Hana ML MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

Nude Microline Tip stylus

0.4mV low output

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : HANA

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Hana is a subsidiary of the Japanese manufacturer Excel Sound Corporation. This one gained its reputation with the launch a few years ago of the Hana EL and Hana SL MC cartridges. In a few months, these two models have become uncontested references for music lovers and specialist journalists.

After this well-deserved success, Hana comes back in force with a more high-end and ambitious model: the Hana ML cartridge!


From the outside, it looks rather like its little sisters, even if the shape is more complex and less basic than a Hana SL.

The PVC body has been replaced by a P.O.M (Delrin) version. This material offers excellent acoustic and particularly mechanical properties. The P.O.M. does not resonate in the audible spectrum and perfectly controls the vibrations. T

here is gold alloy sole added to this one. This allows the effective mass to be added to the phono cartridge and increased from 7g to 9.5g. This gives it a better coupling with the headshell.

The Hana ML is attached to the headshell using two screws and two brass inserts attached to the body. The mounting without screw nut is easier and offers a better tightening torque.


Hana abandoned the Shibata stylus of the SL to take a Nude Microline profile. It is a coherent choice with the rest of the cartridge design and is therefore not debatable.

This stylus size offers perfect tracking with almost no surface noise and a high transparency. It is mounted on a rather traditional cantilever made of hollow aluminium.

The generator is made of pure steel that has received cryogenic treatment. It is associated with Alnico magnets and high quality copper coils.


We had the chance to get a preview of this phono cartridge! The mounting remains simple. Alignment is not difficult and the VTA is not really critical.

For our tests, the adjustment of the phono preamplifier was more tricky. This MC cartridge must be charged to at least 100 ohms. The test of a step-up transformer was not very successful. The best balance has been obtained around 200 ohms, knowing that above 500 ohms, the load has little or no influence.


From the very first notes, we are surprised by the definition and refinement of this Hana ML cartridge.

The listening is very clear and quiet. This facilitates the extraction of the smallest details. The sound scene is precise and perfectly placed.

The voices are perfectly centered and especially physical! The artist really thrones between the Hi-Fi speakers with a superb presence. The timbres are full and very realistic, which tends towards a certain neutrality. The whole restitution is neutral and clear.

This Hana phono cartridge is not “round” or “hot”. The bass is very articulated and punchy. It totally differs from one recording to another with a lot of nuances and details.

The whole restitution is very musical and offers a smoothness that can be found in some Japanese cartridges at 2 or 3 times the price.

This Hana ML MC cartridge represents the best of what the manufacturer can do currently. It will delight the music lovers who have a very good turntable, an excellent phono preamplifier and those who want to remain reasonable on the price of the phono cartridge!

Highly recommended!

NOTE: a high output version is also available with the Hana MH MC cartridge.


Haute Fidélité - Meilleur achat (Best Buy)

The Audiophile Man - Deeply Groovy 9/10

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended - March 2019

Stereo - Überragend

Hi-Fi World - Outstanding Mono & Stereo - Best Buy - 2019

Mono & Stereo - Highly Recommended - 2019

The-Ear.net - Best Buy - 2019

Mono & Stereo - Best of 2019

Hi-Fi + - Highly Commended - 2019

Audio Video Pologne - *****

The Audio Beatnik - Best of 2019

Stereoplay - Highlight - 2020

Stereonet - Applause Award - 2020

Part-time Audiophile - Best Phono Cartridges (Best Guides for 2021) : "Until recently, when this Japanese cartridge manufacturer announced the new $3450 Umami Red, the ML was the flagship in the Hana line–and it sounded like a flagship despite its very modest price. Hana has a no-nonsense way of making cartridges that keeps the costs relatively low while preserving an unusually high level of performance, and we found that the ML was perfectly at home with some very expensive analog rigs. Next to the Denon 103, this might be the biggest bargain in phono cartridges."


Principle: low output MC cartridge

Output level: 0.4mV

Stylus profile: Nude Microline Tip

Cantilever : aluminium

Generator: pure Iron/cryogenic treatment

Magnets: Alnico

Coils: high-quality copper

Body: POM (Delrin)

Compliance: 17

Channel separation: 30 dB

Frequency response: 12-45 000 Hz

Impedance: 8 ohms

Load: > 100 ohms

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2g

Recommended tracking force: 2g

Tracking: 70u/2gr

Weight: 9.5g

Banc d'essai - Stereo

0.19 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Audiophile Man

0.45 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - HiFi +

0.14 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

0.97 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Mono & Stereo

1.69 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidélité

1.16 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - The-Ear.net

0.37 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi+

0.09 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Audio Video

0.79 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Analog Planet

0.45 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - The Audio Beatnik

0.34 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Stereoplay

0.33 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat

Hi-Fi Choice

Recommended - Mars 2019

Hi-Fi World


The Audiophile Man

Deeply Groovy - 9/10


Best Buy - 2019

Mono and Stereo

Best Buy - 2019

Mono and Stereo

Highly Recommended - 2019



Stereo Net

Applause Award - 2020

Mono & Stereo

Best of 2019

Hi-Fi +

Highly Commended - 2019

Audio Video


The Audio Beatnik

Best of 2019

Highlight - 2020

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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Comment dire ? C'est exactement ce que je recherchais une cellule qui a du punch et de la vie. Le son est clair, super détaillé, large , des mediums et des basses punchy et elle n'est pas encore rodée ! Merci à Franck et à toute son équipe qui m'avait conseillé cette cellule il y a bien longtemps.


Dement - 1ère impressions

Je viens d’installer cette cellule Hana ML et j’ai du mal a croire mes oreilles. Après avoir changer mon phono stage , VTR, etc, je joue quelques disques dont je connais bien la qualité , et c’est comme si j’avais eu du sable dans les oreilles sous 10m d’eau et que finalement tout est dégagé. J’écris pas de commentaires en général , mais là je suis tellement bluffé à première écoute sur une cellule pas rodée (et sans avoir peaufiné tous les petits réglages ) que je me dois de dire que cette cellule est totalement hors du commun pour ce prix.


The most wanted

Cette cellule aux technologies du 21 siècle est une "tuerie" vu son rapport qualité/Prix imbattable à ce jour.
Elle délivre des qualité sonores dignes des plus grandes et c'est un étonnement permanent au fur et à mesure qu'elle se libère. Entre autres, transparente, silencieuse, des basses bien maitrisées et des timbres sans coloration, des voix naturelles , des guitares sèches aériennes et un volume sonore cohérent en largeur et en profondeur.
"Elle a tout d'une grande et pas assez chère mon fils".


Ce que je cherchais!

Pour remplacer une 2M Black, j’ai choisi cette Hana ML. Je l’ai faite monter sur une Planar 8, tant qu’à faire. Dès les premières minutes, on sent tout le potentiel de cette cellule : des voix très naturelles et très présentes, avec un ensemble de timbres précis et clairs. Vivement la fin du rodage!
Encore merci à l’équipe MP pour ses conseils et son professionnalisme.

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Hana ML MC cartridge

Hana ML MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

Nude Microline Tip stylus

0.4mV low output

Made in Japan

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