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Hearing the crackling sound of an old record worn from playing and time, feeling the emotions of the words and sound, letting the music truly seep in... These sensations bring back memories of those magical moments when you sat in the living room listening to - and not just hearing - the notes coming out of the record player.

The record player: a signature sound

In recent years, the new-found interest in these machines has brought back the magic. The record player is back in many homes, and is also part of the equipment used by all professionals in the music industry. offers record player models from prestigious brands to allow you to enjoy music at its best. On our website, you'll find leading brands with the guarantee of finding the ideal record player. These include Pro-Ject, Rega and Thorens, available to all with their entry level products, as well as Well Tempered, Mc Intosh, VPI and Consonance, who offer high end models. All you need to do now is get your records out of the attic and enjoy them.

You can use your record player to play everything from old classics to modern music

Amid the surge of interest for record players and their return in many homes, record companies are releasing new records and reissuing old records. The record player plugs easily into your next-generation Hi-Fi system, letting you experience the pure joy of listening to music where you can hear the detail and musicality in each and every note. Before buying a record player you need to determine its intended use. You'll naturally be able to listen to your 33 rpm and 45 rpm records, and even your shellacs. There are different models depending on the performances you're looking for. On, you'll find an unprecedented selection of record players, along with essential accessories, such as cartridges and phono preamps. This way, your record player will give your music the best sound quality.