Ortofon ST-70 transformer

24 and 30 dB of selectable gain

Lundahl transformers

Double Mono

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : ORTOFON

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The Ortofon ST-70 transformer is naturally equipped with a double mono design.

The ST-70 is equipped with a printed circuit of very high quality and different following the channel.

Ortofon has decided to use the less internal wiring as possible. It allows you to remove crosstalk and intermodulation distortion while keeping the whole signal. This results in a more accurate reproduction with a significantly increased stereoscopic image.


Ortofon has chosen very high quality Lundahl ™ transformers, surrounded by a specific mu-metal shielding. This eliminates all sources of internal and external interference.

These associated elements make the Ortofon ST-70 transformer one of the most silent and most revealing transformers currently available with the famous Ortofon ST 80 SE transformer.

In addition, the 24K gold-plated RCA plug use an insulator made of PTFE. They give optimal insulation and conductivity that allow you to connect very high-quality cables.


It is factory set to configuration B, i.e. at 30 dB gain and with a resistive load suitable for phono cartridge with an internal impedance of less than 10 ohms. Which corresponds to Ortofon Cadenza Black or Windfeld Ti MC cartridges.

To switch to configuration A, just remove the 4 screws holding the cover and move jumpers 2 on each side of the circuit as it is shown.


The Ortofon ST-70 has been designed for the Cadenza range of the Danish manufacturer. We associated the ST-70 to Ortofon Cadenza Blue and Windfeld MC cartridges, as well as to a high-quality MM phono preamplifier.

The restitution is outstanding for its timbre quality and detail level.

The sound scene is surprising by its width and opening. The Ortofon ST-70 offers precise tonal balance and realism, without coloration.

Definition and transparency are well above what is generally found with competing transformers in this price range.

The dynamic is also to be congratulated as it is at the level of the best phono MC cross-sections available. 

If you have a low impedance and low output MC cartridge and an excellent phono preamplifier, this Ortofon ST-70 transformer is a high-performance alternative to high-end MC phono preamplifiers!



Configuration A:

Recommended cartridge impedance: 5-50 ohms

Gain: 24 dB at 1 kHz

Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 100 kHz (+/- 1 dB)

Output: 47 kOhm / 200 pF

Configuration B:

Recommended cartridge impedance: < 10 Ohms

Gain: 30 dB at 1 kHz

Bandwidth: 10 Hz - 80 kHz (+/- 1 dB)

Output: 47 kOhm / 200 pF

General characteristics:

Dimensions: 58 x 135 x 150 mm

Weight: 1.250 kg

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Ortofon ST-70 transformer

Ortofon ST-70 transformer

24 and 30 dB of selectable gain

Lundahl transformers

Double Mono

Made in Japan

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