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Rega Aethos: the British manufacturer expands its range of amplifiers!

Rega Aethos integrated amplifier

The very awaited Rega Aethos integrated amplifier is finally available on! This new integrated amplifier completes to range of the British manufacturer, to our greatest pleasure! Thus, the Aethos joins the Rega family, which already included reference models such as the Osiris, Elicit R and ELEX R.



About Rega…

Rega is a British brand created in 1973 by Roy Gandy that offers different kinds of products: turntables, phono cartridges, tonearms… REGA is now a reference in terms of music and is known worldwide!

So it is with great enthusiasm and quite naturally, that we welcome with curiosity the new Aethos integrated amplifier. Moreover, Roy Gandy himself had told us about this new model of amp when he came to our premises in June 2019.



Rega Aethos: pretty and robust design

Rega has produced a new amplifier that is technically and aesthetically perfect. The REGA Aethos integrated amplifier is discrete, elegant and robust. Rega opted for solid aluminium in order to provide a string amplifier! Smart choice.


Amplificateur intégré Rega Aethos

It is slightly less imposing than its big brother, the Rega Osiris R integrated amplifier, and therefore much lighter than its big brother, the Rega Osiris R integrated amplifier. Although it weighs more than 17 kg! We also notice that its circuit is finally similar to the Rega Osiris model.

In addition, its black and sober look allows it to be beautifully integrated to all Hi-Fi systems. And thanks to its components, it can be integrated into the most audiophile Hi-Fi systems, even those consisting of relatively high-end Hi-Fi speakers that are difficult to supply.



Rega Aethos: high quality restitution

As we expected from the British manufacturer, this new integrated amplifier by REGA shows excellent audiophile qualities: dynamics, agility and punch are there! It reproduces your music as accurately as possible!


Amplificateur intégré Rega Aethos

For a vinyl listening, it is necessary to add a separated phono preamplifier, since Rega had not equipped it with a phono input. Something we appreciate at, especially for an integrated amp from this range! And there is nothing better than a phono preamp by the British manufacturer itself to get a “Rega” sound.

In just a few months on the audio market, Rega Aethos has already received several awards from Hi-Fi experts (What Hi-Fi, Hi-Fi Choice, Stereo+ and That says a lot about its qualities!



With this Aethos integrated amplifier, Rega has created a completely new, high-performance reference with all the DNA of the British manufacturer. A success!