Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers

Tower speakers

3-way/ 4 loudspeakers

Made in France

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Manufacturer : DAVIS ACOUSTICS

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The Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speaker is the most ambitious model of the Balthus range of the French manufacturer. It is also the biggest but it does not take up too much space as it has a reasonable size (108×23×32.5 cm).

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90: design

It is of course a true 3-way (4 loudspeakers) bass/ reflex speaker.

The cabinet making of the speaker is available in a black or walnut finish but the front panel has a glossy piano finish.

It rests on 4 adjustable feet with decoupling points. Underneath the Hi-Fi speaker, there is an elastomer pad in order to rest the speaker on the floor if the points are not suitable.

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90: loudspeakers

It is of course a true 3-way (4 loudspeakers) bass/ reflex speaker.

Two impressive 21 cm cellulose woofers are dedicated to the bass. The midrange is reproduced by a 13 cm loudspeaker with a Kevlar membrane dear to Davis Acoustics! It was optimized in order to reproduce with precision and linearity frequencies from 400 Hz to 4000 Hz.

On top, there is a Davis Acoustics tweeter made out of a 25mm fabric which reproduces frequencies up to 30 khz. It reproduces a treble that is neutral, smooth, and very precise.

A circular port with a quite big diameter positioned 15 cm from the bottom of the tower speaker is dedicated to the bass/reflex load.

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90: setup

Therefore, it is easier to position the tower speakers regarding the back wall. It is nevertheless necessary to place the Balthus 90 at least 50 cm away from the wall.

Davis Acoustics recommends using these speakers in a living room or a 30 m² to 50 m² room. These speakers require to be placed at least 3m away from each other and at least 3.5 m of retrospect.

All you need to do is slightly position them towards the listening area to obtain a precise and large soundstage.

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90: listening and review

After listening to it for about 50 hours, the Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers are ready to give their best. You will need to combine them with an amplifier that offers a voltage superior to 80 watts and a generous power supply (at least 500 VA).

From the opening bars, the reproduction of the bass is impressive. It fills the entire room and there is no frustration in the bass.

You will not need a subwoofer, even on certain cinematic soundtracks! It reproduces the majority of instruments that only few Hi-Fi speakers in this price range can: the organ, double bass, kettledrum… And especially with a remarkable realism and balance.

Take into account that this “true” bass is not artificially inflated nor exaggerated. The midrange is very airy and open. It is also perfectly integrated with the other registers and particularly high frequencies.

The soundstage is very large and has a lot of depth. The restitution of an orchestral mass is simply superb and gives a true sensation of space.

These Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers will please music lovers that are looking for strong sensations and missing speakers from the 80’s that offered a large and generous restitution. But this without any coloration and a definition and transparency from the 21st century!

An excellent quality/price ratio!


Bass reflex: circular port

Minimal power: 150 W

Maximal power: 250 W

3-way speakers

Number of loudspeakers: 4

Sensitivity: 93 dB

Bandwidth: 30-20000 Hz

Tweeter: 25mm fabric

Midrange loudspeaker:13 cm Kevlar

Woofer: 2 x 21 cm cellulose

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Cutoff frequency: 400/4000 Hz

Dimensions (cm): 108 x 23 x 32.5 cm

Weight: 26 kg per speaker

Banc d'essai - On Mag

0.63 Mo - pdf

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Customer reviews


Magnifique !

Ecoute depuis 1 mois, excellente qualité, très belle finition, son parfait beaucoup de détails, associé au Cyrus One HD, salon de 35 m2. Ravi !!

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Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers

Davis Acoustics Balthus 90 tower speakers

Tower speakers

3-way/ 4 loudspeakers

Made in France

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