Pro-Ject The Classic turntable

Manual vinyl turntable
9” carbon fibre/aluminium tonearm
Suspended sub-platter
Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Pro-Ject The Classic vinyl record player was first unveiled at the Munich 2016 trade fair. And thanks to the combination of many exciting new features and Pro-Ject's timeless and unique aesthetic, it unsurprisingly attracted a lot of press attention.

Pro-Ject The Classic : Plinth, platter and feet

At first glance, it bears a strong resemblance to a certain famous Scottish turntable. But if we take a closer look at the history, this Scottish product, released in the late 1970s, was based on an even older product released in the 1960s!

The Pro-Ject The Classic vinyl turntable has been built with a beautiful wooden frame available in three finishes: Rosenut, Walnut and Eucalyptus.

Pro-Ject The Classic Plinth

This plinth is made from high-density MDF topped with a sheet of aluminium. It is decoupled using 6 TPE-damped balls.

The bearing is attached to the sub-platter, and is encased in a bronze housing with a Teflon thrust pad.

The platter is made of solid aluminium, and has a TPE ring around its inner edge to prevent resonance.

Pro-Ject The Classic Platter

This plinth sandwich sits on height adjustable damping feet.

Pro-Ject The Classic Feet

Pro-Ject The Classic : Motor and drive

The AC motor is driven by a DC power supply and controlled by a generator. This high precision component is attached to the underside of the frame, and doesn’t physically touch the main plinth, to which the bearing and tonearm are attached.

The speed can be changed manually between 33⅓ and 45 rpm by moving the drive belt to the desired cog.

Pro-Ject The Classic : Tonearm and cartridge

The tonearm is a brand new model based on the Pro-Ject 9CC. It may look very similar to the 9CC, but it has in fact undergone several modifications.

For example, its 9” tonearm tube is made up of an aluminium and carbon fibre sandwich, which gives it very low levels of resonance and excellent rigidity, as well as an effective mass that is 60% higher than the original model.

Its bearings and gimbals have been completely overhauled, and are now Japanese components assembled with meticulous precision.

The counterweight is made of stainless steel and is not graduated, which means it requires a gauge to adjust the tracking force.

The VTA and azimuth are, of course, also fully adjustable.

Rival vinyl turntables are usually delivered either without a cartridge altogether or with a small Audio Technica. But when you buy the The Classic Pro-Ject delivers it with the excellent Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge. You can, of course, replace this with an MC cartridge or an Ortofon 2M Black MM cartridge, or even the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.

Pro-Ject The Classic Phono cartridge

Pro-Ject The Classic : Phono cable and accessories

Its phono cable is not captive, and can therefore be replaced by a higher quality model at a later date. Which is not to say that this original cable doesn't do the job well – it is a very decent cable.

Pro-Ject The Classic Phono cable

The Pro-Ject The Classic turntable is delivered with a dust cover.

Pro-Ject The Classic : Listening and test review

The sound quality of this turntable definitely reflects the high standard of the resources used to make it, boasting excellent balance and superb neutrality.

It is not lacking in any way, and none of the registers sound artificially overstated.

This feels a little out of step with its vintage aesthetic, which could suggest a less modern sound quality. It certainly has the same substance and depth as some of the suspended record players of the 1970s, but the transparency and definition are beyond compare.

The dynamic range is excellent, making it easy to follow the beat and movement of the musicians.

The versatility of this Pro-Ject The Classic turntable also means there’s no limit to the amount of genres it can handle, from rock and classical all the way through to jazz and electronica!

Pro-Ject The Classic vinyl turntable

This is a superb vinyl turntable that boasts a timeless aesthetic and sound. We love it!



Soundstage HiFi: Best of 2016


Stereo: Excellent Product


Principle: belt drive
Platter: 300 mm solid damped aluminium
Speeds: 33 rpm and 45 rpm manual
Spindle: stainless steel
Drift: 33/ ± 0.03% 45/ ± 0.05%
Speed stability: 33/ ± 0.10% 45/ ± 0.11%
Signal-to-noise ratio: - 71 dB
Tonearm: 9 inches, carbon/aluminium sandwich tube
Effective tonearm length: 230 mm
Effective tonearm weight: 13.5 g
Amplitude: 18 mm
Tracking force: 10 - 30 mN
Azimuth and VTA: adjustable
Dust cover: Yes
Phono cable: Connect It E
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M SILVER
Counterweight: 15 volts DC/0.8 A
Consumption: 5 Watts max/<0.5 Watts on standby
Dimensions: 460 x 131 x 351 mm (LxHxD) closed dust cover
Weight: 10.2 kg net

Banc d'essai Stereoo

1.25 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Vumètre

1.69 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - On Mag

0.66 Mo - pdf





Best of High End 2016
Customer reviews
(3 reviews)

Customer reviews


Tournez galettes !

Reçue et quel bonheur de recevoir cette beauté calibrée, réglée et prête à croquer ! comme un gosse qui doit juste poser le plateau et simplement ôter les emballages de protection ! Merci à l'équipe de ma car cette phono "Classique" s'avère très musicale . M.Tassilly


Juste Superbe

J'ai acheté cette platine mi février et j'ai le devoir de vous faire un retour.
Coté esthéstique, je n'ai absolument rien à dire. Elle est simple, nette et sans bavure et s'intégre parfaitement dans un intérieur classique.
Coté installation, je posséde déjà un ampli Onkyo TX NR-626 avec une installation enceintes Chorus série 700 (colonnes, et hifi) et il m'a pas été évident de choisir le bon modéle de platine mais grace aux conseils de l'équipe de maplatine j'ai choisi cette platine Pro-Ject. Le son est magnifique (après plus de 20 heures de fonctionnement), les rendu de grave, médium et aigu sont à la hauteur de mes espérances. J'y ai couplé dès l'achat un stylus Ortofon 2M blue pour plus de précision est cela ne pas pas déçu. J'envisage maintenant d'acheter un pré-ampli Pro-Ject.
Merci encore à MaPlatine pour les réglages qui sont au top, la qualité de protection lors de l'envoi et la rapidité de l'envoi.



Très satisfait de ce cadeau magnifique. Tout d’abord, il faut avouer qu’esthétiquement elle est magnifique, le placage bois et le plateau alu est du plus bel effet. Il en est de même pour le bras Carbone – Alu faisant ressortir le tressage de la fibre de carbone. C’est un très bel objet respirant la qualité. Cela change grandement des platines au look très moderne ne s’intégrant pas facilement dans les intérieurs cosys.
Mais le plus important reste le son… et là, il en est de même… même n’ayant pas énormément de point de comparaison (il faudrait que j’ai plusieurs platines reliés au même système Ampli-Enceinte pour comparer), je peux vous dire que la qualité est top. Les timbres de voix sont magnifiques sans jamais être criard, le son est profond, les basses au top sans être fatigantes, les détails sont nombreux. Déjà avec la cellule 2m silver fournie, cela fourmille de détails. Attention par contre à la qualité de vos galettes, cet ensemble platine-cellule extrait beaucoup d’information et fait donc ressortir les qualités mais également les défauts de vos enregistrements.
J’ai associé cette platine à un pré-ampli TubeBox S2 de Pro-ject et j’aime beaucoup le rendu final de ce couple (rond, chaleureux mais en même temps suffisamment analytique). Le mariage opère très bien sur les styles de musiques variés… jazz, rock année 60-70, électro, soul…
Bref, un très très beau cadeau… qui ne demandera qu’à évoluer au prochain changement de cellule.

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Pro-Ject The Classic turntable

Pro-Ject The Classic turntable

Manual vinyl turntable
9” carbon fibre/aluminium tonearm
Suspended sub-platter
Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge

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