Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo manual vinyl turntable

Rigid turntable (25 kg)

12 inches Evolution carbon fibre tonearm.

33 rpm and 45 rpm speed change by Speed Box 

Heavy platter

Connect It cable

Cartridge not included



Le bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

4 490,00 €

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This vinyl turntable crowns the 20 years of research, innovation and passion of Pro-Ject, the Austrian manufacturer. The Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo turntable clearly shows its very high end ambitions in its design and look.

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo: plinth

The large MDF plinth has a varnished natural wood veneer, or a stunning glossy piano black. It is weighted and damped by metal granules. The designer had the superb idea of incorporating an ultra-precise speed control in the plinth.

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo turntable

The plinth of this Pro-Ject turntable is supported by four aluminium feet with repelling magnets that keep it in magnetic levitation!

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo: platter

The platter, this time for reasons of weight, is not acrylic but a stainless steel alloy. It is damped on the inner side by a TPE layer, and on its upper side by a mat of compressed records.

At its base, there is a circular magnet in phase opposition with the turntable, thus relieving the spindle and its bearing through magnetic repulsion.

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo: tonearm

The tonearm housing is also damped and isolated from vibration. It can receive almost all the tonearms on the market.

Pro-Ject offers several versions of this X-Tension 12 Evo, that is without tonearm, or with a proprietary tonearm, the 12cc Evolution, or with an Ortofon RS-309D or RS-309S tonearm. 

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo turntable

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo: setting up

We must first tell you that given the range within which it lies, this Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 is sublimely easy to install and use.

Naturally, a minimum of care is needed to set it up: a stable, perfectly horizontal base, and preferably a heavy and inert plinth. The cartridge and the phono preamp must not be neglected too much either. 

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo: listening and review

As soon as the stylus graces the groove, you are caught up and astonished by the fluidity of the musical message reproduced. The textures are rich and very 'classical'. The treble rises high with no sharpness without muffling details.

For 'Take Five' by Dave Brubeck, the drum solo is reproduced with great rhythm and consistency. No surface noise masks the creaking of the base drum pedal.

For 'My girl' by Patricia Barber, you find a sensuous and clear voice, perfectly supported by the double base, with highly credible and stupendous guitar solo attacks. You pinch yourself as you play vinyl record after vinyl record with unparalleled joy and disarming ease, so great is this machine's faculty of giving priority to listening pleasure…

We must sat that Pro-Ject has surprised us in a range where we were not expecting! The Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo turntable is an attractive and good alternative to VPI, Clearaudio…


Plinth: MDF rigid

Feet: (4) aluminium, decoupled by magnetic repulsion

Motor: AC, mounted rigidly on the turntable

Speed: 33 rpm to 45 rpm by built-in Speed box. 78T manual

Platter: Aluminium, with vinyl compression platter mat

Platter weight and diameter: 10 kg and 30 cm

Spindle: Inverted with magnetic repulsion

Bearing: Ceramic ball with stainless steel inverse spindle

Tonearm: Project 12CC Evolution

Tonearm dimensions: 304.8 mm

Compatibility: Cartridges from 4 to 22 g with a tracking force between 1 g and 3.5 g

Speed stability: +/-0.09 %

Wow: +/-0.01 %

Signal-to-noise ratio: -73 dB

Motor: AC synchronous

Clamp: Record Puck

Power supply: 15V/1A DC

Tonearm cables: 5-pin Din Connect-It 5P CC

Dust cover: Yes

Consumption 2 W

Dimensions: 550 x 250 x 450 mm

Weight: 25 kg

Customer reviews
(2 reviews)

Customer reviews


Fabuleuse platine à recommander sans hésitation

Grâce au conseils avisés de Franck mon choix s'est porté sur cette magnifique platine, vraiment superbe dans sa finition laque piano noire.
Mise en service très simple, merci Franck pour le préréglage du superbe bras carbone pour ma cellule Hana Sl.
L'ensemble est extrêmement musical: fluidité, dynamique image holographique, bruit de surface très réduit, même sur des disques anciens assez abimés le bruit des rayures interfère très peu avec la musique, celà donne une reproduction extrêmement naturelle et captivante de tous les genres musicaux musique
Merci encore à Franck et Olivier pour leur professionnalisme et leur sympathie, si toutes les sociétés françaises pouvaient être aussi sérieuses....
Amitiés musicales de Suisse



Cette platine est magnifique.
Finition de très grande classe,construction irréprochable.
Technologie exceptionnelle,tout en étant très simple d'utilisation.
Aucun bruit de surface,aucune distorsion,aucune résonance parasite.
Cette platine+la cellule évidemment (ortofon MC cadenza black)restitue les plus infimes nuances de nos disques favoris.
C'est un produit de haute technologie.
Merci pour les conseils avises de toute l'équipe de ma
Encore merci et bravo.

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Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo manual vinyl turntable

Pro-Ject X-Tension 12 Evo manual vinyl turntable

Rigid turntable (25 kg)

12 inches Evolution carbon fibre tonearm.

33 rpm and 45 rpm speed change by Speed Box 

Heavy platter

Connect It cable

Cartridge not included



Le bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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