Aurorasound Vida Prima phono preamplifier

Phono preamplifier

High and low impedance MM and MC

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : AURORASOUND

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Aurorasound has not finished to surprise us! After the launch of its flagship product, the Vida Supreme phono preamplifier, the Japanese manufacturer offers a basic model with great promises: the Vida Prima phono preamplifier!

This one may be the most democratic model for the manufacturer, it includes all the know-how and all Aurorasound’s DNA.


You find the “modern/vintage” look of Aurorasound’s devices.

The aluminum box is surrounded by a wooden hull.


The front panel offers only one operating voltage indicator and the “big” mute indicator, which is famous today.

At the back panel of this Vida Prima, you find RCA inputs and outputs, and an IEC socket.

There are also 2 rotary selectors. The first one, with 2 positions, allows select the MM or MC gain that is 40 or 64 dB. The second one, with 3 positions, selects the charge: MM (47 000 ohms), very low impedance MC and medium impedance MC. Be careful, this induces the internal impedance of the cartridge and not its recommended resistive charge, i.e. MC cartridge having an internal resistance lower or higher than 14 ohms.

The use of this phono preamplifier has been at most simplified.


The RIAA circuit combines NF compensation with a CR type. This reproduce a nuanced sound with matter, while limiting distortion and favoring the signal-to-noise ratio.

The components have been selected by their performances and musicality: Texas Instrument semi-conductor, WIMA film capacitors, Japanese precision resistance...


This time, the power supply has been placed in the Vida Prima’s case.

It designed following a toroidal transformer, fast and audiophile filtering capacity diodes. The RIAA circuit is quite complex and fully optimized, in order to be as transparent as possible and as neutral as possible.


We turned it on 3 days before look into it!

From the openings bars, we are surprised by the analysis and precisions levels. The Vida Prima seems to be deprived of coloration. You hear every thing, and everything is on its place.

The sound stage is extremely precise, and some instruments are really out of the speaker frame.

The bass is very articulated and nuanced, optimizing the physical aspect. The upper mid is straight and fully transparent, and with an analysis level that is worthy of phono preamplifiers much more expensive.

With this Vida Prima phono preamplifier, Aurorasound offers an ultra-performance product that keeps its entire identity and philosophy, and at a mind-blowing price!

The real novelty of the back-to-school season! The new reference!

STEREO-monthly Jan 19 & analog vol.62 winter - "Écoute Parfaite"

“The outstanding sound qualities of the pre amp make it a bargain, a good deal, a revelation. Aurorasound has achieved a high neutral electronics, able to damn the pawn much more expensive than it. The Vida Prima is definitely a phono pre amp that will stay engraved in our memory.” Haute Fidélité France - June 2019


Hi-Fi News - Highly Recommended - 2019

Analog - Grand Prix - 2019

Haute-Fidélité - Meilleur Achat - 2019

Pure Audio VGP - 2020

Audiophile Videophile - Impressive Equipments of the Year - 2019/2020

Audio Video Pologne - Choix de la Rédaction - 2020


Inputs/Outputs: RCA

MM impedance: 47 Kohms

MC impedance: > at 15 ohms and < at 14 ohms

MM gain: 40 dB

MC gain: 64 dB

Output impedance: 47Ω

RIAA precision: +/- 0.5 dB of 20 - 20 kHz

MM signal-to-noise ratio: -134 dB

MC signal-to-noise ratio: -134 dB

Distortion: MC 0.01 %, MM 0.009 %

Switch: mute

Dimensions: 250 x 246 x 69mm

Weight: 2.3 kg

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi News

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Banc d'essai - Diapason

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Banc d'essai - Vumetre

0.97 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Diapason

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Banc d'essai - 10 Audio

0.73 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidelité

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Diapason d'or


Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat - 2019

Hi-Fi News

Highly Recommended - 2019

Grand Prix - 2019

Pure Audio VGP - 2020


Audiophile Videophile

Impressive Equipments of the Year - 2019/2020

Audio Video

Choix de la Rédaction - 2020
Customer reviews
(22 reviews)

Customer reviews


Excellent achat

Pré ampli qui donne toute satisfaction. Les techniciens de ont été un support efficace et trés aimable pour le branchement. Je recommande fortement le produit et la société !


Le paradis !

Je ne peux que corroborer tous les avis, à tous les niveaux, de toutes les personnes ayant laissé un commentaire.
Testé sur tout type de style musical (reggae, rock, métal, trip hop, dub, funk et j'en passe...)... Je reste sans voix
J'écoute en ce moment le premier opus de Godspeed you black emperor - F#A#- que je connais depuis plus de 20 ans. Les premières écoutes laissent toujours un souvenir impérissable, en terme de ressenti émotionnel. Et bein je suis l'homme le plus heureux de pouvoir à nouveau redécouvrir ce sentiment... C'est tout bonnement une grosse claque !
Je ne laisse que très rarement des avis sur le matériel utilisé, mais là je le devais.
Ce Vida Prima n'est en place que depuis 4 jours, et je me réjouis d'avance des nombreuses heures d'écoute à venir.
Mon matériel est le suivant : platine Clearaudio concept wood, cellule Hana SL, ampli Rega Elicit R, enceintes Atohm gt1 HD.
Avant j'avais un Lehmann Black Cube SEII.... mais ça c'était avant.
Merci à Maplatine pour l'envoi rapide et surtout ultra sécurisé.


Surprising piece of engineering

I write this after roughly 300 hours of listening experience. This is a surprising piece of engineering. I was considering several products when upgrading the last piece of my hifi system. And the choices were quite at the opposite sides of the scale: pre amp where one could set any parameters and the vida premium with little to no configuration, let aside the circuit designs. I believe that phono pre amplification is among the most difficult tasks when it comes to signal amplification due to the multitude of differing pickup systems and the low voltages (and yet considerably varying). I further believe that one should put things into context: I am using a Benz micro glider low output MC, Kefs R11 with an outstanding octave v80 se ampli, not to speak of the cables which are all from esprit audio. The Vida Prima got me hooked on two points: first the bass performance. Again I believe this is the most complicated part to get right in an audio setup. And it’s expensive. The bass roll off of the vida in combination with my amplifier is just sweet, really spot on. The signal is on the edge of what is enjoyable and where it would start to become booming. Bass is fast and precise, yet you can hear the notes completely through, start, middle, end. 2nd positioning in space: two words: virtual reality. Try The National with this one ;) Besides, if you are using a MC pickup try listening to the unloaded setting (MM), you might be positively surprised. Bisous!



J'ai remis en route ma vielle Rega Planar 3 de 1985 non upgradée avec une cellule MM sur un bras Pierre Lurné 4, et un pré Rega Fono MM MK3, c'était gentil, mais avec le Vida Prima c'est une tout autre dimension, je ne peux que CONFIRMER les commentaires précédents, je vais passer prochainement à une cellule Hana SL ce qui va encore améliorée mon expérience musicale, puis certainement à une Rega P 8. Allez y les yeux fermés, j'ai entendu quelques configurations de systèmes hifi avec différents pré phono, mais à l'écoute du Vida Prima les bras m'en sont tombés.

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Aurorasound Vida Prima phono preamplifier

Aurorasound Vida Prima phono preamplifier

Phono preamplifier

High and low impedance MM and MC

Made in Japan

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