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A new cable range by Ortofon


Founded more than 100 years ago, the Danish brand Ortofon is famous and well-known for its quality phono cartridges. However, you must know that the manufacturer offers other kinds of audio products, such as Hi-Fi cables! By the way, Ortofon has recently developed a interconnect cable range. As for its 2M, Quintet and Cadenza phono cartridge ranges, the same typical color code of the manufacturer is used.



The Ortofon Référence Red interconnect cable

The Ortofon Référence Red interconnect cable is the first model of the range. As its name indicates, its sleeve is red. This finish corresponds to Ortofon’s entry-level products. However, we must admit that this interconnect cable takes advantage of the know-how of the Danish manufacturer, while remaining very affordable!

This Référence Red offers a nuanced, detailed and precise restitution with beautiful dynamics. In this price range, we can just be conquered by this Ortofon cable!


Ortofon Référence Red interconnect cable

The Ortofon Référence Blue interconnect cable

With the Ortofon Référence Blue interconnect cable, we immediately notice that the brand has upgraded compared to the Référence Red. Of course it has consequences on the price, but it is fully comprehensible regarding to all the technologies and components that compose the Référence Blue! And even more during the listening experience with this interconnect cable… The restitution is both balanced and detailed.


Ortofon Référence Blue interconnect cable

Among Ortofon’s phono cartridges, we have always loved the audiophile qualities of the “Blue” models in the different ranges, and this could be the same with this Ortofon Référence Blue cable! A good quality/price/music ratio!

The Ortofon Référence Bronze interconnect cable

Third model of this range, the Ortofon Référence Bronze interconnect cable is characterized by its orange sleeve. Of course, it takes all the technical elements of the other models of this range: conductors with different diameters and types, copper, elastomer insulator, etc… Know that this Référence Bronze is offered in XLR and RCA connection, unlike the two previous models.

When listening, the Ortofon Référence Bronze cable goes even further than the Référence Blue, with more clarity and neutrality in the sound restitution. This interconnect cable will delight demanding music lovers!


Câble de modulation Ortofon Référence Bronze

The Ortofon Référence Black interconnect cable

The Ortofon Référence Black interconnect cable is the fourth and last model among this range. With this one, we are clearly in the top of the range… Both inside and outside, this Référence Black gives confidence and we do not have any doubt about its audiophile qualities. Like the Bronze model, it is offered in RCA or XLR connection, with Rhodium contact for the first one, and Gold for the second. High quality!

Since the very first minutes, we realize that the restitution is full of details and precision. The whole is surprisingly accurate. Ortofon designed this Référence Black cable to be associated to high-end devices and meet the expectations of the most demanding ones. Successful bet!


Câble de modulation Ortofon Référence Black


We less know the brand Ortofon is the design of audio cable, and notably of interconnect cable. With this new Référence series, and after all this time, we must admit that the Danish manufacturer has not finished surprising us and shows all its skills in the audio field. Well done!