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Improve your dematerialized listening experience with the NuPrime brand


If you are a fan of dematerialized music, online music services, etc., know that there are Hi-Fi devices that can provide an undeniable gain to your listening. To enjoy it even more! Today we propose you to discover the latest NuPrime brand new products in terms of DACs and network players, accessible to all thanks to their competitive prices!



NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC

Your headphones never leave you so that you can listen to your favorite music anywhere from your digital supports? So this small NuPrime Hi-mDAC can be made for you if you desire to improve your restitution! This digital-to-analog converter can be placed on a computer as well as on a smartphone or tablet.


DAC NuPrime Hi-mDAC

Thanks to its very small dimensions (much smaller than a smartphone!), the NuPrime Hi-mDAC does not take up much space, while significantly increasing your audio performance. With its Hi-mDAC, NuPrime offers a quality and affordable solution!



NuPrime D-Stream Primo HD network player

The NuPrime D-Stream Primo HD network player is a device that gives access to several online music services, thanks to a simple application. This Primo HD can also be used in multiroom, to enjoy your dematerialized music anywhere at home.

This NuPrime D-Stream Primo HD provided a detailed and nuanced sound, but also very surprising in terms of dynamics. At this very affordable price, it would be wrong not to take advantage of it! For less than 200€, we can access to the dematerialized world in audiophile quality!


Lecteur réseau NuPrime D-Stream Primo HD

NuPrime Omnia WR-1 network player

The NuPrime Omnia WR-1 network player goes a little bit further compared to its little brother, the D-Stream Primo HD. Indeed, in addition to the online music services, this one also offers Wi-Fi and HD Bluetooth connections, as well as the possibility to connect an USB drive or other audio sources. So there is a large choice of possibilities!


Lecteur réseau NuPrime Omnia WR-1

The Omnia WR-1 offers a great dematerialized restitution. We find the same audio performances as some much more expensive network players… In addition, thanks to its numerous equalisation settings, you can have the restitution as you love! This NuPrime Omnia WR-1 is really a great surprise, especially with this remarkable price/performance ratio! A must-have product for listen to your dematerialized music!



With these Hi-Fi products, NuPrime demonstrates that spending a lot of money is not necessary to improve your listening of dematerialized music, and enjoy it as it we deserve!