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Back to school 2017 selection

The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding (Atlantic 2017)

The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding
This new opus of The War on drugs is the perfect soundtrack to make your heard beat during back to school. Adam Granduciel, the conductor of orchestra of this excellent band, once again delivers an album of high quality with intoxicating songs of great wealth that are influenced by numerous genres such as Rock, Krautrock, and more. His vocals can remind you of those of Springsteen (it is a comparison that is often made) and this adds a complementary note to the whole. I would be incapable of recommending a particular song as the whole album is of great coherence and is worth listening to in one breath!



Motörhead – Under Cöver (Motörhead Music 2017)

Motorhead - Under Cover
As I say often, its Motörhead! After the sad disappearance of Mr Lemmy, it is a pleasure to find this compilation of their main remakes, and especially a completely new one with the famous “Heroes” of David Bowie. This song is the biggest success of this LP: the intensity of Motörhead gives us a really great song. There are some very good songs like “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols, or the excellent remake of “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Stones as well as less remarkable songs. But we are not going to deny ourselves of the pleasure.



Apollo Brown & Planet Asia – Anchovies (Mello Music Group 2017)

Apollo Brown and Planet Asia - Ancholies
By associating himself with Planet Asia, the veteran of the west coast, the stakhanoviste Apollo Brown delivers us with Anchovies his 19th album since 2007! He offers us a LP of quality, which is one of my favorites, by using a softer style with well chosen instruments and Soul/Funk samples that go well together. The Duo fits wondrously and delivers us small gems like “Diamonds” as well as “The Aura”. A wonderful success.