well. I was surprised by the sound level, I thought I was going to lose a lot of volume given the output levels; but actually not at all, the preamp/turntable/cartridge combination does the job with amazing ease. A revelation for me!!!” - Philippe F.

TRUE SOUND!: Everything is there! The instruments are well placed, the voices are sublimated without being too much highlighted, just in their place, the sound scene is superb deep and wide. This is a huge pleasure to the ears. Now I just have to upgrade because my Black Cube Statement, which is also excellent, seems a bit limited for such a cartridge." - Dominique B.

The Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC cartridge

Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC cartridge

ACHIEVED UPGRADE: What can I say, I switched from a 2M black to this Quintet Bronze and I have to say that the difference is stunning. Everything is even cleaner, well detailed, well ventilated, I'm rediscovering records that I've listened to several times. The bass is just monster, I was surprised when I first listened to it. It is an investment, yes, but worth the investment." - Damien C.

NEW CARTRIDGE: It was time to change my cartridge. I own since several years a pro-ject 2-xperience turntable to which was associated a mc vivo blue cartridge (I was very satisfied with it). I asked Frank for advice on which cartridge I should go to with the missing MC Vivo blue. He guided me to this cartridge and there, given the price, I really hesitated... The price being much higher, but I've known Franck for 20 years and I trusted his advice. Anyway... he knows his job... the gain is spectacular... it's been a while since I left my cd player, it's not going to change.... Honestly, no matter what style you listen to, it's a pleasure, I just listened to the back to black d amy winehouse, for sure it really looks good..." - Quédillac S.

The Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge

Clearaudio Virtuoso V2 MM cartridge

"Wonderful. spacious sound scene, in real 3D, the trebles are very airy and light (great cymbals), beautiful mid-range and bass very firm, detailed and deep, very good overall definition, we listen to record with its curves; a very good purchase to advise" - Pierre G.

The Ortofon Quintet Black S MC cartridge

Ortofon Quintet Black S MC cartridge

SILENCE IS GOLD!: This cartridge, which succeeds a Sumiko Blue point EVO III, on a Transrotor ZET-1 turntable is a successful combination, thanks to Franck's expert advice! Surprising silence, harmonic richness, details, precision, dynamics, deep bass, fine mid-range and crystalline trebles... everything is there and will be improved after a few hours of listening... a delight!" - Gilles J.

SUPERB: An Ortofon TA 110 tonearm plus one Ortofon Quintet Black S ... Without forgetting the Lehmann Black Cube SE II phono amp... A concert piano in my living room!!! What a pleasure!” - Jean Pierre L.

The Hana ML MC cartridge

Hana ML MC cartridge

THE MOST WANTED: This cartridge with 21st century technologies is a "killing" given its unbeatable quality/price ratio to date. It delivers sound qualities worthy of the greatest and it is a constant surprise as it becomes free. Among others, transparent, quiet, well-controlled bass and colorless timbres, natural voices, airy dry guitars and a sound volume that is coherent in width and depth" - Patrick B.

WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!: To replace my 2M Black, I chose this Hana ML. I make it mounted on a Planar 8. Since the very first minutes, we feel all the potential of this cartridge: very natural and present vocals, with clean and precise timbres. Can't wait for the running-in period to be completed!" - Arnaud S.

Vinyl record accessories in 2019

The Clearaudio Clever Clamp record clamp

Clearaudio Clever Clamp record clamp

SLIGHTLY BETTER: Bought very recently on this excellent website, I am not disappointed with the product which brings a little plus. Indeed, the trebles go higher, the dynamics seem improved. The only small drawback is that I don't give 5 stars, the price is a bit too high for a piece of plastic, but very well made. Thank you again for the quick and quality shipping." - Virginia C.

"AN INDENIABLE PLUS: bought in addition to a Thorens platter mat, this record clamp does not actually make the platter heavier but plate the record well. The difference is, in my opinion, to give more substance and matter to the record, the mid-range is closer to that of a CD and the trebles stand out better. It requires time to properly clip it on and remove it, which is inherent in its design." - André L.

L’Art Du Son cleaning solution

L’Art Du Son cleaning solution

BLUFFING: Tested this product with the spin clean machine, super impressive result. Very happy, thanks to the team of ma platine for all the professional and expert advice." - Christophe E.

BLUFFING!: Used with Project VC-S machine. The result is bluffing! Make 1 test before & after to be convinced. Even the 33 rpm previously cleaned with Project cleaning product. The surface noise is only 1 bad memory... there's just the measuring cup that didn't like the carriage, arrived broken..." - Camille M.

L’ART DU SON: Use of the product with my Okki Nokki, and the result is completely bluffing, suppression of background noise on the records, helps strongly to fight static electricity... I rediscover some of my vinyl records. An indispensable and must-have product." - Ronald L.

The Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

Funk Firm Achromat platter mat

SUPER: Superb quality, the restitution is more detailed on my Rega Planar 6." - Johnny M.

INCREDIBLE...: In 5mm on a Thorens TD147 and its old GRADO MF1+, replacing the original 5mm platter mat... The scene blossoms, authority on the attacks, disappearance of a resonance in the lower medium, intelligibility of the vocals, expressivity of the reeds and strings... Maybe a little hardness of the cartridge not noticeable before ... normal, certainly, given its 35 years... Note that the achromat, much lighter than the original plate, modifies perhaps a little the behavior of the suspended chassis of the thorens... However, the reduction of the rotation noise of the turntable at high listening level, due to the light wear of the bottom of the bearing is effective and welcomed! To conclude, I thought my old thorens had revealed its full potential, but no!!!!" - Christophe H.

FUNK FIRM ACHROMAT PLATTER MAT.: This platter mat will never leave my Rega P3 (2016), it works wonders, offering a great definition of the musical message, with a lot of naturalness." - Ronald L.

"I replaced the felt on my Rega RP8. I never thought the gain would be so important. We gain in intelligibility, the bass is sharper and more present, a mid-range a bit less cluttered, more precise and soft. I highly recommend this platter mat. The gain is immediate!!!" - RAPHAEL D.

The Spin Clean Record Washer System cleaning machine

Spin Clean Record Washer System cleaning machine

EXCEPTIONAL: Thank you for everything! I thought my old vinyl records were unrecoverable! This machine is sensational for the price!" - Franck G.

SENSATIONAL!: For a very low investment, this small machine will give a new life to your records. Of course, if this one is striped, it won't be able to do anything, on the other hand, it will eliminate 90% of the cracking. I was skeptical at first and bought it following the advice of a friend and now I wonder why I didn't do it earlier. It is very easy to use and offers excellent quality/price ratio." - FREDERIC A.

VERY EFFICIENT: Bored with the youtube tutorial "how to clean these discs with paper glue and vinegar"? This machine is made for you. Purchased at the same time as my 200th record (Neil Young's Harvest, hard to listen to because it was so cracked), I decided to act, although a bit skeptical at the beginning... In the end, it doesn't work miracles (doesn't "derail" scratched records) but still does its job quite well and I'm still bluffed in the end, since the Harvest almost doesn't crack anymore and I retrieved some old records I never thought I'd be able to listen to because they seemed so weary. In the end, no more finger marks, dust and jam in the furrows... To buy without hesitation, it's quick and efficient. Thanks to maplatine for the fast shipping in super parcel. PS: Beware sometimes a record cuts well, think about gloves" - Emmanuel C.

The SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

SSC Record Point 420 record clamp

I’M DREAMING!!!!: Changed since 10 days, new record clamp + cover + brush, which is responsible for this superb music with detail and a wider stage, no doubt the composition of the 3. My vinyl records are beautiful." - Jean-Marc S.

"A LITTLE EXTRA?: Having a planar 3, I was wondering if I should bring a clamp. I read Frank's tests and I took a look this model. Advised by Jérôme to associate an achromat platter mat, I immediately noticed the difference. The bass, the dynamics, the precision, the gain is just enormous compared to my expectations. These little plusses are now essential and won't move from the turntable." - Eric H.

The Flux Hi-Fi Sonic stylus cleaner

Flux Hi-Fi Sonic stylus cleaner

PERFECT!: I saw the difference on my 2M Black. I notice a much clearer sound (even on ultrasonically cleaned records). I recommend this little tool (which I use about every 15 days)." - Ange M.

GREAT: Thanks to all! associated with a spin Clean this device is indispensable: I think my Quintet Black is far away from it! These two accessories are essential for those who want to enjoy their old records in all calm!! Franck thank you again" - Franck G.

INCREDIBLE: I'm rediscovering my Benz Wood super product." - Gerard T.

The Furutech ASB-1 antistatic brush

Furutech ASB-1 antistatic brush

A MUST: Since I gained more residue on my stylus and we get rid of all the dust and static charges it is definitely a must" - Antony V.

The Pro-Ject VC-E record cleaning machine

Pro-Ject VC-E record cleaning machine

"A TIME MACHINE!: [...] I chose this model rather than the VCS for reasons of space, because it's a very reasonable size. It is a visibly sturdy machine, very simple and convenient to use (an ingenious tight base). Its motor is powerful and relatively quiet. I've already cleaned a dozen of records and the result goes well beyond my expectations, with a clear reduction of background noise on all the records and a quality that I didn't expect at this price range: a much better sound image, through an increased positioning of the instruments, unexpected details that emerge and a playback that makes the quality of the recordings sensitive. Some old records probably require several washes (I recently received a collection sleeping in a cellar and getting damp), but it is a tool that I recommend to all those who want to give a second life to their vinyl records." - Olivier A.

Our customers reviews about amplifiers in 2019

The Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

Atoll IN200 Signature integrated amplifier

I LOVE!!: That's it: I'm picking up on the audiophile thing, thanks to maplatine.com! Tight prices, a welcome and a kindness that it is good to rediscover on a website, wise advice delivered in record time (sometimes within the hour!!) - thank you Franck- and a great reactivity in the management of orders -thank you Jérôme!- This integrated system is bluffing, and seems to me to give performances that surpass its price category ... The seriousness, the transparency and the power of Atoll I knew, but it was admitted that this IN 200 S does not have much to do with my old IN 100: exit the aggressiveness at high volume and the shine tiring for the ears. A comfortable power reserve allows exceptional sitting even at low volume, with good bass depth, effective punch when dynamics require it, and mid-treble on the rather impressive vocals (the hairs stand up and it's good!). I'm pleased with my purchase, I now have to upgrade my system to honor this integrated amp that deserves much more than my current equipment!...Not finished to harass maplatine.com with my requests for advice! :-)))))))" - philippe T.

The Mc Intosh MA 252 integrated amplifier

Mc Intosh MA 252 integrated amplifier

GREAT!: So what can we say about this amp...It has only a few hours of running-in time and yet...It's magic! What transparency! What sound scene! A real success and what an extraordinary combination with B&W 804D... Top!” - Laurent K.

Our customers notices about Hi-Fi products in 2019

The Q Acoustics 3010I NEW bookshelf speakers

Q Acoustics 3010I NEW bookshelf speakers

"LITTLE JEWELS!: Due to a recent move, my configuration was complicated and inconvenient, forcing me to systematically move my b&w dm6 or 7s over several meters, then connect them and reverse the operation to put them away. I was looking for bookshelf speakers to simplify my daily life when luck smiled at me during the advent calendar of maplatine.com, and I am not disappointed. Everything has been shown by the testers and awards, their price/quality ratio is unbeatable. Let’s describe these small things. First of all, I must admit that they look great in Walnut finish, the rounded corners lighten their silhouette, very compact and therefore discreet. (good WAF point) As for listening, they are connected directly without banana plug to my almost 40 year old Hitachi HA-330 amp that I love via original 2.5 mm QED cables. Don't take bigger, it's already limitless except to pass through plugs but then it makes more space at the back. At home, placed 5 cm from a supporting wall, I didn't have to use the provided foams to attenuate the bass when needed. While listening and after a good running-in, I'm delighted. They may not be as warm as my old English ones, though, but they've got punch, and versatile even though I mostly listen to jazz and in a 25m2 room they do a great job. In short, there is probably better but it is much more expensive. I’m delighted.” - Nicolas D.

The Grado SR325e headphones

Grado SR325e headphones

KILLING PRODUCT: It's not only beautiful, but it is at the level of the SOUND - REAL SOUND! that this headphones are excellent. It's actually quite disturbing because when I listen to the same songs using other broadcasting systems, everything seems flat and imperfect to me. With the SR325e on my ears, I'm enjoying every bit of it. It is not free of defects, but since these are not defects that reduce the quality of listening, I do not remove a star :) -- 1) the 2m cable is a bit short so extension cable is mandatory 2) the extension cable costs 35€ (top quality) but is only 6.5mm! so 3) add a 6.5mm to 3.5mm converter (for my amp) so 28€ more... so if you have an amp with 6.5mm headphone input, don't worry, but in 3.5mm it's a mess -- no alteration of the sound though ! Then, the packaging is ... euh... nonexistent but we don't care :) It's nice it takes some time to get used with the slightly rigid foams. It is possible to change these by the way but it remains an additional cost. When you love, you don't count." - BENOIT B.

The Atoll CD200 Signature CD player

Atoll CD200 Signature CD player

REVELATION: After many hesitations about the manufacturer, the model... my choice was this player and it's just perfect. It combines precision of the sound scene, respect of the timbres, the treble doesn't shine and the bass is there. Added to that a classy design and a remote control that radiates quality, my cd collection has just gained a few years." - Eric H.

The Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers

WONDERFUL!: Listening for 1 month, excellent quality, very nice finish, perfect sound, a lot of details, associated with the Cyrus One HD, living room of 35 m2. Delighted!!:” - Mael C.

The Davis Acoustics Cezanne tower speakers

Davis Acoustics Cezanne tower speakers

BLUFFING: Superb speakers with quality finishes. Coupled with an IN 200 Signature with Atlas hyper 3.5 cables the result is stunning: the bass is surprisingly deep for this size of boomer, sustained and precise without being invasive, the treble is beautiful and can go very high without excessive shine, and the mid/high midrange is just great: the vocals are amazing, from the depth of a Greg Brown to the powerful precision of Cecilia Bartoli, through the grain of a Sprinsteen or the warmth of a Diana Krall, the shiver is ensured. The most amazing is the quality of the timbres and the coherence of the registers, never tiring for the ears even at high volume, restoring a fantastic dynamism in particular on the records, I am not disappointed by the rendering of these loudspeakers, in a room which is however acoustically "complicated". Even in a large volume they are good enough, I had a little doubt but I did well to listen to Franck's advice! Thanks.” - Philippe T.

Our customers notices about Hi-Fi cables and filtering in 2019

The Essential Audio Tools Pulse Protector conditioner

Essential Audio Tools Pulse Protector conditioner

A VERY GOOD VALUE: I don't regret my purchase. I connected the conditioner to the multiple jack that powers my audio equipment. The sound is clearer without any disturbance with a little plus. It must have an action on the power supply if it is at a temperature higher than the ambient temperature. But this one is not damaging to the system." - Jean-Michel D.

The Atlas Element Integra TT phono cable

Atlas Element Integra TT phono cable

TOP: Good cable, RCA plug very good. It smells quality! Not disappointed at all. Thanks for the quick shipment” - Michael T.

"PHONO CABLE: faithful customer, I am always amazed by the quality of the products of this website, well done to franck!!! this cable is a great discovery: aeration, image stereo, balanced, and neutral ... an English listening, all in nuance!! and for the price, it's a gift!" - Michel T.

The Essential Audio Tools Noise Eater conditioner

Essential Audio Tools Noise Eater conditioner

ESSENTIAL AUDIO TOOLS: I bought this product and frankly the image is much more superb the timbres are magnificent bass more tense and this is not at all aggressive. I bought my system with my eyes closed finally it works then for you too" - Michael P.

The Atlas Hyper Integra TT phono cable

Atlas Hyper Integra TT phono cable

VERY BALANCED: After a very short test with the Atlas element cable that gave great bass but too colorful for me, I opted for the hyper integra cable. The result is very neutral (this is a compliment) with no coloration either in the bass, mid-range or treble ranges. In fact, that's all we require of it: to transmit the information as it is from your cartridge, especially low output MC (Benz micro gold) to your amp or preamp. without any perceptible loss of dynamics. For its price, it does the job well. When I will have some money... I will look for a more expensive cable model. But is it useful, except for moving up to cartridge range." - Philippe A.

The Transparent Musicwave speaker cables

Transparent Musicwave speaker cables

TRANSPARENT, NEUTRAL AND PRETTY!: Customer return after first listening and 7 hours of running in mute with the radio [...] Music has advanced 1 meter. Wider and deeper spectrum. Bass held and treble revealed without being flat. The music is liberated in space and seems to be much closer to what it had to offer. It turns up the sound but not too much, there is no hesitation, it’s the best. Missing watts came in. And above all, as they used to say in the 80s, it is a much more spatial sound with volume in the middle. There, much better than the ESPRIT yet so generous. It's firm, honest, and reveals perhaps hidden qualities upstream. (actually 2m) The good solution. Plugged into the top of the terminal block, I'd take jumpers anyways. But first, what a volume! It's Franck who advised me and upgraded my music system many years ago; we changed everything! Cherry on the groove, all evolutions are possible! These cables are part of the full logical desire for even more music, and it's a successful one." - Beauquin E.


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