MoFi StudioDeck+ turntable

Manual turntable
10 inch aluminium tonearm
Delrin platter
MoFi StudioTracker MM cartridge
Comes with a dust cover and phono cable
Made in the USA

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Manufacturer : MOFI

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Any respectable record lover is familiar with the name Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. The US company is actually more famous under the name 'MoFi'. In the late 70's it was the first firm to offer really Hi-Fi recordings, known as 'Original Master Recordings'. It went on to develop an even more revolutionary recording process, known as 'Half-Speed'. It relies on a recording at a much lower speed than normal and earned the brand's international reputation. In fact, unlike its competitors, MoFi does not record at the actual speed, but at 12.5 revolutions per minute. It maintains the master's dynamics and frequency response. Naturally, with the best vinyl quality available.

The brand started developing many high-end audiophile accessories a few years ago. With analogue back under the spotlight, it was only natural for MoFi to turn to turntables, which they have done! They launched the 'StudioDeck+' turntable and the 'UltraDeck+' turntable!

The design of a vinyl turntable cannot be left to chance! It requires highly specialist expertise! Actually, we have come across very poor products owing to the manufacturers' lack of expertise (I won't give any names here). MoFi called on a mechanical expert, Allen Perkins, who is none other than the founder and chief engineer of Spiral Groove.

We were able to see and test the MoFi Studiodeck+ turntable at the Munich trade show in May 2016! Ultimately, the industrial finalisation of this product took much longer than expected, which evidences the perfect optimisation of this turntable.

Mofi Studiodeck + : Plinth, platter and feet

The MDF plinth has a damping coat.

It rests on feet designed by Michael Latvis, an engineer working for Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS), specialising in the design of mounts, feet and furniture for high-end Hi-Fi systems. The feet are height adjustable, thus the turntable level can be adjusted to perfection.

The 1.75 kg platter is made of Delrin or 'POM'. Polyoxymethylene is a great barrier against vibration and exhibits very little colouration. Thanks to its very low resonance frequency and density, the classic felt platter mat can be left to one side.

It sits on a tempered steel spindle and ball bearing.

Mofi Studiodeck + : Drive

The platter is driven by a high torque synchronous motor via a neoprene belt around it. Playback speed can be changed by moving the belt on the motor pulley (33.3 and 45 RPM).

Mofi Studiodeck + Drive

Mofi Studiodeck + : Tonearm

But the centrepiece of this turntable is definitely its tonearm! A 10 inch tonearm in this price range is quite uncommon! Indeed, the first thing that springs to mind when you lift it out of its box is the rigidity of the StudioDeck+ turntable and the length of its tonearm!

Mofi Studiodeck + Tonearm

It comprises a polished aluminium tube with a medium effective mass (15 g).

It has tracking force, VTA and azimuth adjustment options. The anti-skate is applied using a small weight with a thread.

Mofi Studiodeck + Tonearm and antiskating

The StudioDeck+ comes factory-fitted with a great MM cartridge, the MoFi StudioTracker. But it will effortlessly be compatible with many high-end MM or MC cartridges.

Mofi Studiodeck + : Connection and accessories

The back panel of the turntable has great gold-plated RCA outputs and a gold-plated ground plug.

The power cable is detachable via an IEC outlet.

The turntable can therefore be upgraded with a better phono cable, and even with a better quality power cable.

Mofi Studiodeck + Accessories

Also, the Mofi StudioDeck+ comes as standard with a dust cover, a phono cable, an IEC cable and a stylus guard and brush.

Mofi Studiodeck + : Listening and test review

This vinyl turntable is definitely the event of the year! We can't wait for it to hit the market! It is understated, beautifully designed and plays music! What more could we ask for?

Reproduction is transparent and very subtle. The noise level and distortion are very low.

The 10" tonearm probably has something to do with these great capabilities. The dynamics and timing are great.

The MoFi StudioTracker cartridge yields great results in terms of tracking and precision.

This is truly a beautifully designed product, built by people who really know what they are doing. For the price, the MoFi StudioDeck+ turntable is disrupting the establishment and a true sensation! The US turntable holds its ground against the European leaders. Clearly it stands as a benchmark for less than €1,700! And if you want more efficiency, you should opt for its sibling, the MoFi UltraDeck+ turntable.

Our top pick for 2017!


Plinth: MDF

Platter: 19 mm thick Delrin

Platter weight: 1.76 kg

Feet: HRS isolation

Motor: high-torque synchronous

Tonearm: 10 inches aluminium (25.4 cm)

Spindle/Bearing: tempered steel/brass

Overhang: 1.9 cm

Angle offset: 22.8° (adjustable ± 2°)

Effective mass: 15 g

Weight: compatible with cartridges weighing between 5 and 10 grams

VTA: adjustable

Azimuth: adjustable

Speeds: 33.3 and 45 RPM

Wow: 0.017%

Flutter: 0.025%

Signal-to-noise ratio: 72 dB

Supplied accessories: phono cable, dust cover, stylus brush

Dimensions: 48.2 x 13.7 x 37.5 cm

Weight: 8.7 kg

Power consumption: < 5 Watts

MoFi StudioTracker MM cartridge

Stylus: elliptical

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Capacitance: 100 pF

Impedance: 47 KOhms

Output: 4.5 mV

Recommended tracking force: 1.8-2.2 g

Weight: 6.4 g

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

1.2 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Diapason

0.6 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
(5 reviews)

Customer reviews



Après quatre années en compagnie de ma Pro-Ject Carbone Esprit SB DC et sa cellule Ortofon 2M Red, j'ai eu envie de monter en gamme avec cette platine Studiodeck, et franchement aucun regret.J'aime déjà le look rétro avec le capot fumé, mais c'est surtout la qualité de construction qui séduit au premier regard, j'ai opté pour une cellule Nagaoka MP200 avec le feu vert de Franck, et là on entre dans la haute fidélité, un silence de fonctionnement incroyable et une musicalité de tout premier ordre, le plaisir est là et il enchante vos oreilles ! La cellule Studiotracker proposée par Mofi avec cette platine donne déjà de très bons résultats, je l'avais écouté chez un ami, elle est à mon avis au niveau d'une Ortofon 2M Blue mais si vous voulez aller encore plus loin, la MP 200 est un très bon choix, on peut aussi choisir une cellule encore plus aboutie car la construction de cette platine est vraiment très sérieuse.
Merci à toute l'équipe de Ma Platine pour le montage et le réglage aux petits oignons et une livraison rapide est toujours bien emballée


Super choix !

Suivant les conseils éclairés de Franck, j'ai opté pour cette platine pour remplacer ma Rega RP1, en y associant une cellule Ortofon 2M Black et un câble Atlas Hyper Integra ! Le son est juste magnifique, précis, neutre et détaillé, avec juste ce qu'il faut de dynamisme. Un bonheur de réécouter mes galettes préférées !! Merci à toute l'équipe de


Superbe achat

Je suis extrêmement content, à la fois de mon achat sur (livraison 48h chrono, conseils avisés et support téléphonique à la mise en marche... Parfait) ainsi que de l'achat de cette platine que je trouve à la fois bien construite et très harmonieuse dans sa restitution : du dynamisme, une belle image sonore, des beaux médium et aigus et pourtant je n'ai que la configuration de base avec le câble Rca et la cellule fournis. Ce qui augure d'excellentes choses lorsque je changerai la cellule.
En résumé un rapport qualité prix imbattable et un marchand au top. Merci !


Excellent !

Étant ma toute première ma platine vinyl, je ne peux que dire que le son est vraiment impressionnant.
J'avais des vinyles de mon père et que j'avais acheté pour le plaisir, en les mettant ce matin ça était la surprise d'entendre ce son clair et propre.
Merci à Franck pour ces conseils et ça patience.


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MoFi StudioDeck+ turntable

MoFi StudioDeck+ turntable

Manual turntable
10 inch aluminium tonearm
Delrin platter
MoFi StudioTracker MM cartridge
Comes with a dust cover and phono cable
Made in the USA

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