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New turntables – Early 2020


As turntable expert, it is always a pleasure for to discover new turntables models. The first quarter of the year is already approaching its end, and at the start of 2020, we have already discovered three new turntables, from the Musical Fidelity, Audio Technica and Roksan manufacturers.



The Musical Fidelity Roundtable S turntable

It had been several years now since Musical Fidelity had designed a new record player. This is now done with the Roundtable S turntable, which is moreover accessible to the greatest number of us!

From the outside, the Roundtable S looks sober, with an outstanding lacquer finish. Its uncommon dimensions and rounded edges are the originality of this model. Regarding its characteristics, Musical Fidelity did not do things by half, by offering a very well designed product: 9” tonearm, 2M Red cartridge of Ortofon, VTA adjustment, magnetic anti-skating, detachable phono cable… This gives a multitude of evolution perspectives to this turntable!


Platine vinyle Musical Fidelity Roundtable S

This Musical Fidelity turntable also gives audiophile performance, with a precise and dynamic restitution. In the long run, you can upgrade this model wiht a MC cartridge. Which is rare enough in this price range to be highlighted!



The Audio Technica AT-LP7 turntable

The brand Audio Technica is known and famous for its phono cartridges, but also its direct drive turntables. Today, the Japanese manufacturer offers a belt-drive audiophile model, for our greatest pleasure!

Originally dedicated to the American and Japanese analogue markets, the Audio Technica AT-LP7 turntable is now available in France! Its massive and robust aspect makes us remember the others Audio Technica record players. As often with Audio Technica, this turntable is equipped with a MM phono preamplifier, but also an MC.


Platine vinyle Audio Technica AT-LP7

When listening to it, the AT-LP7 is completely surprising! Indeed, we have been seduced by its nuanced, precise and balanced restitution. In the future, it can also be improved since it is possible to make this vinyl turntable evolve in different ways. A great surprise!



The Roksan Radius 7 turntable

The Radius range by Roksan is a reference for the aficionados of the British manufacturer. Currently, we introduce on our website a new model of this line, the Roksan Radius 7 turntable.

First, we find the “Roksan’s style” with an acrylic dual plinth of the most beautiful effect. This turntable is equipped with a unipivot tonearm that can support a lot of phono cartridges available on the market. On our side, we tested it with Ortofon Quintet Black S and Hana SL MC cartridges, and we have been seduced by the sound rendering: precision, details, balance, etc. This new Roksan Radius 7 is the great successor of its long line!

Platine vinyle Roksan Radius 7

2020 starts very positively with the arrival of these three brand new turntables. Proof that this new year will be placed under the sign of analogue!