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Brand-new MC cartridges at Ortofon

Nouvelles cellules MC Ortofon

Today, the Danish manufacturer Ortofon is part of the most famous and prestigious company in Hi-Fi. So, it is always a great pleasure to welcome new Ortofon MC cartridges on our website!



The Ortofon Century MC cartridge

Hundred years ago, Ortofon began its great adventure in the phono cartridges design! To properly celebrate its hundredth birthday, Ortofon is releasing this year an exceptional cartridge: the Century MC cartridge!


Ortofon Century MC cartridge

This Ortofon Century cartridge illustrates the entire Danish manufacturer’s know-how in terms of low output MC cartridges manufacturing: body made out of titanium, laser welding, high-purity copper coils, cobalt and iron alloy for the generator… All of these components enable outstanding performances!

In terms of restitution, “outstanding” would be once again the appropriate word… Thanks to its wonderful Replican 100 stylus, this Century offers such a playing precision and an exclusive tracking which does not exist on others stylus profiles! However, it is obvious that the Ortofon Century cannot be afford by everyone… But the investment is worth it!


Ortofon Century MC cartridge

Produced in just few copies, has the opportunity to propose you this unique cartridge! Ortofon’s hundredth birthday will never be forgotten! 🙂



The Ortofon SPU #1 E and SPU #1 S cartridges

Prestigious for six decades, the Ortofon’s SPU range is today completed by two new models: the SPU #1 E and the SPU #1 S.

Since the opening, we find the Ortofon SPU cartridges’ characteristic shape. Like others models, these new Ortofon MC cartridges can be settled on an “S” tonearm which have a bayonet connector. Regarding to the restitution, we can also find all of SPU model’s success elements: musicality, tone, dynamic…


Ortofon SPU 1 S MC cartridge

What is the difference between these two models? Their stylus profile! Indeed, the SPU #1 E cartridge holds an elliptical stylus, while the SPU #1 S holds a spherical stylus. The elliptical stylus enables obtain an even more detailed and precise restitution. So, if you are a fan of this kind of sound, we can only advise you to choose the SPU #1 E! The model has already been rewarded by Stereoplay for its audiophiles qualities!


Ortofon SPU 1 E MC cartridge



After hundred years of existence, the future still shines bright for the oldest phono cartridges manufacturer in the world! 🙂