Pro-Ject Sub Box 50 subwoofer

Sold individually

Active sub

50w RMS

Cut-off frequency setting

RCA and speaker inputs

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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Pro-Ject designed this small Sub Box 50 subwoofer to be associated to the Speaker Box 5 bookshelf speakers and Speaker Box 10 tower speakers.


The chassis made of high-quality MDF is strong and robust. It takes up 3 lacquer finishes of the Speaker Box: black, white and red.

The transducer is a 13 cm woofer specially designed by Pro-Ject. It is full of closed volume.


The back panel of the Sub Box 50 is fitted with an aluminium plate for the connections and adjustments. Those proposed are the level and the cut-off frequency to adjust and optimize the connection between the Hi-Fi speakers.

You can adjust the Pass-Bas between 65 and 150 hz.

A switch offers an automatic mode that cut the Sub when there is no signal (during 10 minutes) and turns it on when there is a signal.

Another switch toggles the acoustic phase from 0 to 180° following the placement of the sub related to the speakers. This setting adjusts at the ear following the best bass quality.


You can connect the Sub Box 50 to your amplifier in 3 different ways:

- Your amp (such as the Cambridge Audio AX R85) has a Mono Out SUB output, so in this case use the RCA (L) MONO input of the Sub 50;

- Your amp has a stereo pre-out output (such as the Rotel A10 integrated amp), so connect it to the RCA Stereo Low level input of the Sub 50;

- And if your amp does not have any oh these connections, so you need to connect to with a (stereo) speaker cable in parallel to your speakers on the (High Level Input) speaker terminal of the SUB 50. By the way, this last configuration seems to be the best option in terms of dynamic and homogeneity.


We have connected the Pro-Ject Sub Box 50 to the high-level input on our amplifier, as well as a pair of Speaker Box 5 speakers. We have opted for a filter setting around 70hz.

It delivers a wide and dynamic sound, and adds an octave in the bass with easy and coherence.

The Pro-Ject Sub Box 50 subwoofer not only complements the Pro-Ject Speaker Box speakers, but also works wonders with other small bookshelf speakers from competing manufacturers.

Recommended product!


Output voltage: 50 W RMS, 100 W power peak

Distortion: 0.015 %

Woofer: 130 mm Ø

Chassis: MDF

Frequency response: 38 Hz - 160 Hz (–3dB)

Input sensitivity: 140 mV (low output)

Input sensitivity: 3.5 V (high output)

Inputs: 1 pair of RCA (low output) and mono RCA

Inputs: speakers (high output)

Mono speaker cable

Dimensions: 205 x 280 x 205 mm

Weight: 6 kg

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Scène sonore plus large

J'ai associé ce caisson de basse avec des enceinte bibliothèque JBL L 52.
Les aigus et les mediums sont plus détaillés et le scène sonore plus ample.
Le caisson est beau et bien fini.
Je suis pleinement satisfait, un vrai plus.


Un vrai plus

Un vrai plus à ajouter à votre système son. Toutes les pistes sonnent désormais bien mieux, surtout avec de la musique de type reggae, rock&metal, électronique et jazz!
Une merveille

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Pro-Ject Sub Box 50 subwoofer

Pro-Ject Sub Box 50 subwoofer

Sold individually

Active sub

50w RMS

Cut-off frequency setting

RCA and speaker inputs

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