Grado SR325e Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back headphones

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These Grado SR325e headphones are the representative and reference of the 'Prestige' series. It builds on all the elements that have made this range and the New York-based brand so popular.

Grado SR325e: design

The vintage headband design makes these headphones quite unique.

The housing is cast in a magnificent, completely inert aluminium part to generate no unwanted vibration and perfectly stiff so as to prevent mechanical distortion.

As can be expected with a headphone set of this range, the manufacturing is of a great accuracy and have no criticism.

For those of you who weren't convinced by the older Grado models, the ear pads on this new model have been significantly improved for comfort. The products are always assembled by hand in the company’s historic Brooklyn workshop.

Grado SR325e: features

The coil wiring of the transducers uses HPLC conductors. The jumper cable also uses a special processing. It uses 8 specific conductors, also in HPLC copper.

The support of the metal screen behind the diaphragm gives a 50% increase in the air displacement, making it swifter and even less sensitive to the housing, hence a greater neutrality in the timbres.

Its diaphragms are carefully sorted and perfectly matched. This care gives the listening a much better sound stage and an extremely precise placement of instruments and voices. 

Grado SR325e: listening and review

It must be reported that this SR325e requires a good forty hours powered up for the sound quality to be perfectly uniform.

After breaking in, these Hi-Fi headphones reproduce one of the best midranges we have had the opportunity to hear.

The voices are precise and extremely present with outstanding expression.

The brass and percussion are reproduced with an energy and consistency that only great acoustic systems can reproduce.

As always with Grado, the bass is rich, taut and very expressive. The treble rises very high with no stress and shows no distortion or sharpness. Based on this criterion, it serves as a reference...

The sound quality is of outstanding fluidity: such as can be found on headphones that cost almost twice as much!

If you dreamed of the GS 1000, but it is inaccessible for you, this SR325 is certainly the one for you… Congratulations to John Grado for this amazing Prestige range and for this reference model.

Highly recommended!


Hi-Fi Choice - Editor’s Choice

What Hi-Fi - Best Buy

Diapason d'Or - 2018

STUFF Technology - 6th out of 100!


Type: dynamic

Operating principle: open-back

Frequency response: 18 Hz/20 kHz

SPL 1 mW: 98 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Diaphragm: vented

Chamber: aluminium

Coil: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper

Cable: UHPLC (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal) copper

Banc d'essai - Diapason

0.12 Mo - pdf



Diapason d'or


What Hi-Fi ?

Best Buy

Hi-Fi Choice

Editor's Choice

Stuff Technology

6ème sur 100
Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Une tuerie

Non seulement il est beau, mais c'est au niveau du SON - enfin DU VRAI SON ! que ce casque est excellent. C'est d'ailleurs assez perturbant car lorsque j'écoute les mêmes morceaux via d'autres systèmes de diffusion tout me paraît fade et imparfait. Avec le SR325e sur les oreilles, je savoure chaque morceau.
Il n'est pas exempt de défauts, mais n'étant pas des défauts atténuants la qualité de l'écoute, je ne retire pas d'étoile :) -- 1) le câble de 2m est un peu juste donc rallonge obligatoire 2) la rallonge coûte 35€ (top qualité) mais ne fait que 6.5mm! donc 3) ajoute d'un convertisseur 6.5mm vers 3.5mm (pour mon ampli) donc 28€ de plus... donc si ampli avec entrée casque 6.5mm pas de souci mais en 3.5mm c'est galère -- aucune altération du son cependant !
Ensuite, le packaging est ... euh... inexistant mais on s'en cogne :)
Il est beau il faut un temps d'adaptation aux mousses un peu rigides. Possibilité de changer celles-ci d'ailleurs mais ça reste un coût additionnel. Quand on aime on ne compte pas.
Livraison (délais, packaging) au top, comme d'hab !


Casque grado sr325e

En remplacement de mon akg 272 hd sans rodage il est deja meilleur plus detaille les timbres sont parfait , il sonne juste tout est la y compris la dynamique avec mon ampli casque Musical Fidelity lampes ecc 88 philips usa et fonctionnement en pure clasque A
Je suis tres content de cet achat il va falloir que je passe commande pour une rallonge cable grado , le cable qui est enorme , gage de qualite par rapport a Akg. Merci maplatine.

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Grado SR325e Hi-Fi headphones

Grado SR325e Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back headphones

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