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Some gift ideas to delight your beloved for Valentine’s Day

Idées cadeaux Saint-Valentin

In a few days it is Valentine’s Day… A nice opportunity to please your beloved, right? If this one is a music lover, maybe these few gift ideas will help you make your choice 🙂



A very first rurntable as Valentine’s Day gift

Your beloved is a music enthusiast? Why not introduce him or her the world of vinyl and analogue by offering a very first turntable for Valentine’s Day!

And if you think you do not have enough budgets for choose a turntable, you are wrong! Currently, Hi-Fi manufacturers offer affordable turntables, thus making analogue accessible to small budgets. For our greater pleasure!

Recently, Pro-Ject has launched its T1 turntable range, a series composed of several models depending on your needs, and above all with outstanding qualities for this price (from 269€), both in terms of restitution and finish!


Platine vinyle Pro-Ject T1

Other manufacturer such as Audio Technica with the AT-LP120X turntable or Rega with the Planar 1 turntable, are quality choices to get started with vinyl!



Some records to listen for Valentine’s Day

When you have a turntable in your living room, you must enjoy it… For that, vinyl records are of course essential!

Among our selection of audiophile records, you will find a wide choice of records from renowned music labels such as Speakers Corner, Mobile Fidelity, Pure Pleasure, etc… From 33 rpm to maxi 45 rpm, from single to double LP, and even a nice box, there is something for every taste and every budget!


Disques vinyles aduiophiles

Offering a record to an enthusiast is the guarantee of always pleasing, without spending a lot of money 🙂



Portable Hi-Fi products to offer for Valentine’s Day

If your beloved is a music lover, then maybe he/she enjoys their music library wherever they go? There are Hi-Fi solutions available to keep your listening quality at its best, wherever you are.

The Hi-Fi headphones by Grado allow you to enjoy high quality headphone listening, thanks to their audiophile design, without disturbing your family and friends. The SR80e model is a must-have for!


Casque Grado SR80e

Another solution, this time for a diffused listening, is the small portable and autonomous speakers. Essential in the current connected world, we offer you on our website portable speakers that combine audio quality and low prices. For example, we can mention the Scansonic BT 150 portable Bluetooth speaker (for less than 100€!), or the VG1 model by Soundcast. Nice gift ideas that are sure to please your music-loving beloved!


Enceinte portable Bluetooth Soundcast VG1

Enjoy our current offers to delight your beloved for Valentine’s Day

Currently, you can find on a selection of products at affordable prices: vinyl turntables, phono preamplifiers, Hi-Fi speakers, CD players, amplifiers, and many others… Why not enjoy it for Valentine’s Day?



This list of gift ideas is of course exhaustive, but it may help you to find a nice surprise for your loved one for Valentine’s Day! However, please note that there are only a few days left before Valentine’s Day and thus to receive your gift in time for February 14th 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day to all (music) lovers!