NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC

Headphone amplifier

DAC 24/96 Khz


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The NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC is a low cost portable digital-to-analogue converter.


The chassis is digitally machined on the basis of two aluminium pieces. This gives it a perfect mechanical rigidity and robustness.

However, it stays very compact with acceptable dimensions (12 x 50 x 22 mm), which making it one of the smallest high-performance USB DAC available on the current market.


The NuPrime Hi-mDAC is equipped with a new Cirrus Logic’s CS43131 chip. This circuit allows to combine a low consumption audio DAC with a High Fidelity headphone amplifier.

NuPrime has combined proprietary digital filters to the CS43131, that allow five different responses to be selected.

The Hi-mDAC allows to decode digital signals up to 24 bit / 96 kHz PCM and DSD.

It is also able to decode sampling frequencies from 44.1 kHz to 384 kHz (PCM), and the native DSD decoding from DSD 64 to DSD 256. All these make it the most powerful USB powered portable DAC on the market today!


The integrated headphone amplifier (at low noise), features an exclusive automatic impedance detection, to best match with the headphone.

This enables to obtain the best possible restitution, separately from the headphone impedance or frequency response.


The Hi-mDAC is compatible with a huge large of Apple computers and iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. And, of course, all PC computers and various Android devices.

You just have to connect it to your iOS or Android device (smartphone or tablet) with a USB cable.


If you listen your music with the internal sound card of your computer, the addition of the NuPrime Hi-mDAC will be a revelation. The improvement of the restitution is undeniable.

The sound quality makes a remarkable progress. This is bluffing of presence and realism on some HD files.

Moreover, the NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC also makes it possible to appreciate the quality of the Hi-Fi headphone used.

Highly recommended!


Headphone amp : volume setting

DAC: CS43131 of Cirrus Logic

Resolution: PCM 32/384 asynchronous USB and DSD256

Compatibility: PC and MAC computers, OTG USB Android mobiles, iOS with camera kit

Headphone output: Jack 3.5

Optical digital output: Jack 3.5 mm (PCM 192kHz, DoP64)

Digital USB output: C type (32-bit/384kHz and DSD256)

Frequency response: 20-20kHz +/- 0.5dB

Signal-to-noise ratio: > 100 dB (20-20kHz)

Distortion: 0.005% @ 1mW

Dimensions: 12 x 50 x 22mm

Included accessories: USB-A to USB-C cable

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NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC

NuPrime Hi-mDAC DAC

Headphone amplifier

DAC 24/96 Khz


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