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Monitor Audio renews its “Bronze G6” range of speakers


The brand Monitor Audio has decided to renew its famous range of Bronze speakers. During many years, these Hi-Fi speakers have delighted a lot of music lovers! Like the previous one, this new Bronze series is made up 4 models of Hi-Fi speakers: two bookshelves and two towers.



The new Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelf speakers

The new range of Monitor Bronze speakers is composed of two bookshelf speakers: the Bronze 50 and Bronze 100, that replace the old Bronze 1 and Bronze 2. Each model is available in 4 different finishes.

The Monitor Audio Bronze 50 is the more compact model among the range and works wonder on small rooms with entry-level amplifiers. The Bronze 100 from Monitor Audio is quite bigger than its little sister, and can be placed in larger listening rooms.


Enceintes de bibliothèque Monitor Audio Bronze 50

These two Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers are both equipped a huge C-CAM speaker. On the Bronze 100 model, we find this 20cm diameter speaker, which is pretty rate for a product in this price range! When listening, these small Hi-Fi speakers provide a detailed and clear sound. Of course, the Monitor Audio Bronze 100 goes even further in terms of listening, with more fullness and bass.


Enceintes de bibliothèque Monitor Audio Bronze 100

To get started your Hi-Fi purchases without breaking the bank, these new Monitor Audio Bronze G6 are the perfect choice, as their predecessors was!



The new Monitor Audio Bronze tower speakers

Monitor Audio still offers tower speakers in its Bronze range: the Bronze 200 and Bronze 500, that replace the old Bronze 5 and Bronze 6 models. They are available in 4 finishes, like the bookshelf ones. The Bronze 500 is the more developed model of the new range from Monitor Audio.


Enceintes colonne Monitor Audio Bronze 200

These Bronze 200 and Bronze 500 speakers are very well designed and give trust! They can be placed in mid-size listening rooms. The Bronze 500 are able to fill the sound space in large rooms, which is quite surprising for speakers in this price range.

By the way, in terms of sound reproduction, Monitor Audio took advantage of this renewal to upgrade its Bronze 200 and Bronze 500 speakers. They provide a clearer and more precise sound than the oldest models. The Monitor Audio Bronze 500 goes even further in the bass and dynamics. Very great successes!


Enceintes colonne Monitor Audio Bronze 500

In addition, if you are thinking of getting into vinyl and are looking for equipment, you should know that we offer you these Bronze 200 tower speakers from Monitor Audio, one of our ready-to-listen packages, the Rega Prestige. A complete associated that will show the full potential of these new speakers by Monitor Audio!


After the success of the previous Monitor Audio Bronze G6 speaker range, and when we see the performances offered by these new models, we are convinced that these ones will take the same path 🙂 Well-done to the British manufacturer!