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The 6th edition of the catalogue is here !

6ème édition du catalogue

New year, new catalogue! We are pleased to introduce you the sixth edition of the catalogue (in French), we hope you will like it as much as the previous ones.



What does the 6th edition of the catalogue have in store for you?

Since the very first edition, the catalogue aims to show you a wide selection of our flagship products among turntables, phono cartridges, phono preamplifiers, amplifiers, CD players, bookshelf and tower speakers, Hi-Fi cables

In this 6th edition, you will also find a lot of information and advice. And also new exclusive interviews allowing you to learn more about prestigious brands! For this new edition, we had the chance to interview Mr Heinz Lichtenegger from Musical Fidelity, Mr Shinobu Karaki from Aurorasound and the teams of the French brand Focal. Many thanks to them for their availability!



Discover the 6th edition of the catalogue

Do you want to discover our new catalogue now? Great news, we invite you to consult a digital version of this 6th edition, through the following links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.


We wish you a pleasant reading!