Thorens MM008 phono preamplifier

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier 

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Manufacturer : THORENS

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After years of dedicated service, the Thorens MM 005 has finally been replaced by the MM 008! The Swiss manufacturer must have poured all of its efforts into improving this best-selling model - and it was worth it!

On the back panel there is an RCA input for moving magnet cartridges (MM) and another for moving coil cartridges (MC). The two circuits are completely separate and can be selected via a switch on the back panel. This is an attractive feature if you own two turntables or two tonearms. The MM input has a load of 47 kohms and a capacitance of 200 Pf. The MC input can accommodate jacks with the appropriate resistive loads (10, 100 and 1 Kohms), ensuring perfect compatibility with the majority of cartridges on the market.

It has an external power supply which delivers a stable and silent 24V direct current. The casing is quite massive and the brushed aluminium front panel is quite something! The on/off switch is positioned on the back of the preamp, and a blue LED light will indicate when it is switched on. The production quality is excellent - understated but effective, not a bad word to say about it.

The listening experience is transparent and punchy. The noise level is very low, inaudible even. The sound quality is very clean, defined and precise and does justice to every register. Overall it is very well-balanced, which is an undeniable advantage, making it compatible with many cartridge models. Indeed, this neutrality makes it very versatile.


Compatibility: MM/MC

MM load: 47 KOhms / 220 pF

MM gain: 40 dB

MM signal-to-noise-ratio: > 86 dB

MM harmonic distortion: < 0.013%

MM input sensitivity: 3.29 mV

MC loads: 10, 100, and 1 Kohms

MC gain: 60 dB

MC signal-to-noise-ratio: > 72 dB

MC harmonic distortion: < 0.055 %

MC input sensitivity: 0.325 mV

Frequency response (-3 dB): 10Hz-50Khz

RIAA accuracy: +/- 0.3 dB

Crosstalk: > 40 dB

Output impedance: 47 Ohms

MM input: RCA

MC input: RCA

Analogue output: RCA stereo

Power supply: Outboard 24v/Dc

Consumption: 3.4 W/15 mA

Weight: 505 g (without power supply)

Dimensions: 150x50x117 mm

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Thorens MM008 phono preamplifier

Thorens MM008 phono preamplifier

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier 

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