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Our technicians customize a Pro-Ject turntable

Platine Pro-Ject customisée

Have you always wanted to create your own turntable? Well our technicians (almost) did it! Indeed, they decided to customize a Pro-Ject flagship vinyl record player: the 6-Perspex SB turntable.


Why customize a turntable?

First of all, this customized turntable was made as part of a personal project by our technicians. Unfortunately, this is not a service we offer to our customers. However, this can give some ideas to the most DIY enthusiasts 😉

Indeed, if the plinth of your turntable is deteriorated over time or during improper handling, changing it can be an option to give it a “makeover”. This can also be the solution if you want to change the appearance of your vinyl record player: wood finish, matt finish, glossy finish… Up to you and your tastes!

Customized Pro-Ject 6-Perspex SB turntable - 1

Before customizing a turntable, know that this requires precision work and specific technical skills.


How was the Pro-Ject 6-Perspex turntable customized?

The most characteristic part of the Pro-Ject 6-Perspex SB turntable is certainly its transparent acrylic plinth! To give it a completely new look, a bit more “vintage”, our technicians replaced the plinth of the turntable with a double bonded beechwood plinth. This base has been made according to the same dimensions as the original acrylic plinth.

Customized Pro-Ject 6-Perspex SB turntable - 1


The different places housing the Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution tonearm, SB motor, or repulsive magnets feet have also been cut in this new plinth to be able to reassemble these components.

Customized Pro-Ject 6-Perspex SB turntable - repulsive magnets



Once this cabinetmaking work was complete, our technicians were able to reassemble the different detached parts. They also mounted the Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge on this turntable.


A second youth for this Pro-Ject 6-Perspex SB turntable! 🙂