Nagaoka MP200 MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

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Manufacturer : NAGAOKA

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Nagaoka only offers moving magnet cartridges. Fans of this technology like being able to replace the stylus and not having to use an MC preamp.

Nagaoka has developed the new MP range to cater to audiophiles with exacting standards. The Nagaoka MP200 MM cartridge shares many features with its younger sister, the Nagaoka MP150 cartridge.

Nagaoka MP200: features

It has a fairly vintage design, which is positive in this case. It looks like a Lego. The square design makes it easier to align on the headshell. It is extremely well crafted and is on par with competitor products.

Nagaoka uses great powerful Samarium/Cobalt magnets and very high purity copper coils.

The elliptical stylus is mounted onto a conical boron cantilever. This makes it very stiff and minimises resonance. The stylus is naturally interchangeable.

Nagaoka MP200: compatibility

The 4 mV output level makes it compatible with most built-in or standalone MM phono preamplifiers.

The combination of its high compliance (20) and low mass (6.5g) means that this Nagaoka MP200 cartridge is also compatible with many different tonearm models with low and medium effective mass (Thorens, Dual, Lenco, Garrard, Pro-Ject, Rega, Linn, etc.). 

Nagaoka MP200: listening and review

After the necessary break-in period, the MP200 boasts many of the qualities MC cartridges have to offer.

Playback is spacious and open.

The mids are present and detailed, without a hint of harshness, and works in perfect harmony with the precise but mellow treble. The bass is well articulated and dynamic.

The response is relatively flat and neutral.

As per usual with Nagaoka, this cartridge produces a highly enjoyable and musical sound quality! Surface noise is very low - almost non-existent, in fact.

Our old Planar III and its famous RB300 produced quite amazing results.

The Nagaoka MP200 MM cartridge is an excellent MM cartridge that combines the qualities of certain Grado, Ortofon and Sumiko models. It is a great option for anyone looking to capture a highly textured, analogue sound.

It also offers excellent value for money. Highly recommended!


Type: MM

Stylus type: Superfineline Elliptical

Cantilever: Boron

Magnets: Samarium Cobalt

Frequency response: 20-20 Khz

Channel separation: 25 dB

Compliance: 20Um/mN

Load: 47 Khoms

Output: 4 mV

Recommended tracking force: 2g

Weight: 6.5 g

Customer reviews
(2 reviews)

Customer reviews


Superbe MM

Elle remplace une mp110 qui déjà me comblait. Mais suite au remplacement de mon vieil Atoll in100 par un in200se ( maplatine bien sûr ) l’envie d’aller plus loin fût la plus forte.
Maintenant bien rodé cette Nagaoka mp200 est de très loin la meilleure MM que j’ai pu posséder ou même écouter, à tel point que j’ai depuis éprouvé le besoin de remplacer également la MC ( une Benz Micro Gold ) qui équipait ma deuxième platine.
Pour finir, comme d’habitude l’équipe Maplatine au top pour un conseil et plus généralement pour son grand professionnalisme.
Mon système d’écoute :
- Nagaoka mp200
- REGA Planar 2 (bras RB303)
- Préamp Schiit Mani
- Atoll in200se
- Bowers & Wilkins Dm7
- câbles Viar Audio, Audioquest, Qued….
- Filtre secteur Taga


Une cellule qui gagne a être connue

Bien montée sur ma vieille Sansui a bras coudé en alu elle fait des merveilles, tant sur les timbres, la scène sonore et les voix. Les basses sont bien présentes , les aigus filent haut sans traine, sans coloration la musique est restituée naturellement. Pas un bruit de surface ou de fond.
Elle crée une vraie émotion lors de l'écoute de certains vinyles. Merci a l'équipe de "" pour leur conseils sur le choix qui s'avère pertinent.

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Nagaoka MP200 MM cartridge

Nagaoka MP200 MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

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