2019 Christmas gift ideas - Our favorite products

2019 Christmas gift ideas - Our favorite products

Christmas is coming soon, and you still do not have a gift idea for you or someone close to you who is a music lover? This year again, to help you, we offer you to discover a new selection of Christmas gift ideas among our recent must-have products.

1. 2019 Christmas gift ideas: turntables for less than 700€

Vinyl continues to be famous in 2019, and you or someone close to you would like to start the adventure? You will then need a first turntable! We prepared a selection of some turntable that allows you to get started in analogue, in optimal listening conditions and without spend thousands of euros!


Arrived on the analogue market only a few weeks ago, the Pro-Ject T1 turntable comes at just the right time for this Christmas season! With this new turntable range, Pro-Ject offers a quality solution and very affordable to play your fav records.

Pro-Ject T1 turntable

In spite of this, the manufacturer continues to offer a beautiful manufacture quality, without forgetting the audiophile performances that are always present. This Pro-Ject T1 is amazing, we can simply say that it “sounds” for a turntable of this range! If you have a small budget, this Pro-Ject T1 turntable will be a perfect choice to please someone for Christmas!


You want to offer a direct drive turntable to an electronic music lover for Christmas? Then why not choose the Audio Technica AT-LP5X! Indeed, it has the mechanical elements of the DJ models, while offering a good listening quality.

Furthermore, the AT-LP5X comes as standard with a phono preamplifier, which makes it possible to include an essential element for vinyl record playback in this Christmas present. If you are looking for a quality turntable with the solid 80's look, this Audio Technica AT-LP5X is the ideal gift to place under the tree!

Audio Technica AT-LP5x turntable


We have been talking about it for several years now... But the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red remains today, in our opinion, one of the best vinyl turntables to get started with vinyl in good listening conditions!

After all these years, its success is not lacking as it is still one of our flagship products. With this model, you can go there with your eyes closed, the loved one to whom you offer it at Christmas will be conquered!

Novelty this year, the Pro-Ject manufacturer has declined the Debut Carbon 2M Red in a wood version of the most beautiful effect, and we love it!

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable


Your loved one listen to a lot of Rock music? The Rega Planar 2 turntable is an excellent choice, especially if it is equipped with the Performance Pack! Rega has designed this upgrade kit especially for the Planar 2, in order to boost its audiophile performance. The restitution increases, with more dynamics and transparency.

In order to enable you to offer a ready-to-use turntable for Christmas, we offer you this Planar 2 turntable with the Performance Pack. You will just have to place the present under the Christmas three!

Rega Planar 2 Performance Pack turntable

You do not know how to choose a turntable? Our technicians give you advice to make the perfect choice, regarding to your needs and budget.

2. Christmas 2019 gift ideas: turntables accessories

Have you already offered a turntable to your loved one in the past years or does he or she already own one? Give an accessory for Christmas this year that can help her or him improve her vinyl listening. A gift idea that is sure to have effect, without bankrupt yourself!


If you have someone in your entourage who already owns a turntable, know that there are different products that will improve their listening. These can be nice present ideas for Christmas!

When we think about vinyl, then we can think static charge... Good news, a simple change of platter, with for example the addition of an acrylic platter (ex: Pro-Ject Acryl It) can improve this.

Pro-Ject Acryl It platter mat

Without going that far, changing the platter mat by one in cork (ex: Thorens or Simply Analog platter mat) or leather (ex: Pro-Ject Leather It) will also perfectly do the job, and this for only a few tens of euros!

There are various other ways to upgrade your Hi-Fi elements. To help you, our technicians have gathered it all together in our dedicated shopping guides, so do not hesitate to have a look ;)


Cleaning accessories for vinyl records are nice gift ideas: useful, simple, effective and affordable prices! So, why not opt for one of them for 2019 Christmas?

-Record cleaning sets

To delight a vinyl collector for Christmas, but with a small budget, we have what you are looking for! Our different cleaning sets, such as the Simply Analog set, the Thorens set or the Clearaudio Care Kit Pro, have the advantage of offering everything you need to properly clean vinyl records.

Simply Analog vinyl cleaning set

Record cleaning machines

If your budget allows you, and if your loved one has a wide record collection, the record cleaning machine is also a nice idea for Christmas. For less than 100€, the well-known Spin Clean Record Washer System manual cleaning machine is a must-have!

If you prefer an automatic cleaning machine for Christmas, the new Pro-Ject VC-E is THE good solution: not cumbersome, efficient and above all at less than 400€... For sure THE Christmas present for all owners of several hundreds vinyl records!

Pro-Ject VC-E record cleaning machine

Boxes for vinyl records

In addition to cleaning the records, it is also important to keep them in good condition. Thanks to our various boxes for records, it is now possible! We fell in love at first sight with the MoFi vinyl records display stand, a nice little present idea for those who like to show off their most beautiful record sleeves!

MoFi vinyl record display stand

Here again, you can read our advice on how to choose your cleaning product, your record cleaning machine as well as some tips on how to remove static loads from your vinyl records.

3. 2019 Christmas gift ideas: connected speakers

As you may know, nothing can replace the sound of a vinyl record for us... However, over the last few years, we have noticed that Hi-Fi manufacturers have been offering more and more quality connected solutions, offering great audiophile performances. Here are a few Christmas present ideas to offer to a loved one who loves dematerialized music.


To listen to music anywhere you are, outdoors as well as indoors, Bluetooth portable speakers seem to be essential nowadays... So you might as well choose a quality product in order to ensure a real listening experience!

The Scansonic BT 150 Bluetooth portable speaker is one of them, with a modern design and very easy to take with you, thanks to its little handle. For a higher budget, the VG3 Bluetooth speaker of the Soundcast manufacturer is also a great Christmas gift, thanks to its several possibilities and its 15 hours autonomy!

Scansonic BT 150 Bluetooth speaker


The Naim Audio Mu-So speaker has been a reference in the world of connected audio, for many years now. Thanks to this Mu-so QB model, Naim Audio offers a smaller and more affordable solution than the original Mu-So model.

However, this Naim Audio Mu-So QB portable speaker remains sophisticated and high performance! Despite its compact size, it still has 7 speakers, giving a detailed and open sound. We also appreciate its several connections, its ergonomics and easy use. A nice gift to put on the Christmas list!

Naim Audio Mu-So QB speaker


Great new product of this end of year 2019 in the field of the connected speaker: the PR/01 Alu speaker from La Boite Concept! This new speaker has everything to please demanding music lovers who want to listen to dematerialized music: connectivity, simplicity, acoustics, musicality, versatility... All these in a pretty wood box with a modern design!

La Boite Concept PR 01 ALU speaker

Proof of quality and performance, this La Boite Concept speaker has already received a several awards from the specialized Hi-Fi press. It is already a reference of the connected audio! A wonderful present to offer to one of your loved ones for Christmas!


We hope that this selection will allow you to find the perfect Christmas gift to delight your music lovers and audiophiles. Of course, there are many other Christmas gift ideas... Do not hesitate to see our wide range of turntables, phono preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, headphones, Hi-Fi speakers, vinyl records, CD players, etc... Or even our Christmas shop!

Our technicians remain at your disposal if you would like furthermore personal advice, by phone (0 810 810 121) or via our contact form.