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King Dude – Music to Make War to (Van Records 2018)

King Dude - Music to Make War to

Brilliant!!! Truly, this album is a real success. I loved his album “Song for Flesh & Blood” and a little bit less his last album “SEX”, but here King Dude makes a strong impact with his folk universe, still characterized by this darkness. With his modern Johnny Cash voice (as I could read once and sounds like a compliment), he makes us travel and take us back to our inner demon. I encourage you to start with the 2 first tracks on the album: “Time to Go to War” (the tone is set!!) and “Velvet Rope”. I could not stop myself to share you the 2 videos from these tracks, which put the set in. You have understood, this is an unmissable record!




KYO w/ Jeuru – All the Same Dream (Posh Isolation 2018)

KYO w Jeuru - All the Same Dream

I confess, this electro album is not part of the most accessible one. I took several listening to tame with… But it is worth it, because the final result is really hypnotic and makes us travel to very diverse musical lands! I let you be surprise with the discovery of the elegant track that ends this LP: “Take me Home”. A great discovery to me!

And to end this year on a high note, I share you some videos that left its mark on me (not necessarily this year):

Kanye West – I Love It


Riff Raff – Time


Listener – Falling in Love with Glaciers


Mitski – Nobody