How do you connect a turntable to a multiroom system?

How do you connect a turntable to a multiroom system ?

Do you have a turntable and want to be able to play your music in several rooms of your home or flat? Well, this can be done by connecting your turntable to your multiroom system. will give you a few tips to do this in this purchase guide.

1. What is the advantage of a multiroom system?

A multiroom system can be used to listen to music in several rooms of a building. Indeed, thanks to a wireless connection (WiFi, Bluetooth or RJ45), it allows you to play an identical piece of music in all the rooms, or different pieces in different rooms. So everyone can serenely listen to the music they love!

It is advisable to install a multiroom system equipped with elements from the same manufacturer, or perfectly compatible between them, so that everything functions perfectly. 


2. How do you use a turntable with a multiroom system?

The connection of your turntable cannot be done only on a single element of your system. It is then that this device will send the music to the other elements of the system. 

You must therefore connect the turntable to the master element, via a phono preamp.


Step 1 - How do you connect my turntable if I have a phono input on my device ?

This is very rare! But if you already have a phono input, there is nothing simpler. All you need to do is simply connect your turntable to the master element of your multiroom system thanks to a phono cable.


 Tellurium Q blue phono cable




Step 2 - How do I connect my turntable if I do not have a phono input ?

If you do not have a phono input on your equipment, a phono preamplifier must be placed between the turntable and the master equipment of the multiroom system. As always, you must select your phono stage according to the quality of your record player, the technical data of your Hi-Fi cartridge, but also what you are expecting for the sound quality. 


Graham Slee Gram Amp3 Fanfare phono preamp



Next, your turntable will be connected to your phono preamp using a phono preamp. The preamp itself will be linked to the element of your multiroom system through a interconnect cable. This will therefore effortlessly connect it to the auxiliary analogue inputs such as tuner, AUX, etc. 

Once these few connections have been made, you can start your turntable and listen to your music anywhere in your home or flat. A great solution to get even more enjoyment out of your records =)

Some multiroom systems only have an optical digital input. A few manufacturers, like Pro-Ject with the Essential III Digital turntable, offer turntables that can be connected directly to this socket. 

Pro-Ject Essential III Digital turntable


We hope that this purchase guide has helped you connect your turntable on a multiroom system. However, if you want to obtain more information, feel free to contact our technicians by message.