Thorens cleaning set

Wooden box containing everything you need to clean your vinyl records and stylus.

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Manufacturer : THORENS

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If you are not a maniac, you may become one with this Thorens Cleaning Set. As this beautiful wooden box has everything to clean your precious records as well as your vinyl turntable stylus! The Thorens Cleaning Set is one of the most complete and practical on the market… we have adopted it and it has pride of place not far from our turntable.


It includes:

- A carbon brush for vinyl record: With it, you can remove the accumulated dust from the record surface and limit the effects of static.

- A velvet brush for vinyl record: This one is made to be used with a cleaning liquid or an antistatic product. The microfibres in this brush can access the grooves.

- A small brush for the stylus: It is used to clean the dust from the stylus.

- A stylus cleaning product: This one is used to clean and remove micro-impurities that stay stuck to the stylus.

- An antistatic spray for vinyl record: This product removes grease and static from the vinyl record 


A box containing:

A carbon brush for vinyl record

A velvet brush for vinyl record

A small brush for stylus

A cleaning product for stylus

An antistatic spray for vinyl record


Customer reviews
(3 reviews)

Customer reviews


Il contient tout pour entretenir les disques. C'est jolis et très efficace! J'ai redécouvert certain enregistrement que je croyai rayés .


Après plusieurs semaines

Je reviens sur ma première note! Effectivement le produit de nettoyage est top, meme plus : miraculeux.
je viens de nettoyer 2 vinyles dénichés et donc d'occasions.... Après la première ecoute des craquements sur tous les morceaux... Après la déception de l'achat j ai décidé de pulvérisé la solution miracle et de la répartir à l'aide de la brosse prévue à cet effet etc... Et là ! Résurection de mes vinyles... Incroyable et donc: INCONTOURNABLE, pour les possesseurs de vinyles anciens.


C est beau, c est propre!

Très beau kit de nettoyage et indispensable pour prendre soin de son matériel.

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Thorens cleaning set

Thorens cleaning set

Wooden box containing everything you need to clean your vinyl records and stylus.

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