Naim Audio Mu-So 2 speaker

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The Naim Audio Mu-So 2 speaker replaces the well-known Mu-So which has been rewarded many times by the specialized press around the world.

In order to offer higher performance, feature and conviviality, the Mu-So 2 has been fully redesigned by the R&D of Salisbury.

The Naim Audio brand is well known by music lovers for almost 40 years for the quality of its electronics, CD players, DAC and speakers. But Naim Audio’s goal on connected product is less different compared to the competition.

The Mu-So 2 is not a low-cost wireless speaker, on the contrary! With this product, the manufacturer wants to stand out from the mainstream competition. The goal is meet the expectation of the most demanding clients, with uncompromised products. And for 1500€, it is a honorable approach... But Naim Audio never disappointed us! We are fan from the very beginning, when Julian Vereker used to cross the corridors of the plant in Salisbury.


The Naim Mu-So 2 speaker is in the same form as its predecessor. So we find the massive parallelepiped of more than 60 cm long and weights 13 kg! Nothing in common with Asian speakers made of plastic...

The case has been redesigned to have 13% more load volume. This allows you to have more physical and defined bass.

The casing is completely built in acoustic medium, pated with brushed aluminium.

The baffle is obtained by casting in order to have the maximum of rigidity. In addition to give an outstanding “look” to this speaker, it contributes to the exceptional sound quality of this device.


The control panel on the top is single illuminated aluminium rotating "jog". It is very visually successful, as well as being simple and totally easy to use.

The woofers are hidden behind a removable black jersey grille. As an option, it can be replaced with a blue, orange or red Naim Audio Mu-So 2 grille.

Underneath, the logo is illuminated through a translucent acrylic ruler of the most beautiful effect.

To the rear, there is a superb aluminium radiator.


There are 6 woofers, 3 by channel: 2 dome tweeters, 2 mid-woofers and 2 bass speakers. They are separately supplied with 6 digital amplifiers of 75W!

Naim Audio announces a total amplification of 450W! This active multi-amplified configuration, so this is the more qualitative and expensive solution! This is supported by a new DSP (32bits).

It is associated to a new speakers management algorithm. Among other things, it acts as a limiter in order to maintain quality and reliability at high volumes.

Notice that woofers and amplification have been optimized by Focal's R&D department.


In terms of wireless connection, there is nothing that Mu-So 2 won’t accept!

Nothing has been left to chance and you will be able to connect it with any equipment. Whether you use iOS or Android, a laptop computer or a NAS, the Naim Mu-So can play anything.

There are wire inputs: one optical digital input (limited to 24 bits/96 kHz), one USB and a 3.5 mm analogue jack input.

Compared to the previous version, there is a HDMI Arc input that allows you to connect it to a TV or game console. It also has an Ethernet port (RJ45) to connect it with a Box.

The Naim Mu-so 2 speaker is equipped with a Chromecast module which allows it to broadcast from many applications such as Plex, Tuneln, Soundcloud, Pandora, Deezer, Qobuz..., via a smartphone or an Android tablet.


If you are an Apple lover, the Naim Audio Mu-So 2 is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2. So it can broadcast wireless music from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and also by using iTunes or Apple Music.

The Mu-So 2 also includes streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify.

It also integrates the V-Tuner which gives access to thousands of internet radio stations and allows you to memorize them, and therefore to recall them with a single click!

The Mu-So 2 is also multi-room and thus is compatible with all “network” products of the manufacturer.


A simple quality remote control is delivered with the device.

However, it is advised to download the control application “MU-App” on your tablet or smartphone.


The restitution of this Mu-So 2 is really above all similar devices that we have had the opportunity to listen to. This new speaker is also far superior to the previous model, which already offered remarkable performance.

The power is there, with an incredible control feeling.

The bass is a nice surprise! It is deep, dynamic and with an outstanding articulation!

The transparency is excellent and the definition is superior to all critics.

The fullness is great. It fills of music a big room with ease. It gives a sound scene in 3 dimensions, that none Hi-Fi system is able to do at this price.

The Naim Audio Mu-So 2 speaker is more than a wireless speaker! It is a real high-end audio system that reproduces music with power, rhythm, and fineness!

A HUGE crush!


Number of ways: 3

Number of woofers: 6

Chassis: MDF and brushed aluminium

Total amplification: 450 W

DAC resolution: 24bits/32 kHz

DSP: 2000 MIPS high performance (Million Instructions Per Second)

WiFi: dual band (2.4 and 5 gHz)

Network controllers: Bluetooth, WiFi and Ethernet

Streaming protocol: AirPlay 2, UPnP (DLNA) and apt-X

Compatible discs: MP3, ALAC, AAC, FLAC, WMA, WAV, AIFF or Ogg Vorbis

Compatible Web radios: vTuner, Tidal and Spotify Connect

Chromecast: integrated and compatible with Deezer, Qobuz, TuneIn...

Multi-room: Naim / AirPlay 2 (Apple HomeKit) / Chromecast (Google Home)

Control screen: circular touch panel (15 functions) with proximity sensor

Equalization: Loudness and 3 equalization modes

Remote control: IR

Control application: iOS and Android

Extra function: alarm clock

HDMI input: ARC (CEC)

Optical input: S/PDIF Toslink

USB input: type A

Line input: 3.5 stereo Jack

RJ-45 port: 1

Dimensions: 628 x 122 x 256 mm

Weight: 13 kg

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Naim Audio Mu-So 2 speaker

Naim Audio Mu-So 2 speaker

Wireless speaker

Made in EU

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