Vinyl record cleaners – advice before you make any purchase

Vinyl record cleaners – advice before you make any purchase

You have often been told (and rightly so!) that the good cleaning of your vinyl records is vital to obtain high quality playback. The vinyl record cleaner is the most effective product for thoroughly cleaning your LPs. There are two types: the manual or automatic vinyl record cleaner. In this guide, explains the difference between the two methods for cleaning vinyl records and gives you some advice before you make any purchase.

1. Manual vinyl record cleaners

If you have a restricted budget or even a still young collection of vinyl record, then a manual vinyl record cleaner will suit you perfectly.

Manual vinyl record cleaners, like those of the Spin Clean brand or even the Tonar Knosti Record, feature all the necessary elements for efficiently cleaning your LPs. These packs therefore have what it needs to clean vinyl records: the cleaning solution and the cleaning tray.

As we told you, the principle is very simple: to begin with, just pour the cleaning solution into the cleaning tray. Next, you place your vinyl record in this tray and rotate it the number of times you consider necessary to remove the dirt from your vinyl records: dust, finger marks, deposits, mould, etc.

Spin Clean Record Washer System

According to vinyl record cleaner models, there are several drying modes. If you opt for a Spin Clean vinyl record cleaner, you only have to gently wipe a small cloth on the two sides of the vinyl record to dry them properly. And that's it!

The Knosti Record vinyl record cleaner is delivered as standard with a draining rack to let your LPs dry in the open air.

2. Automatic vinyl record cleaners

For those that have a large collection of vinyl records and a budget that enables (count between several hundred to several thousand Euros), we strongly recommend that you opt for an automatic vinyl record cleaner. Indeed, many specialists and professionals in the analogue sphere consider this type of cleaning to be the most effective solution.

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Silent record cleaning machine

Indeed, the continuous rotation system means that the automatic vinyl record cleaner will deeply clean the surface of the vinyl record. Featuring a vacuum arm, it will also be able clear all remaining impurities from the record. The vacuum action is also used to fully dry the vinyl record and thus prevent any cleaning product from remaining in the grooves. Which could naturally take away from the listening quality of the vinyl record!

With regard to the use of the automatic vinyl record cleaner, it is much simpler than it appears! You must first place your LP in the machine. Then, while the vinyl record is turning, spread out the cleaning liquid supplied by using a small brush, also supplied with the vinyl record cleaner. Once the product is clearly spread out in the grooves, you no longer have to switch on the vacuum and the machine does the rest.

And it is here that you realise the effectiveness of such a product… The vinyl record comes out perfectly clean, shiny and with no trace of dirt! Even on very dirty vinyl records or ones that have traces of mould, we observed this result many times. The vinyl record really does get a new lease of life!

You must be aware that some automatic vinyl record cleaners are more costly than others, and can reach as high as several thousand Euros. These prices are notably justified by the technology they use. Models such as the Clearaudio Double Matrix Pro vinyl record cleaner or even the Ultrasonic Cleaner de KLAudio that emit ultrasonic vibrations. This is used to obtain a cleaning that is even more effective and deep.

Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner record cleaning machine

Not fully convinced? Why not come and see the results for yourself? Come and clean your records on the Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro vinyl record cleaner which we have made available in our auditorium. Make an appointment and conduct the test on your own vinyl records!

Make an appointment in the auditorium

Whatever your type of vinyl record cleaner, remember to finish up your cleaning session by sliding your own vinyl records into the inner sleeves for vinyl records (e.g. lined antistatic paper sleeves, Nagaoka N-102 sleeves). Your vinyl records will thus be protected correctly from impurities, dust and other static charges.


We hope that these explanations will help you to gain a clearer understanding of the advantage of investing in a vinyl record cleaner, whether it is a manual or, even better, an automatic one. If you need further information, our technicians are naturally available by e-mail (