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Early 2020 selection

Selection by Jérôme, co-founder of


Kompromat – Traum und Existenz (Clivage 2019)

Traum und Existenz - Kompromat

Kompromat , or when Vitalic meets Rebeka Warrior (Sexy Sushi) to give us a concept that, on paper, refers to the beginnings of Berlin techno. But thanks to their talents, and to their complementarity, they succeed in moving away from a statement that could have left us skeptical, to deliver us a worked and moving electro, which goes through devastating peaks (“Hertzod”, where we find Vitalic’s “paw”), while offering us calm moments that suggest the coming storm (“Possession” is the perfect example).

Rebeka Warrior’s singing adds a lot to the atmosphere. This is even better in live (which I highly invite you to have a look). A very nice wind of freshness, far away from the traditional French Touch!



Chelsea Wolfe – Birth of Violence (Sargent House 2019)

Birth of Violence - Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe gives us her 6th album that gives her the chance to come back to her Folk influences from her beginnings, after a more experimental period strongly influenced by Metal. We always find this melancholy and a kind of darkness within the titles of this new LP. That is why a lot of people talk about Gothic Folk.

Once again, the charm of her voice, completed by her acoustic guitar, and with a refined production, transports us. She is able to deliver real jewels such as the sublime ballad “Be All Things”. To be urgently discovered!