2016 Customer Reviews

2016 Customer Reviews

Are you planning on acquiring Hi-Fi equipment soon? to help you choose from among all our products, we have gathered together the opinions left by our customers in 2016.

This guide includes some of the testimonies they left on our product pages: vinyl turntables, phono cartridges, phono preamplifiers, phono cables, accessories, etc. These comments will give you a clear idea of what would suit you best.

Thank you to all of our customers who so kindly left their comments!

Our customers comments on the vinyl turntables

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red Special Edition vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red Spéciale Edition

'Delighted! : On the advice of maplatine, I turned towards this Debut Carbon. The special edition is excellent value for money. The choice of preamp (I let myself be guided), a phono box DC is perfect. A high quality product and impeccable service (advice, delivery deadlines and packaging). '
Hugo F.

'FANTASTIC!!! : I had not listened to my vinyl records for 30 years as I no longer had a turntable! Dulled by the soullessness and ugliness of a CD, I decided to purchase a vinyl turntable and chose this PROJECT-DEBUT CARBON, (rapidly received in perfect packaging), quickly set up as it was already adjusted, and with shaking hands I placed one of my records and then...what a SHOOOOOCK, yes, yes, the sound is impressive, the instruments are heard clearly, more acoustic, taking up a space that is much greater than CDS. Magnificent! what joy, I can recommend this turntable to you without hesitation! '
Bruno B.

'A Marvel: After I decided to bring my vinyl records down from the attic, I phoned Ma Platine. The welcome was warm, the advice personalised and their help was decisive in my decision. The person I spoke to took the time to analyse my needs and desires (I was initially thinking about a more expensive turntable: that is professionalism). […] The product in itself is magnificent, with a sound and detail that bowls you over. This turntable is neutral, will not invent basses or dynamic range where there is none and above all needs none. The sound is pure and clear. Classical, jazz, rock, blues and even metal music is never lacking in quality. FANTASTIC at this price. I can tell you: 'act quickly' Thank you Ma Platine'
Bruno S.

'Excellent Product: I really want to thank the 'maplatine' team for the service it provides to its customers. I don't usually leave comments but this time I just have to... […] Finally, the listening quality of this turntable mounted on a sound system is once again better than what I could have hoped for. Well done'
Cyril L.

Pro-Ject VTE BT vertical vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Pro-Ject VTE BT

'Excellent buy: Parcel arrived within two days, super packaging, well done! I had a (small) doubt about the vertical operation, but no, it works perfectly. […] The advantage is that the turntable can thus be arranged on my desk as it takes up much less space (22 cm deep at the most!). And handling is much more practical than with a horizontal one, particularly for changing track, the record is at eye-level and the tonearm is handles more easily. The great sound (comparison with identical titles with the computer's wav files) is tracked through my Oppo digital preamplifier and produced by the active Genelecs and their subwoofer. Curiously, the sound is better with Bluetooth than with the preamplifier output of the turntable, which leads me to believe that its integrated preamp is not brilliant. I am therefore considering a high quality phono preamp. '
Jean J.

REGA Planar 1 Performance Pack vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Rega Planar 1 Performance Pack

'Perfect: Finding a replacement for my old Dual, that I really oved despite everything (especially by nostalgia and because it was my first turntable), is not easy. After a call to obtain some advice from an advisor, the choice was made. Clear, direct and perfect advice. Perfect, as after listening, you have to admit that the listening pleasure is vastly increased, clear, well balanced, with real life in the sound. It's pure delight. Really, if you have the chance, the Rega Pack Performance is a great choice. I took the Planar One directly with the Performance Pack, I could not say that it is quality sound without it. I have connected it to a Rega Brio R amp. '
Nicolas G.

REGA Planar 3 vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Rega Planar 3

'Magical: For several years I was equipped with a Marantz TT45 turntable with Ortofon MM cartridge "cheap", I thought I had a good sound even if it lacked a bit of "relief" (difficult to speak about sound in clear language). I had been eyeing up this Planar 3 turntable for several months and was hesitating, not knowing if this was really going to improve my listening pleasure. After talking with Franck several times, he advised me to use a Hana EL MC cartridge (I was going for an MM). […] I have to admit that the combination of the planar 3 with this cartridge is magical. With jazz, soul or even French variety and especially the 'lives', it is a genuine pleasure. There is no comparison with my old marantz. The instruments are all there, clearly distinguishable. Voices are superb. Combined with the Project tube box S preamp, the sound seems to "float" in the room. You have a concert in your living room. […] Thanks again goes to Franck for his enlightened advice and to the entire team at maplatine for the rapidity and quality of the shipment (packaging is not overlooked at maplatine!) '
Dominique T.

'Rega Planar 3 new: Bought the black model with Nagaoka MP 150 MM cartridge... Absolutely remarkable: its precision, rapid, controlled bass, sumptuous mids, fine treble, superb stereo and 3D image... I recommend it! Best Hifi purchase for a very long time. '
Philippe G.

Clearaudio Whitemotion vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Clearaudio Whitemotion

'Excellent turntable: I received my turntable after a short delay in delivery (mistake made by the deliverer), from the moment we unpacked it, you could see that the manufacturing quality of this turntable was very high.
It arrived already set up and ready for listening. Having said that I hastened to replace the cartridge supplied by an AT 150MLX already broken in. What a delight from the first listening, I have rediscovered my vinyl records and it has made me more certain that I have made an excellent purchase. I am now going to add a pre-amp and tube amp to it so as to get the best out of it
Philippe N.

'CLEARAUDIO WHITEMOTION: After two short weeks of breaking in, cartridge and pre-amp (lehmann cube SE2), the sound gradually opened up and the comparison with the CD or Bluetooth mostly favoured the vinyl. The textures of the woods and strings are without equal and make you want to play record after record. The turntable's look is also magnificent, and what a pleasure it is to play these 33 rpms in the best conditions. Thanks go to Franck for his advice on the purchase of the turntable and preamp. In the beginning, I did not count on investing as much (with the preamp), but I have absolutely no regrets, as the listening experience gives me so much pleasure. '
Jean-Paul M.

'excellent value for money: everything is in the title, received in perfect condition, finely adjusted, a little time was needed to break in the cartridge to bring it to life, coupled to an old axai amp and a pair of cm8 S2 (b&w)... the sound is crisp and the basses impressive, I changed the foot for the aluminium option, it's better. Thank you Maplatine.com for the expert advice... I can't wait to make my next purchase!
Thomas D.

'CLEARAUDIO WHITEMOTION: After unpacking and a ridiculously easy assembly thanks to the advice of MaPlatine, what a delight to listen to my vinyls again.
Rapid reception: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5. '
Mathieu D.

Clearaudio Concept MM Wood vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Clearaudio Concept MM Wood

'Super concept: : this is my first turntable. I wanted something simple that worked the first time while having a great sound. […] Result: the product is set up within 10 minutes, the sound is already excellent with MM, the turntable looks even better than on the photos. As for the service at maplatine.com, I want to say that they are extraordinary, the best service I have ever had on internet. They are very responsive with regard to advice, you are kept informed throughout the shipment process, the product is prepared/adjusted/checked beforehand (they even fitted the belt whereas Clearaudio already does practically everything and set the Smart Phono preamp), super-protected parcel and shipment abroad (DK) is rapid with no setbacks. In short, a very satisfied customer! '
Matthieu M.

Pro-Ject X-Tension 10 Evo vinyl turntable

Platine vinyle Pro-Ject X Tension 10 Evo

'MAJESTIC: After more than 20 minutes of talking on the phone to Olivier from maplatine.com and following his great advice, I chose the Pro-Ject X-tension 10 evo featuring a Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge. 5 days after ordering, I received a case weighing 50 kilos. Impressive quality of the packaging and design of the parcel. 40 years' experience with HiFi and I have never seen packaging like it. […] This black glossy turntable is a real jewel. My first LP, the music of the film Cabaret. Gently controlled basses, trebles and mids hold up well without harshness and evenly distributed in space, what a joy. I close my eyes, the Girls snap their fingers in front of me and I am in the Cabaret. A thousand thanks once again to Olivier and maplatine. A pity you are so far away. '
Claude S.

What our customers say about the phono cartridges

Ortofon 2M Bronze MM cartridge

Cellule MM Ortofon 2M Bronze

'As a replacement for the 2M Blue: Since I acquired a Hi-Fi vinyl turntable (Project RPM 5.1), I began with the 2M Red cartridge, superb value for money, you could not find better for €70. Then the 2M Blue, with a better depth and bass. So, evolution taking its course, I moved on to the 2M Bronze: a huge increase in clarity, detail, spatialization but slightly disappointed not to have improved evenness with the basses... hence my 4/5. But in any case, you sense a genuine improvement in comparison with the 2M Blue after a couple of hours listening. […]'
Fabien D.

'ORTO I'M MELTING DOWN! : Fitted on my Rega RP6 to replace an Elys 2, I have to say that the result is as surprising as unexpected. Indeed, I expected a clearer and more punchy sound (I already had a Red in the past), but not such precision and depth. The sound stage is considerably wider and 70% of the surface noise has disappeared. My vinyl records, which could not be compared with their digital recordings, now easily overtake them. In short, a very, very pleasant surprise. A huge thank you to Franck for all his advice and especially his musical ear. '
Pierre B.

Audio Technica AT440Mlb cartridge

Cellule MM Audio Technica AT440MLB

'Excellent cartridge with a superb stylus: As a replacement for a Rega Bias II, this cartridge works wonders. It is assembled with the essential spacer to ensure that the tonearm remains horizontal given the extra 2 mm in height. In my mind, Audio-Technica above all had a low-end image: how could I be so wrong? The difference is clear and this AT 440MLb sound admirably well, particularly with is superb stylus that reproduces many details with clarity and energy. The sound stage is even wider. […]'
Pascal G.

Dynavector DV10X5 High Output MC cartridge

Cellule MC Dynavector DV 10X5

'A winner! : This wonderful cartridge has everything going for it: full and detailed sound stage, excellent textures, neutrality, punch and above all a magnificent softness. With a Sennheiser HD 650, it's like honey for the ears! '
Christophe L.

Hana SL MC cartridge

Cellule MC Hana SL

'High-quality textures! : I changed my mind at the last moment by opting for and in place of an Ortofon Quintet Black S to replace the MM cartridge of my ClearAUdio Performances DC.
A great choice, especially coupled with the Graham Slee Elevator EXP. Already, without the breaking in, the whole assembly generates an unrivalled texture and dynamic range. Generally, I have more confidence in my ears than tests, but I have to admit that Franck's analysis was spot on. Would highly recommend! '
Daniel L.

'Magnificent: I fitted this cartridge to a Rega RP40 on the precious advice of Franck, and after a short twenty or so hours of breaking in, what delights! Everything lies in the precision, in the details.
Magnificent to rediscover my vinyls. Highly recommended! […]'
Jean-Michel D.

'Sublime: After the breaking-in period, I am happy to amplify my satisfaction listening to this marvellous Hana SL cartridge. After my tests, and there are many of them!!!! I am content with the softness, within a clear and mind-blowing playback. '
Antoine F.

Benz Micro MC ACE SL cartridge

Cellule MC Benz Micro ACE SL

'Superb when combined with the Dynavecteur 505: This cartridge is superb for the Dynavecteur 505 tonearm (medium - heavy). Creamy basses, sharp and detailed trebles. Complete happiness. Having recently acquired the Dynavecteur tonearm, I note that this tonearm is a level above the Acos Lustre GST1 that it replaces (not the same cost) and that is was already very good. '
Aliro V.

Transfiguration Phoenix S MC cartridge

Cellule MC Transfiguration Phoenix S

'What a natural sound! : This cartridge is worthy of a suitable preamp to express all its qualities. Under optimum conditions for setting the impedance, the result is an amazingly natural and fluid sound, leaving any digital source standing. Forget surface noises and slightly difficult ends of records... the playback and tracking are perfect from start to finish. […]'
Gilles B.

Kiseki Purpleheart NS MC cartridge

Cellule MC Kiseki Purpleheart NS

'Magical! This outstanding cartridge makes you shiver with delight from the outset. It emits a fantastic musicality. CD will never attain such perfection. On the Tapestry album by Carole King issued by Mofi, you are transported by her sublime voice. You approach perfection in the trebles and high-mids. In the Doolittle album by the Pixies, you reach the summits by listening to basses of mind-blowing depth on the track 'Hey'. My enthusiasm is merited and I thank the creator Mr. Van den Drungen for re-issuing this Purpleheart. As a final word, it has a very pleasing design that gives pretty reflections on my Clearaudio turntable. For information, it is easily compatible with all types of music and my JM Reynaud speakers. Bravo to Franck for his passion. Highly recommended if your resources allow! '
Molson M.

Customer reviews of phono preamps

Rega Fono Mini A2D phono preamp

Préamplificateur phono Rega Fono Mini A2D

'Excellent! : I needed a preamp to use my Rega P2 on my new amp. The Rega fono AD2 fulfils its role beyond all I could hope for (textures, warmth, sound stage). Delivered in 3 days in neutral and very protective packaging. I am delighted with the product AND the service. '

Pro-Ject Phono Box S phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Pro-Ject Phono Box S

'WHAT A DELIGHT: Purchased on the excellent advice of Olivier from maplatine, nothing to say, apart from the fact that I should have acquired this preamp much earlier! Featured on Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB DC turntable, 2m Blue cartridge, Connect It CC cable and MPL interconnect. In short, what happiness'
Frederic W.

'great product: Super product with a disconcerting possibility of adjustment for novices... Fortunately, the site responds quickly and well to all your questions... Very satisfied with the product but especially with the help provided with the adjustments... '
Fabien G.


'new horizons... ! : As a Hi-Fi beginner, and wanting to upgrade gradually, I took this preamp while combining it with a Ortofon 2M Blue PnP cartridge, clipped onto my Technics SL 1210 MK2 turntable, clearly practical for trying out several cartridge configurations (soon, Back to Mono!)... An absolute delight! I have rediscovered my vinyl records: they are now clearer and more vibrant. A first hint at what the word 'timbre' means. By the way, a huge thank you to the team for their advice, whether before the purchase for the choice of model from a good half-dozen, or after, for the adjustment phase. everything is impeccable'
Noël M.

Thorens MM008 ADC phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Thorens MM008 ADC

'Excellent: I bought this phono preamplifier to save my old vinyl records to my PC, and the result is amazing, the sound quality is outstanding, and both using and installing the unit is easy, what bliss. I recommend this preamplifier, which is sober but very effective for digital recordings. The BEST! '
Luc D.

Lehmann Audio Black Cube phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Lehmann Audio Black Cube

'Superb sounds!! : I use it with a Heed OBELISK SI amp and a Clearaudio CONCEPT MM turntable and the result is quite simply excellent, very good sounds, I have rediscovered my vinyl records...certainly the best Phono pre-amp in this price range; and you can even upgrade with an external power supply, I dare not imagine the result!! Sole reservation: the settings on the back of the device...the user guide is relatively obscure for me, happily the Ma Platine technicians did the settings before shipping according to the specifications of my cell. '
Thierry L.

Clearaudio Smart Phono V2 phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Clearaudio Smart Phono V2

'Clothes do not make the man! : Small in size but great in rigour, musicality and ease of extracting the details of recordings, quite simply astounding. No setting was lacking and the finish is impressive. Associated with the Concept MM turntable, my cd turntable with exterior converter (€7,000!!!) takes the shock. '
Salim M.

Jolida JD9 SE1 phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Jolida JD9 SE1

'Beauty: A musical product that rings true in all tonalities. Easy to use with a superb result It is worth listening to high quality vinyl records with this amp, as it has high capacities for a device of this price. Thanks to France for his sound advice. '
Molson M.

Rega Aria phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Rega Aria

'Excellent preamp: I am fully satisfied with this Rega Aria. I currently have a REGA RP 40 turntable (derived from the RP 3 for the 40th anniversary of the brand), featuring an Elys 2 cartridge. I thinks that you can do better with a moving coil cartridge, such as the Apheta for example. But is the high price justified? Thank you'
Thierry L.

Rega Aria phono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Rega Aria

'Excellent preamp: I am fully satisfied with this Rega Aria. I currently have a REGA RP 40 turntable (derived from the RP 3 for the 40th anniversary of the brand), featuring an Elys 2 cartridge. I thinks that you can do better with a moving coil cartridge, such as the Apheta for example. But is the high price justified? Thank you'
Thierry L.

Aurorasound Vidaphono preamplifier

Préamplificateur phono Aurorasound Vida

'A bomb: I had the possibility of listening to this outstanding phono preamp on my fully symmetrical system... and I felt fairly happy with my previous phono preamp... Well, well... the result totally floored me... The dynamic range is incredible and the tracking ability... timbres... sound stage... everything is perfect. The device is part of my system and will no longer leave. It is indeed a budget but given such a result you can say that it is a very long time purchase. '
Gilles B.

Our customer reviews of vinyl turntable accessories

Tonar Koolstof antistatic brush

Brosse antistatique Tonar Koolstof

'Good value for money: The brush does the job at an unassuming cost. I have just purchased a turntable and my records had a lot of noise. The sound became clear again after using the brush. The little extra: the small brush for the stylus and the storage box. '
Emmanuel G.

Polypro sleeves for 33 rpm

Pochettes polypro 33 tours

' Superb: Very good quality and finish, good appearance. both with singles and very thick double albums. Super. Ultra-quick shipment too, thank you. :) '
Frederic M.

'Effective protection: Solid and pretty, these sleeves provide great protection by preventing vinyl records from wearing down with time and from amassing dust. I put them on all my records. '
Thibault B.

'Excellent sleeves! : These polypro sleeves will refine your most beautiful vinyl sleeves. Genuinely transparent and a good thickness. Amazing result. I find that the value for money is indeed there. Thank you maplatine.com'
Marco C.

'PERFECT SLEEVE: Effectively protects the vinyl sleeves and gives a new appearance when it is slightly worn. '
Alain V.

Pure Vinyl record cleaning product

Produit de nettoyage de disques Pure Vinyl

« EXCELLENT!! : This product has proved to be the best on the market and I have used at least four of them, really effective. […] If you purchase and listen to old vinyl records (60/70's), this product is essential for obtaining a genuinely good listening quality, naturally provided that the record is only dirty. '
Thierry L.

'A magical product! : Associated with the Tonar WOODGOAT brush, this product works miracles in under 2 minutes. Spray, spread out with the brush in one sense then the other, wipe with a lint free cleaning cloth and it's done. Thanks to this product, I was able to restore records that I thought were totally ruined and was ready to replace them. You must try it! '
Pascal B.

Analogis Mat 5 felt/carbon fibre platter

Couvre-plateau feutre/carbone Analogis Mat 5

'the sound: after trying many platter mats, I used my records directly on the platter made dynamic but a bit 'metallic'. This Mat 5 is not heard, and retains tracking ability and dynamic'
Claude C.

Tonar Knosti Record record cleaning machine

Machine à laver les disques Tonar Knosti Record

'Super: I have been using it for more than 3 years now and this machine is perfect. For occasional use, it is completely suitable (very dirty second-hand records, for example). […]'

'Not perfect, but good results: We were initially sceptical about this record cleaning machine but it is fairly effective. Although some recordings such as the Philips and CBS for example are not sensitive to crackling and other clicks and pops (in any case, mine), the RCA recordings from the 70-80's widely feature them. All the faults will not naturally disappear, but after a first cleaning (5 turns in each direction) a particularly recalcitrant RCA saw much of the crackling disappear! The visual appearance of the disks is also met by recovering a new appearance. The liquid also seems to act as a plastic renovator. As for the practicality of handling, it is obvious that it is not an automatic machine and that this takes a bit of time. […] Finally, it is nevertheless a really useful product and the reusable liquid is a real advantage. '
Pascal G.

Flux Hifi Sonic stylus cleaner

Nettoyeur de diamant Flux Hifi Sonic

'Amazing: Relatively dear, but so effective that you will not regret the purchase. The stylus recovers all its qualities, the listening becomes transparent and the records are grateful for it. '
Alain C.

'Superb! : Thank you! I could no longer take looking for the best way to clean my cartridge. The result is jaw-dropping! The cartridge recovered its new status. A great buy! '
Thomas D.

Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro Silver record cleaning machine

Machine à laver Clearaudio Smart Matrix Pro Silver

'Amazing results!! : Super machine, I use it with the Clearaudio Pure Groove brush to spread the product and then with the Milty Duo Pad brush for the cleaning stage. You have to insist for a fair time while applying enough of the cleaning product and the result is incredible... I mainly buy 60's records and I can recover a near new listening quality for records that have been stored correctly. Thank you to Ma Platine for letting me try out this machine. '
Thierry L.

Our customer reviews of phono cables

Supra Biline Phono phono cable

Câble phono Supra Biline Phono

'Excellent value for money: To replace the cable supplied by project on a carbon esprit SB turntable. What can I say? Quite simply more transparency, better sound spatialisation. Great savings for the money! I recommend it. Product collected on site. Great welcome, very friendly. '
Emmanuel G.

Pro-Ject Connect It RCA CC phono cable

Câble phono Pro-Ject Connect it RCA CC

'Guaranteed investment: After looking at and reading everything on the web regarding the importance of wiring, I jumped in. GUARANTEED Investment! Coupled between a Debut Carbone Esprit DC SB featuring a 2m Blue and Phonobox S. I should have taken the plunge way before now. Many thanks to Olivier de Maplatine for all his advice. '
Frederic W.

'Must Have: It is day and night between the original cable of my pro-ject and this one. the almost non-existent background noise gives the best possible listening experience. It is an essential buy to get the best out of one's records. Excellent Maplatine service! Thank you'
Matthieu B.

Atlas Hyper Integra TT phono cable

Câble phono Atlas Hyper Integra TT

'Excellent value for money: Nothing to say! The efficiency will be even better over time and after the break-in period ;-) '
Daniel L.

Tellurium Q Blue phono cable

Câble phono Tellurium Q Blue

'Excellent: Gentle on the harsh sounds but well-defined, with a deep and fairly wide image. This cable seems natural to me and is very discreet. The emotion comes through. '
Stéphane V.